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WHO WORE WHAT?.....MIU MIU Presents Lucrecia Martel's "Muta" Event

Hollywood goes Mad for Miu Miu.... The Fashion Starlets turned out last night for a chic Hollywood Soiree thrown by Miu Miu to present Lucrecia Martel's "Muta" film (you have to watch it, it's crazy!!) and also showcase the label's Fall 2011 and Noir Sunglasses Collections. Camilla Belle in Miu Miu Fall 2011. With a name and face like Camilla Belle, how could you not attend this party and wear this French Inspired, Modern Vintage Collection! She looked like the hostess of the entire event in this Ivory Crepe shirt dress with beautiful beaded floral detail. Diane Kruger in Fall 2011. Diane is also an actress that was meant to wear this collection. (I'm starting to think these gals just showed up so they could be the first to wear these dresses!!). Love how covered this dress is, but still gives off a sexy, chic vibe. She opted to keep the heels simple (as opposed to the more edgy runway look) which I think was a smart choice for this event. Miu Miu Fall 2011 Campaign Covergirl Hailee Steinfeld. Although I could not find the dress Hailee was wearing, we can only assume that it is Miu Miu as she is their Fall 2011 Spokesmodel!! Clearly she was tired of wearing the Fall 2011 outfits she modeled for the campaign, so they most likely custom made a dress inspired by the new Resort 2012 Collection. What amazing style this 14 year old already has! She never seems to get it wrong and clearly loves clothes. Kate Mara in Miu Miu Fall 2011. Kate's ensemble is another look that is not direct from the runway. Both pieces were seen in some way in the Fall 2011 collection, but maybe these are samples that might be actually "in store" or she might just be special enough to have Miu Miu make her something custom! China Chow, in all her DIVA glory, opted not to wear something from the Fall 2011 collection and instead stuck to her more aggressive, 80's inspired look from the Miu Miu Spring 2011 collection. A perfect way to honor the brand but stick to your aesthetic! She gets 10 "Nick Verreos" points!!

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