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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 National Costumes: Latin America

Viva Las Latinas!!! Miss Colombia Universe 2011 Catalina Robayo: I highlighted this costume of Catalina's in my "What Will the Miss Universe 2011 Contestants Wear as their National Costumes" last month before they even arrived in São Paulo. I thought it was FABULOUS then and I love still now!! Taking the striped sombrero vueltiao and creating a fantastic costume out of it: Genius!!! Miss Mexico Universe 2011 Karin Ontiveros: Her colorful costume looked like a Colonial Sequined Diva celebrating El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The colors are outstanding; I love the feathers, the fit-to-flare fuchsia paillette gown, the eery skull mask, all topped off with a late 19th Century/early 20th Century wide-brimmed hat. It's like she's ready for the Races in a Mexico City Country Club--and later a Day of The Dead Party!!! Miss Nicaragua Universe 2011 Adriana Dorn: You gotta hand it to the Latinas--they do not skimp on their national costumes!!! Adriana looks very festive in this blue & white (colors of the flag of Nicaragua, of course) costume featuring multi-colored ribbons and bows as well as tassels. She also has this Chiquita Banana aspect which naturally, I adore!!! Miss Venezuela Universe 2011 Vanessa Goncalves: As I described it in my "Miss Universe 2011 Preview of National Costumes" post last month, this costume was inspired by "Diosa Yara" María Lionza --or Goddess Yara, who guards and protects the jungle; represents religious mysticism and the strained ecology of Planet Earth. Designed by Venezuelan designer from the State of Zulia, Nidal Nouaihed. From head to toe, it is perfection!!! Miss Chile Universe 2011 Vanessa Ceruti: Yes, kids, her costume represents the Chilean Miners. Well, the sexy I-am-about-to-do-a-Strip-Show-200-feet-below version... Enough said! Miss Bolivia Universe 2011 Olivia Pinheiro: I have a feeling that these South American beauties had to "step it up", just a little bit, when it came to their "National Costumes" since...HELLO, they were in BRAZIL, the Home of over-the-top Carnival Fabulocity!!! Miss Bolivia is no exception. This winged, feathered and be-jewelled Fantasy Bird-like Creature/Mythical Indian God combination of a costume is a show-stopper. Bolivia is famous for the pollera and bowler hat costume that the indigenous women in Bolivia wear, so it's nice to see a different representation for this Andean South American nation. Miss Ecuador Universe 2011 Claudia Schiess: Another South American who went the "Fantasy Indian Goddess" route is Miss Ecuador. This costume is truly one of the most imaginative and eye-catching of the bunch (and trust me, there were A LOT!). Ecuador is famous for it's I'm just glad she didn't come as one for her Miss Universe 2011 National Costume! Miss Brazil Universe 2011 Priscila Machado: Finally, the "hometown girl", Miss Brazil in her "Carnival in Brazil" costume. The feathers in the colors of the national flag, the silver crown, silver sequined bra-top, bottom, THOSE silver stiletto boots!!!! She's very "Vintage 1975 Carnival in Rio". Being that the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant is in her home country, I'm a bit surprised the costume wasn't even more GRAND and more OUT of Control...or that she wasn't flanked by four HOT barely-dressed Brazilian boys next to her!!!

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