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ICE STYLE.....2011 Rostelecom Cup Cup of Russia: PAIRS

A "T.G.I. Friday's" Waiter, a Futuristic Couple and a BIG Statement Making Necklace...
Referee & Feathers: Katarina Gerboldt and Alexander Enbert of Russia show that it's not just the Ice Dancers who get all the "Costume Fun"
This weekend was Thanksgiving Weekend for the USA but in Russia, and Moscow to be exact, it was "Cup of Russia" Weekend! Yes, kids, if you've been keeping score with my "Figure Skating Fashion Review" Blogs, we are now onto the sixth and final leg of the 2011-2012 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series, before the Grand Prix Finals which will be held in Quebec City Canada December 8-11. This year's Cup of Russia is also known as the 2011 Rostelecom Cup, named after one of the chief sponsors, Rostelecom, the Russian state-owned telecoms provider is a based out of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. But enough about that, let's get to the COSTUMES, and in particular the ones that stood out in my eyes--either good or not-so-good. Also, since I probably have discussed EVERY Pair, Ice Dancing couple, male and female figure skater--while reviewing the costumes from the previous five Grand Prix--I am trying to stick to skaters who somehow missed my "Nick Costumes Two Cents". First up are The Pairs: Gerboldt and Enbert of Russia: For their Short Program, Gerboldt and Enbert skated to "Gopher Mambo". One would usually expect this very fun Latin music during the Ice Dancing competition and not in the Pairs--so, it was a nice change from say the "usual musical accompaniment subjects" like , Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" or Ravel's "Bolero" (continuing reading below). Their costumes (I am assuming) were supposed to parallel the "kooky" cha-cha-cha of the Mambo music backdrop--as well as be a little "Latin" in its styling and bold colors. I liked the bright purple of her feathered-and-beaded dress and his vest. But at the same time, I don't know what a black-and-white striped shirt had to do with Mambo. He looked like a Referee at a Gay Football Match--or the head bartender at a T.G.I. Friday's! Maybe he should have followed the costume footsteps of Laila Ali and Maksim Chmorkovskiy from "Dancing With The Stars" back in the 4th season of that reality TV show (above). I liked how the costumers used the purple there and well, not made him look like a referee/waiter! For their Free Skate, Russians Gerboldt and Enbert skated to "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (a popular music choice for Figure Skaters and Pairs in particular) and yes, it was a more toned down-and-elegant costume change. The bronzed and silver-white colors go well together but yet again, I am dumbfounded as to what these Disney-perfect Prince and Princess looks have to do with a musical/film starring Catherine Deneuve, who sells umbrellas with her mom and then falls in love with a young auto mechanic. Stolbova and Klimov of Russia: Since we are talking about the Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia, it seems appropriate to stay with the Russians--in terms of my Pairs Costume Review. These two placed fourth overall and therefore almost made it to the medal podium. For their Free Skate, they skated to a modern arrangement of the "Polovetsian Dances" (from "Prince Igor"). Again, I was surprised (in a good way) to see such vibrant and rather creative costumes for a Pairs competition. Her asymmetrical blue-green with gold-and-black midriff corset and belt was unusual and looked a bit like she couldn't decide whether she was Dracula's Mistress or a Russian Princess from the late 1800's--and I liked that costume juxtaposition. However... Prince Igor, the Hollywood Toys & Costume Version: I was a little "on the fence" with her partner, Fedor Klimov, and his grey with gold-and-black "Armour" detail ensemble. I get the period Russian Prince-like details but somehow, it still looks a little bit like a cheap "Halloween" get-up one can get from "Hollywood Toys and Costumes" on Hollywood Blvd. But it certainly showed off his toned physique: his legs and booty are KRAZEE!!! Sprockets in Russian: For their Short Program, they skated to a "modern interpretation" of Ravel's "Bolero", they chose to look a little futuristic/modern. But somehow, they both ended up looking like extras from Saturday Night Live's "Sprockets" TV sketch... Modern Asymmetrical Work Out: Fedor wore a silver tank top under a navy blue sheer blouson top and Ksenia, she had on a silver crop top under a boat neck/off-the-shoulder (I guess the designer couldn't decide!) sheer blouse all attached to an asymmetrical skirt-dress silhouette. It was all very "Jane Fonda Work Out Video--the Space Odyssey 2001 Edition". I do have to give it to them in terms of looking a bit contemporary. Even if their version of contemporary looks a bit like it was from 1996. Finally, I want to discuss a Pairs team from the USA: Cain and Reagan of the USA: For their Rostelecom Cup 2011-2012 Short Program, they skated to Henry Mancini's "Moon River" from "Breakfast At Tiffany's". Naturally, they tried to vibe a little of the movie and especially Audrey Hepburn's iconic Hubert de Givenchy ensembles in the use of all-black plus of course THAT big ol' necklace: However, I wished the necklace Ashley Cain wore was actually more like Hepburn's in the movie. Or...that the costume designer would have incorporated it into the costume, like in a pearl-and-sequined embellishment detail on the neckline that's attached to the rest of the ensemble. It just looks like an after-thought here. Like she went to the nearest Moscow Department Store and bought the biggest necklace she could find! Also, the shape is more Elizabeth Taylor "Cleopatra" and less Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly. Finally, for their Free Skate to "Doctor Zhivago", they chose to go an elegant black-and-ivory route with their costumes and not go too "Period Costume-y". I actually think it's rather great that her partner, Joshua Reagan looked more FAB than she did. It was ALL about his white elbow-sleeved "Jacket" with black piping. The flap-over style reminded me of the Balmain "Napoleon" jacket (above). Together in their Free Skate costumes, both Ashley and Joshua looked perfectly paired (with their matching black-and-ivory), still relevant to the music and wow, quelle surprise...not tacky or "kooky". A rather "contemporary" take on Dr. Zhivago. Yeaay for them! *Next Up: More Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia Costumes...Stay Tuned!!!

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Olga said...

The BW striped shirt on Enbert doesn't match anything in his partner's outfit so maybe it's also a last minute thing - like they had to replace the original shirt with something

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Nick, I am obsessed with skating and fashion and I LOVE that you write these reviews!!! It's amazing to see the range of costumes. I've been watching skating since I was teeny, and I love seeing the trends echoed on the ice (and let's be honest, the major sparkle and bling). Can't wait to read the rest of your costume reviews!