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ICE STYLE.....2011 Cup of China Grand Prix of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE

China Costume Madness!
Neon Dance: China's Huang and Zheng during their Latin-inspired Free Skate, Cup of China 2011
We're back to Figure Skating Costumes! After Skate America, Skate Canada, now, it's the 3rd stop of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating series, the Cup of China 2011. Organized by the Chinese Skating Association, the Cup of China is being held this weekend in Shanghai China. And in terms of Figure Skating Costumes, it's already proven to be a GOLDMINE of Photo-Critiquing. Let's begin with the Ice Dancers, shall we: Bobrova and Soloviev of Russia: This Russian Ice Dance couple won the GOLD at the Cup of China over the weekend with their combined Short Dance and Free Skate scores. Above are their Free Skate costumes skated to "Walpurgis Night" (from Faust) by Charles Gounod. Ekaterina's multi-stripped chiffon-and-stretch black costume with silver and red beading was very dramatic. Very Faustian, I guess. To me, it looked more "Black Swan"--the Punk Disco Remix! Those chiffon layers can get "tricky" if not sometimes distracting and dangerous when doing those turns, lifts and Lords knows what else. But I give her, and the costume designer, several "Nick V Points" for "going there" and not holding back. For their Short Program--a Latin-inspired mix of "Eres Todo En Mi" and "Ooh La La", they also didn't hold back. Again it's all about Miss Ekaterina: she tries to bring the fiery Latina out of her very Russian blood--but she ends up looking a bit Halloween-y in this yellow-orange and black scooped neck look with fringed skirt. I admit though: I liked it! I also liked that Dmitry (oh yes, I almost forgot he was there!) was not in a Basic Black top and pants. Well, kind of. At least, there were some silver crystal beading to make his costume not look as if he had just gotten it from the local Figure Skating Shop. Thank You Dmitry and Thank you to their Costume Designer--once again! Coomes and Buckland of Great Britain: These Brits almost made the podium (they got Fourth). For their Latin Short Program they skated to "El Beso del Final" and JLo's "Let's Get Loud". As we've seen here--and in my other Figure Costume postings, in Ice Dancing, it's all about the women, and Penny Coomes, decided to go more JLo and less Carmen Miranda (Thank Goodness!). Her one-shouldered black and gold over-sized paillette costume was very dance-club in Miami. Counrty Confused: For their Free Skate, these two skated to (wait for it), not the soundtrack to "Walk The Line" (by the looks of their Country Western-inspired costumes I would have bet money on it!) but it began with "2001: A Space Odyssey" and then went into "Viva Elvis" from Cirque Du Soleil. I kinda get the latter--but the former?? Nope, not so much. They needed to begin with Dolly Parton especially in those costumes! Carron and Jones of France: For their Latin-inspired Short Program, their costumes were very Cha-Cha, very colorful and appropriate for the program, music and dance. I especially loved that he wasn't in all black. These two look straight out of some Nassau Bahamas Carnival Cruise dance troupe. On a Tacky-licious Scale: a 9.5! Yu and Wang of China: Speaking of a Carnival Cruise Ship...these two really took the (Latin) cake. For their Short "Cha-Cha" "Mumba" "Rhumba" Program, they went ALL OUT! Seriously, just look at those costumes above--They were like "Bob Hope Does Copacabana" after waaay too many Caipirinhas (I don't even think they had Caipirinhas back in the Bob Hope days!). Now I like an over the top Dance Costume just as much as the next person (maybe more!) but I suggest these young teams look more to the FAB costumes on "Dancing With The Stars" as opposed to Old Carmen Miranda Movies! Now, for their Free Skate, Yu and Wang of China danced to "Howl's Moving Castle" by Joel Hisaishi. I adored the colors (especially in her baby blue, lilac and purple sequined costume). I also liked that he went "Prince Charming On Ice" and broke the all-black mold and competed with her--in terms of a very thought-out complete costume. His jacket was very intricate, heavily appliqued and notice how her baby blue color was brought back to him in the inner collar and sleeve cuff sections. Shibutani and Shibutani of The USA: I liked their Short Program costumes (above) better than their "Big Band" Free Dance ones (seriously, a red basic sequined costume for that FABULOUS Big Band era? Soooo uninspiring). But in the Short Program, sister Maia Shibutani, really WORKED her one-shoulder black sequined asymmetrically skirted costume overtime: it was CALIENTE! Huang and Zheng of China: Finally, I must give MAJAH Costume Props to this Chinese Ice Dance couple who began my blog post here. These were their costumes for their Short Program--yes, the Latin-inspired ones naturally (although, they could also be performing at Eurovision with those get-ups!). I really do not even know where to start other than: Fabuloso-loco! As if it wasn't enough that she was wearing neon-yellow, bright orange and FRINGE. But then, they gave her a sculpted headband. And her partner: he was straight (pun not intended) out of a Rio de Janeiro Gay Pride Parade! They are such a bright tacky mess...they are almost FABULOUS! Almost! *Up Next: More Cup of China 2011 Costumes...

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