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ICE STYLE.....2011 Cup of China Grand Prix of Figure Skating: MEN

The Boys in China
Jeremy Abbott of USA: Gold Medal Winner Jeremy Abbott at ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Cup of China 2011-2012
The Grand Prix of Figure Skating Cup of China occurred this weekend and so, naturally, I scoured the web for all the photos I could find of the skaters and their lovely--and sometimes not-so-lovely, costumes. Because after all, that's what I do! In m past Cup of China posting, I wrote of the Cha-Cha Krazee Ice Dancers HERE, and now, we are onto The Men. Here were my Faves: Nobunari Oda of Japan: Second Place Nobunari Oda skated his Free Skate to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Michel Legrand. The 1964 musical (all the dialogue is sung)--starring the great Catherine Deneuve is about a Madame and her daughter who sell umbrellas in Paris. She falls in love, becomes pregnant, and so on and so forth (Wikipedia it kids!)--What his black with royal blue jeweled crystals very fitted double breasted suit has to do with that, I have no idea. Other than, well, he looks rather "Parisian" and chic! It's a very interesting idea for a costume. I would just think that it is so hard to move in a tailored suit, but I am sure the amount of Stretch in that suit was A LOT! (I hope so for Oda). The crystal detail on the jacket is quite exquisite. I want a jacket JUST like that to wear to one of my red carpet/TV appearances! For his Short Program, Nobunari skated to "Memphis Soul Stew" by King Curtis. His costume included the ubiquitous tight black pants used by most of the men, and a multi-colored very bright printed shirt. The colors on the shirt were great! I always do love when one of the male competitors, first of all A.) Doesn't BORE me to Skating tears, with a vest-and-shirt ensemble, and B.) Gives me COLOR!!! It was an interesting modern and abstract print that went well with his music and skating. Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan: 17-year-old Hanyu had some trouble in his Free Skate performance but was still one of my favorites. Also, one of my favorites: his incredible costume. He skated to "Kissing You" (Love theme from Romeo and Juliet) and "Escape", both by Craig Armstrong. His costume tried to vibe the Shakespearean Romeo character. Whoever designed and created it, did a FABULOUS job! The top was Romantic and has the essence of a Period costume blouse, but it was very modern with its horizontal ruching and ombre color effect. But the best part were the jeweled straps across his body: INCREDIBLE! I've been saying (in some of my past Costume Critiques) why doesn't anyone do jeweled/ Swarovski crystal straps in a Men's costume (as opposed to BORING faux leather), well, I think someone heard me! (or read me, that is). In his Short Program, Yuzuru Hanyu skated to "Etude in D minor, op. 8, no. 12". Here again, Hanyu gave the audience some visual costume "candy" with this multi-hued blue chiffon and velvet with ombre black details as well as crystals and diamante's throughout. Now this is a top Johnny Weir would LOVE! And actually, the reason I think these costumes work so well for him is he has a very lyrical quality to his skate, not unlike Johnny Weir. Nan Song of China: Nan Song got the Bronze overall at home in the Cup of China this weekend. His Free Skate costume did feature two of my most dreaded Men's Costume Elements: a vest and a dress shirt. But...this was a different kind of vest-and-shirt ensemble. Therefore: Me Likey. The silver-and-black sequined vest with the purple crystal-encrusted band-collared blouse--sorry, I mean shirt--was very Peter Allen "The Boy From Oz" Fab (even though that wasn't the music). And yes, that's why he gets "Nick V Figure Skating Costume Points"! Jeremy Abbott of the USA: Finally, it's Gold Medal Winner Jeremy Abbott. His Free Skate was absolutely GORGEOUS. Sublime. I was so moved, I even Tweeted him (Hi, am I a sixteen year old girl??? Don't answer that!). EVERY single second of that Free Skate was not wasted. It was lyrical, beautiful and strong. OK, sorry, let's get to his Free Skate Costume... He skated to "Exogenesis: Sympony Part 3" by Muse. It was black, simple, elegant...just like his skate. He wore those basic black pants, and a fitted stretch long-sleeve top with a horizontal "V" and black crystals throughout. Normally, I would have huff'ed and puff'ed about a costume like this requiring, well, more "Umph!"...but no huney, it was just right! *Up Next , More Cup of China Costumes--The Ladies and Pairs!!

2 Responses to "ICE STYLE.....2011 Cup of China Grand Prix of Figure Skating: MEN"

yuccalina said...

Hello I am from Japan. I am very interested in your review for Nobunari Oda's short's program.
That multicolored shirts had no good reputation among Japanese fan but I do not agree. I think that color would be suitable for Soul Train Line Dance, but only one thing I complain that the shirts' form is a little bit girlish.
Sorry for my poor English.

Helen91 said...

I'm pretty sure Yuzuru's mom makes his costumes.