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ICE STYLE.....2011 Trophée Eric Bompard Grand Prix of France: MEN

A Folies Bergère MC, a Xanadu RoboCop and a Nymph...It's Time for the Boys of Grand Prix France!
Folies Bergère Host: Want to know what I thought of this lovely costume for France's Florent Amodio? Well, keep reading kids...
This weekend is the fifth in a series of six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating series, Trophée Eric Bompard Grand Prix of France and it is happening at the Bercy Arena in Paris France. Organized by the Federation Française des Sports de Glace, which translates to the French Federation of "Sports on Ice" or Figure Skating (doesn't it sound so much fancier en Francais??). The Grand Prix of France is called Trophée Eric Bompard, since the cashmere clothing company has been its chief sponsor since 2004. So, let's get to the important stuff: the Costumes! And with this post, we'll start with The Men. Canada Gold: Patrick Chan of Canada won his second gold medal Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2011-12012 series. I've discussed his fashion during the Grand Prix of Canada in this previous post HERE so I won't go into it again, just to say: Love his skating, love his costumes! Go Patrick!! Adam Rippon of the USA: Curly-haired cutie Adam Rippon almost got to the podium in Paris France (he ended up 4th). First of all, I just realized he was born THREE years AFTER I graduated from High School! (yep, it's official: I am OLD!!!). Moving on...I really liked his Free Skate costume to "Air" and "Toccata & Fugue" by Johann Sebastian Bach. The salmon-pink-grey ombre dyed draped top was sensuous, Grecian and may I add, a fabulous alternative to all those cheesy "buttoned-down dress shirts" or blouson "Men's Figure Skating blouses" that many of the other men find a need to wear! I wish the color was a bit stronger but I "get it" that it's subdued and elegant. He looks like a Nymph in a Nureyev ballet! Michal Brezina of Czech Republic: Michal got the third place Bronze Medal at the Grand Prix of France (blame him for not letting Rippon have a spot on the podium). Now, I've already given my "Nick Two Cents" on his Free Skate to "Untouchables" HERE. Basically, it was half Eliot Ness/half Gay Boy in Mykonos! But let's discuss his Short Program look which he skated to Japanese Kodo Drums. He wore a black crew-neck top and pants with white wrapped "belt" and wrist "ties". The top had sequined appliques of a dragon and a snake. I appreciated that he didn't go all out Samurai Shogun Warrior but rather sexy Euro Boy hinting at the Japanese Culture. Good job. Florent Amodio of France: Oh Florent--Without even knowing it, he is becoming the "Johnny Weir of France"--with his over-the-top costumes. Brazilian-born Amodio can't help but add a little bit of his South American blood into all his ensembles. Although he was an infant when he was adopted and brought to France, you'd think he was ALL RIO! I've talked about his "Tony The Tiger" meets "Lion King On Ice" costume for his Free Skate HERE. But somehow, I haven't discussed this muted purple and bubblegum pink sequined (OH Lordy, all those words TOGETHER!) tuxedo vest, jumpsuit ensemble. He skates in this get-up to (wait for it!) George Gershwin's "Summertime" and "Jumpin Jack" by Big Voodoo Daddy. He looks like the host of a Folies Bergère Lake Tahoe! Oh, and are those mini tied bows around his gloved wrists??? Je t'aime Amodio! Song Nan of China: Finally, I want to talk about Chinese figure skater Song Nan and his Short program costume. "Requiem for a Dream" Soundtrack by Clint Mansell . The Darren Aronofsky cult film depicts addiction, leading to the characters’ imprisonment in a world of delusion and reckless desperation that is subsequently overtaken and devastated by reality. His costume, however, is giving me, "RoboCop" meets "Xanadu" meets "Blades of Glory". He's like an extra at the "Princess Cruises Blade Runner EXTRAVAGANZA"!

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