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NICK APPEARANCES.....My Virgin Mobile Commercial

Give Me the Pomeranian!!!!
SPARAH Threesome: Nick Verreos and "Sparah" (Spencer & Sarah), Virgin Mobiles newest Celeb Couple
Well, kids, I am so happy to announce that last month, I filmed a FUN and very FABULOUS Virgin Mobile Commercial. And it's OUT!!! Virgin Mobile is introducing the newest of CELEBRITY COUPLES: SPARAH!!! Like Brangelina and so many others, Virgin Mobile decided to get on the "Celeb Couple" bandwagon and they plucked two unsuspecting people--a gorgeous girl and very cute guy--Sarah and Spencer--to be the Virgin Mobile Celeb Couple. In the commercial, I play a Stylist/Designer who is hired to get them FASHION-FABULOUS. I even had an Assistant (Quentin Miles) in the commercial (seen above). Funny Anecdote: Quentin also happened to be the Neiman Marcus Sales Associate who helped me find the right BOW TIE for my TV Guide Oscars LIVE TV gig (I know! Shut The Front Door!!! What a small world!).
Grunters: Nick Verreos & The Pug, Virgin Mobile Ad
Spencer's Daschund (with matching scarf!)
Anyhow, in the commercial, I tell Sarah (half of "Sparah") that, as any Hollywood A-List Celeb Magazine Cover Girl knows, she needs a DOG to make her look more FAB. Now, you know I love me some fashion, and I also love me some dogs! (Hi Miss Bennyz!!!), so this was so much fun to be part of. I loved every minute! In addition to my commercial, you can follow "Sparah" in their journey to becoming the new A-List Celeb couple. Click HERE for all the details. And in the weeks to come you will see me making a few more guest appearances!! But for now, the commercial is out! Enjoy!!! Click Below for the Commercial:

5 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....My Virgin Mobile Commercial"

Paulette said...

Hi, I just watched you on TV. Again.. Anyway, I thought you were the best out of all of the others when you were on P.Runway.
You should think of contacting and see if they will promote you.
Prabal Garung did.
Why not you?
Kors was promoted during Christmas time.

Just a thought.

If I was a sz 6, I would wear all of your dresses, but I am a BIG MAMA :D

Here is a set I made, it is an example of what people do on Polyvore for designers. You would love it, if you are not a member already ;)
God Bless.

Paulette said...

Oops, here is the set:

Romofan said...
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Anonymous said...

Who is the the actress who plays the agent in "Manufacturing Sparah" ?

I know her from something else, and it is driving me nuts.

Sandra said...

Nick and I went to elementary and High school together and met again at a class reunion some years ago. He told me he was a designer, but WOW. I think he had just appeared on project runway (never watched, had no idea what it was). Somehow I always recognize him, and just did on the Virgin Mobile commercial. WAY TO GO NICK!!!