Monday, October 03, 2011
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Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012
Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012 is in full swing and Saturday was the Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012 runway show. Amsterdam-born designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren showed a very colorful collection that had BARBIE written all over it! We all know the duo has a MAJAH doll obsession--no fashionista worth their Louboutin's can ever forget that iconic Russian Doll Collection from their Fall/Winter 1999/2000 Haute Couture Collection. As you will see from the runway video at the end of this post--as well as these photos--from the moment the first model Natasha Poly came out in her synthetic pink eyelashes, over-sized laced-up jacket, skirt and bra-top ensemble, it was Mattel Barbie Land Heaven!
Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012
They carried the over-sized lacing through out their collection, and everything, from the collars to the blouson Bishop sleeves, was exaggerated 110%. They almost looked like "Valley of The Dolls: The Barbie Edition".
Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012
Colors were very "Barbie"--bubblegum pinks, deep reds, and royal blues. Lots of swirl-like applique' details as well.
Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012
The final Ball Gowns were of Couture-like quality. We may never see these in any store. But I have a feeling Katy Perry, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj's stylists might be calling...Speaking of calling, Mattel might need to make some flight reservations to Paris to meet with these two to come up with a Europe-only "Viktor & Rolf Barbie". I, for one, will be ALL over Harrods next year to get that doll! Click Below for Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012 Runway Show:


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