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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Ryan Gosling, my new Style Hottie

Dandy Ryan:
60's Chic: Ryan Gosling in Gucci Spring 2012 at the Crazy Stupid Love Premiere
Well, look at what we've got here: A Boy GIVING Fashion!! And a Straight and non-Italian boy (I just got back from Italy and even the Garbage Men look like Uomo Vogue Models!!!) at that!. Little ol' cutie Ryan Gosling has been transforming himself--either all by his own accord or by a team of well-informed GAYS!!!--in the Art of Dressing Well. And I am all for it! He has been GIVING some looks as of late--either attending press confereneces, TV appearances plugging his films, as well as Red Carpet Movie Premieres. Normally these looks on a young American actor, well, would be considered"not normal" and more left for those "kooky" British Dandies...However, Ryan is showing men that you don't have to forsake fashion and style if you are a Young American Actor.It's not just for the ladies any more---
Love me some Ryan Gosling: My new Style Icon!!!
Here's The Evidence Ladies and Gentlemen:
Velvet Slipper Boy: Ryan Gosling on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, wearing black jacket,"vintage" t-shirt, black pants and velvet slippers and no socks

Blue Darling: Ryan Gosling at premiere of "Drive" in Cannes wearing custom Salvatore Ferragamo looking very dashing--LOVE the black tuxedo shirt buttons
Nouveau Tuxedo: Ryan Gosling in Cannes wearing custom Salvatore Ferragamo deep red tuxedo with black notched collar lapel
Cary Grant Gosling: Vibing "Old Hollywood Glamour" a la Fred Astaire and Cary Grant in this blue pajama style-shirt and white pant ensemble with blue and white Oxfords, in Cannes promoting "Drive" wearing Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2011
Airport Debonair: Arriving at LAX--This is how you dress for a $10,000 First Class trip to Parisand back darlings...(check out the contrast to the male passenger behind him!)
Scarf Happy: Sporting a printed silk scarf (yes, even Straight Boys can work a floral silk scarf!!) at the "Blue Valentine" Screening in Hollywood with Michelle Williams

2 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....Ryan Gosling, my new Style Hottie"

Nicky said...

Thank you for sharing. I hope its catching with more men in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Who makes the navy shirt?