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FIDM.....FIDM Orange County 3 Days of Fashion

Nick Goes to The OC--and brings Benny!
My Doggy Muse: Nick Verreos and Benny, and the FIDM OC 2011 "3 Days of Fashion" meet-and-greet crowd
Last week, I finished my "2011 3 Days of Fashion" Appearances and Fashion Shows at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Orange County, in Irvine California. Being that this was the final one of my "3 Days of Fashion" 2011 events--I had to bring my doggy Benny!
I Heart Benny: Nick Verreos and Benny, FIDM Orange County "2011 3 Days of Fashion"
He is THE official "mascot" for NIKOLAKI!!! And Lord knows, If I had my wish, I would have gotten him in my Virgin Mobile Commercial!!! For. Sure. (He saw it and was mad--and jealous-- of me!) I really do love the Orange County FIDM Campus (above) because they are always so "chill" yet fashionable and they never give me "shade" for bringing my son--ooops, I mean, my doggie, Benny! And the campus is so Loft-Fabulous to boot!
Posing: Nick Verreos, FIDM Orange County "2011 3 Days of Fashion"
I drove down to Irvine with David, and of course, we brought "Benny"! He loves it in the OC (of course he does!). For the "3 Days of Fashion", I was to speak on "How I Got To Where I Got" and how FIDM helped my goal of becoming a famous--and successful fashion designer. I also brought my "Muse":
Mermaid Diva: Model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 black ziberline gown with black-and white brocade attached bustier, FIDM OC "2011 3 Days of Fashion" Beyonce Fan: Model Amanda Fields and Nick Verreos, FIDM Orange County "2011 3 Days of Fashion"
Model Amanda Fields, and some of my NIKOLAKI Gowns and dresses, for the FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion" attendees to enjoy. She stayed afterward to take photos and sign some of the guest's bags, t-shirts, etc. Love me some Amanda!
Clip Board Collage: My Clip Board at the FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion"
After my Lecture and fashion show, I told the audience that of course, In would be around to take photos and sign anything they wanted me to sign. The FIDM OC staff was so AMAZING that they had a clipboard ready (to help me in signing) with a collage of images of me from "Google Images".
OC Barbie: Nick Verreos and a FIDM OC 3 Days of Fashion attendee--and her "Nick Verreos MyScene Project Runway Barbie"
I was SOOO EXCITED, when at one pint in my "Meet-and-Greet", a young attendee brought her "Nick Verreos Project Runway Barbie"--the MyScene Barbie that was created and sold exclusively at Toys 'R Us as a result of me winning one of my Season 2 Challenges. I told this young girl that she FOR SURE would make it on my BLOG as a result! And I always keep my promises...

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Cherokeewmn said...

Hi Nick,

Happy 4th. I was wondering why you didn't bring Benny to the San Francisco 3 Days of Fashion? We would have loved to meet him too. He is such a doll !

Take care. Love Ya,