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NICK APPEARANCES.....Virgin Mobile Sparah Web-Series: Sparah Get Styled, Sarah Wears NIKOLAKI

Sparah Celebrity Stylist (Me!!) Is Back! As y'all (yes, I'm a "Southern Gal!"...Not!) know, I shot a FAB Virgin Mobile Commercial featuring "Sparah"--the newest Hollywood "manufactured" Celeb Couple --as well as myself and some of the cutest dogs in the business. Well, in addition to the commercial there is also a Webisode Series.
Cute Couple: Virgin Mobile's "Sparah", Sarah and Spencer
I was their "Celeb Stylist" in the series (just like in the national commercial) and got the chance to get them out of the Greyhound Bus-to-Hollywood, and into the real Red Carpet. Yes, I was a bit "Bi****" but, sometimes, it takes a strong DIVA to make things work... We shot this fun behind-the-scenes "Sparah Makeover" at the Chic Little Devil Showroom in Downtown LA--and I was helped by the AMAZING team of...
Stylist Arturo D. Chavez (Right) and Designer Maggie Barry (Left)--LOVE THEM!
As you'll see in "Part II" of "Virgin Mobile Sparah/Nick Verreos: Celebrity Stylist", I actually got Sarah (the female half of "Sparah") to try on some of my gorgeous NIKOLAKI Collection gowns, so she could have a feel for what a Red Carpet Gown feels and looks like...
Virgin Mobile Red: Sarah of "Sparah" in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul red silk ziberline strapless gown, Chic Little Devil Showroom Virgin Mobile Sparah Web-series
Check out Part Two of the "Sparah" Virgin Mobile Webisode Series and see how Sarah and Spencer had their "fashion moment"--while I was trying to STOP Sarah's giggles!!! Here's the latest in the Virgin Mobile "Sparah" Series: Nick Verreos, Celebrity Stylist Part 2:

NICK Video Interview

Mi Voz Latina...
Trench Coat Posing: (L to R) Rosa V. Alonso Founder and CEO, and Nick Verreos, NYC
Last week, as part of my Chica Orbit People En Español "50 Más Bellos" appearance in NYC, I did several interviews and a standout was a Video Interview I did with Rosa V. Alonso, Founder and CEO of the FAB site
Más Bellos Arrivals: Nick Verreos and Chica Orbit, Gustavino's NYC
I had a really fun time speaking on various subjects including why I was in Manhattan (to attend the FABULUSA Fiesta "50 Más Bellos" with La Chica Orbit) as well as talked about my clothing line, NIKOLAKI, and... How my mom (above with my very dapper Diplomat Dad) and grandma and all Latina Women influence me... Click Below for my Exclusive Video Interview with

WHO WORE WHAT?.....Michelle Obama Visits UK

Fashionista First Lady...
The First Lady of the USA has been abroad on a State Visit to the United Kingdom (as well as accompanying her husband to the G8 Summit in France), and well, let's just say, she has been GIVING some Fashion with a Capital "F". Her suitcases were PACKED kids! I can only imagine. Hope she took her assistant or her 'people" put together Polaroids of each outfit and what went with what. From looking at these photos, I have a feeling, they did. Not one detail was missed.
Michelle Obama attending the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in Tom Ford
Here are some highlights: First (above photo) Mrs. Obama stunned the guests and the world press with a halter neck criss-cross shirred chiffon ivory gown by US Designer Tom Ford, Opera-length gloves (love those!) and clutch.
Michelle Obama arrives at Stansted Airport in Peter Som Fall 2010. On their way to a G8 Summit
Then, on the way to the G8 Summit in Deauville France, she wore another US Designer, Peter Som--a purple sheath dress with bateau neckline (she loves her boat necks!) with a matching ombre purple coat, highlighted by a center front neck brooch.
Michelle Obama disembarking Air Force One in Preen Fall 2011
Upon disembarking Air Force One, she wore Preen Fall 2011 turquoise blue cropped coat, matching pencil skirt and metallic lame/top. I love how she had the jacket customized so it opens in the front and we get to see more of that fabulous printed blouse. She is seriously competing with Victoria Beckham as THE Best Dressed Woman seen coming out of a Plane!!!
Michelle Obama in Ralph Lauren Fall 2011.
The First Couple hosted a dinner for the Queen--that's Queen Elizabeth II--at Winfield House, the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America. Mrs. Obama wore an off-the-shoulder black gown by All-American Designer (who LOVES all things British incidentally!) Ralph Lauren, from his Fall 2011 Collection. The gown fitted her impeccably and she finished it off with clean side swept hair and a STUNNING statement making necklace. Her "people" (Press Secretary, Stylist, whoever...) is surely working OVERTIME and earning EVERY penny of their salary huney! I give them an A+.
Michelle Obama at the Buckingham Palace State Visit wearing Barbara Tfank Resort 2011
While visiting Buckingham Palace for a daytime function during their UK State Visit, Michelle Obama opted for a bateau (told you she loved that neckline!) neckline A-line silhouette printed dress with box pleats and a contrasting waist sash; finished off with a rose-pink bolero jacket, jeweled pin and pointy metallic heels. Very Lady-Like. I approve.
Michelle Obama speaks at the University of Oxford in Alexander McQueen Resort 2011
When Mrs. Obama spoke at Oxford University during her visit to the UK, she wore (appropriately enough!) an Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 ensemble of a "high-low" band-collared white shirt and black skinny pants--and a FABULOUS waist-cincher of a belt. It was modern, fresh and yes, British.
Michelle Obama serving food to members of the Military at a Barbeque at 10 Downing Street wearing Tracy Reese Pre-Fall 2011
Finally, for a "Photo-Op" while serving food to members of the Military at a Barbeque at the Prime Minister's Home (10 Downing Street), the US First lady decided to don a black-and-white zig-zag applique dress with beaded waistband. It seemed a bit dressy for the occasion, but she looked fabulous none the less. All in all, Mrs. Obama gets an "A" for bringing the FASHION across the Pond. And at least, for looking fresh, directional, and (Thank Goodness) somewhat fashionable. Cheers Mrs. Obama!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos, Chica Orbit People Español 50 Más Bellos Red Carpet Event

Latino Fuchsia Carpet...
Fuchsia Chica y Chico: Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos pose it up on the People En Español "50 Más Bellos" fuchsia carpet
As you read--and saw--in my previous BLOG posting--I had the fun pleasure of being invited to the FAB People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Bash in NYC and walk the carpet with none other than Chica Orbit--the Latina Orbit Gum Girl. It was so much fun to attend this event and even better when the crowd kept yelling our names--and asking us to give them some Orbit Gum :"Quiero Chicle!", they kept insisting. There were so many A-List Latino celebrities at this party that my neck was getting crooked from the back-and-forth turning I was doing. So, of course, it was only natural that I would do a quick "Fuchsia Carpet Report from the 50 Mas Bellos/50 Most Beautiful".
Here are some of my favorite top looks (besides Chica Orbit and the Geek To Chic Winner in my "Nick Verreos Orbit-inspired dress" of course):
Charytin: Dominican Republic-born Latino TV Icon/Diva Charytin looked well, like Charytin should look. FAB-u-LOUS!! Just look at her! The platinum-blond hair, the strapless black satin and bubblegum pink iridescent poly organza gown, the asymmetrical was all DIVINE. A bit "kooky" but still, exactly what I would expect from La Charytin! Grade: B+
Sofia Vergara: Colombian stunner Sofia Vergara wore a strapless very corseted bustier with black pencil skirt design. We all know she LOVES a fitted Va-Va Boom shape, she loves strapless and she loves the "sisters" ...and with this look she surprised no one. At one point, I was ten feet away from her at the party--Sofia, her Blackberry (or maybe IPhone) and her entourage swooshed right by me--and I got a good quick look at Miss Sofia and I have to say she looked TINY!!! "Full figured": No way. Curvaceous Tiny: Si! Grade: B+
Ernesto Sanchez, Editor of PeopleEnEspañ When I saw Ernesto Sanchez I HAD to get a photo of the two of us. I love a man in COLOR! And between my "Orbit Teal Blue" jacket and his aqua blue suit, well, was OVER! He gets TEN "Nick Points" in my book. Kate Del Castillo: Mexico City, Mexico-born actress Kate del Castillo was one of the most elegant ladies of the night. I loved this strapless gunmetal-colored gown with draped and gathered front. Her clean side-swept hair and subdued make-up were the perfect compliments. The clutch (THE Spring/Summer purse!), simple earrings and metallic cuff finished the look correctly. Grade: A.
Eugenio Siller: Mexican actor Eugenio Siller looked handsome in his suit and skinny tie. I wished he would have added a bit of "creativity" to the look--maybe a pocket scarf...something! But it was "just OK" for me. He looked a little more like an Junior Agent at CAA and less a Latin Heartthrob. Next time: Kick it up a notch--just a little bit. Grade: B.
Giselle Blondet: Three Words: You Go Girl! TV presenter Giselle Blondet was "Hot Latina Chic" in this royal blue one-shoulder gown. Giselle loves a gown and we see why here. The color is great and I especially liked that she simplified her hair by parting it, and making it clean and elegant. Yes, those big ol' earrings are a bit Cha-Cha, so she could have done without those. But then again: hello! What part of Giselle Blondet did you NOT understand? Grade: A-
William Levy: Cuban-born actor--and People En Español Coverboy (see top of this posting) William Levy was THE STAR of the night. Let me tell you, when he arrived, the entire Gustavino's place shook!!! I was like "Is there an earthquake?". Nope, it's just William Levy is here and there are maybe 40 women in the party chasing after him! Seriously, I couldn't believe all the grown women--with husbands I'm sure--who dropped kicked anything in their site, to get to him in the VIP area. Such is the life of a "Más Bello" I guess. In terms of what he wore: HOT. Open Dress Shirt: Check. UBER fitted metallic jacket: Check. Skinny trousers: Check. Pocket Scarf: Check. William, watch out, I might be one of the people chasing after you next time :)

NICK APPEARANCES.....Chica Orbit "Geek To Chic" Winner People En Espanol "50 Mas Bellos"

CHICO Orbit!!!
Dirty Mouth? Not Here: Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos at the Orbit Gum VIP section, People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party NYC
Last week, I flew to NYC to have some "ChicaOrbit" fun: As you may know, I am the new "Chica Orbit Style Guy" and in the past have designed several Orbit Gum-inspired red carpet dresses for Chica Orbit as well as other celebs.
Perfect Couple: Nick Verreos and Chica Orbit, arriving at the People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party NYC
This past week, I was invited to attend the fabulous People En Español "50 Más Bellos" (50 Most Beautiful) Party in NYC as well as film some fun Style Tip vignettes--to be featured on the site (en Español, por supuesto!), as well as help style the Geek To Chic Winner for the fuchsia carpet of the "50 Más Bellos" Party. Yes, that's a MOUTHFUL! But , you see, that's why you need some Orbit chicle, so you keep your mouth fresh and clean--and be fashionable at the same time!!!

Orbit Posers: Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos, at the People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party NYC
For the party, I donned my best Orbit-blue teal jacket, accessorized it with my custom Swarovski-crystal Orbit pin, and a pocket scarf, especially made from the new "Strawberry Remix"-flavor Orbit Gum print. My date for the night was none other than: Chica Orbit! She's the Latina version of the Orbit Gum Girl; just as fun, just as gorgeous and just as sassy! Chica Orbit came in her best "Orbit" uniform--a white cotton pique dresses with oversized buttons, an Orbit Gum foulard (neck scarf) and white almost-to-the-knee boots.

Chic to Chic: Nick Verreos , "Geek To Chic" Winner Noemi Salazar and Chica Orbit, walking the fuchsia carpet, People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party NYC

At the party's fuchsia carpet, we were met by the winner of the Chica Orbit Geek To Chic Contest. The beautiful Noemi Salazar won this contest and as a result, got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a makeover--make-up and hair by professionals, as well as walk the carpet at a fabulous event and the icing on the cake...I outfitted her in a custom "Nick Verreos For Orbit" one-shoulder cocktail dress in an Orbit Gum print (very subtle).
Strawberry Fields: Chica Orbit at the Orbit Gum VIP Lounge, People En Español "50 Más Bellos"
Once inside the party--held at Gustavino's NYC-- we headed straight to the Orbit Gum Strawberry Remix VIP Lounge area. It was done like a patio/courtyard--with a booth and benches and HUGE strawberries created using Orbit Gum packages (love that!). We hobnobbed with all the top Spanish-language Celebs, from novela actors and actresses, to beauty queens, TV hosts and some of the People En Español 50 Most Beautiful, of course.
Las Mas Bellas: Nick Verreos with past "Nuestra Belleza Latina" Winners Melissa Marty (Left) and Ana Patricia Gonzalez (Right): I had met Melissa (in the fuchsia pink dress) before in Miami during an appearance I made in Univision Network's "Despierta America" Morning News Show, and we hit it off right away! I absolutely ADORE her! Tan Bella!!
Nick Verreos and Spanish-language TV ICON and DIVA, Charytin: My mom is going to be soooo happy when she sees this photo!!!

Nick Verreos with the GORGEOUS Mexican-born actress Litzy: She was SOOOOO sweet, telling me what a big fan she was of "Project Runway" and me! Well, you know, I was ready to take her back to LA with me after that! Done and Done. Love her!
The Party was so much fun and I had a blast walking the Fuchsia Carpet and attending the En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party with the ever-so-FABULOSA Chica Orbit!!!
Here's a quick video from the night with myself, Chica Orbit and the Geek To Chic Winner, Noemi Salazar:
The Following Morning...
Buenos Dias Fashionistas: Nick Verreos with Univision "Al Despertar" Anchor Marijoel Duran (far right), and models wearing NIKOLAKI Collection
I woke up bright and early (3:30AM to be exact! My hats off to all the morning anchors out there!) to drive to New Jersey (I was staying in Manhattan) to film a LIVE Morning TV Segment on Univision (Spanish-language Network) NYC affiliate, Channel 41 WXTV "Al Despertar" News Show. My segment was on around 6:45AM and I was invited to recap the fashion from the previous night at the "50 Más Bellos" Party as well the fun I had with Chica Orbit.
Red Carpet Muchachas: "J Lo", "Sofia" and "Giselle" models in NIKOLAKI dresses and gown, Univision "Al Despertar" TV Segment
And as a special treat, I brought along gowns from my NIKOLAKI Collection to show trends from some of the top ladies on the Red Carpet. Three lovely ladies (one of them happened to be the daughter of "Al Despertar" anchor Marijoel Duran) wore dresses and gowns that I brought to show examples of styles that would be worn by FABULOUS A-List Latinas like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Giselle Blondet, TV Personality and hostess of Univision's "Nuestra Belleza Latina". The TV segment went perfectly and all the women in the studio--anchors and my lovely "models" were smitten with my designs (por supuesto!). With that, I returned to Manhattan to do a bunch of interviews, and then check out of my hotel and waive"Ciao" (for now) to NYC and Chica Orbit...Until Next Time!!!
Click HERE for an interview I did with
Click HERE for a fun interview I did for

SASHES AND TIARAS.....Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011: Winner, Gowns

La Más Bella...
Sequin Queen: Nasstasja Bolivar, Nuestra Belleza 2011
8.4 Million (yep! MILLION!!!) people tuned in two days ago on Sunday night and watched the Season Finale of Univision Network's "Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011" (Our Latin Beauty), the Spanish-speaking version of "Miss USA"/"America's Next Top Model". The telecast – which saw Miami’s Nastassja Bolivar (of Nicaraguan descent) declared “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011” and win...
Beauty Cash: Nuestra Belleza Latina Winner Nasstasja Bolivar holds up her $250,000 Winning Prize Check
$250,000 in cash and prizes, along with a one-year contract to be Univision on-air talent – led the Network to a third place finish for the entire night among all broadcast networks among Adults 18-34, ahead of CBS and NBC, and #4 among Adults 18-49, ahead of CBS. Additionally, last night’s telecast was the highest-rated finale in the history of “Nuestra Belleza Latina”. So, yeah, kids, it's time you might want to be paying attention to Univision and "Nuestra Belleza Latina". "Nuestra Belleza Latina" is a Reality TV-style Beauty Show, in its fifth season, where ladies of Latino descent--from all over the USA , are chosen through "American Idol"-like castings (in various cities like Chicago, San Antonio, Los Angeles, NYC, Miami and San Juan Puerto Rico). Two of the finalist were even chosen through online fans of the show. Like I said, this year's winner was the tall and very bella Nasstasja Bolivar who "represented" Nicaragua. Her First Runner Up was Puerto Rican Gredmarie Colon. Both of their final evening gowns were elegant and on the "Pageant Lite" side--which Thank Goodness, is a good thing. The First Runner-Up's gown had a slit (not too high, gracias!) and the winner didn't even have a slit! Nasstasja's gown was a purple strapless Princess -seamed fit-and-flare design, featuring silver beading bust-and-waist detail. Let's just say she WORKED that gown OVERTIME!!! Afterward, she did an Outfit Change (At-a-Girl) and posed for Red Carpet Photos as well as posed with past winners (left to right) Alejandra Espinoza, Greidys Gil, Melissa Marty and Ana Patricia Gonzalez, who all looked very "Pageant Perfect" in their gowns. I especially loved Melissa's and Ana Patricia's gowns (far right). "Nuestra Belleza Latina" TV Host Giselle Blondet (above), who never met a gown she didn't like--looked very elegante in a one-shoulder Mermaid-silhouette black-colored style. Her swept-back hair and over-sized earrings and bracelets perfectly finished her look. During the telecast, Giselle also gave a "cocktail look", wearing a strapless canary yellow mini dress with sequin waist and folded side-peplum as seen in photo above. I thought she looked great!
Gown Heaven: Left to right--Lupita Jones, Julian Gil, Giselle Blondet, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 Winner Nasstasja Bolivar, and Osmel Sousa
Other "Gown Notables" included the ever-so-fabulous Lupita Jones, Miss Universe 1991 and Director of Nuestra Belleza Mexico/Miss Mexico Pageant. She is also one of the judges of "Nuestra Belleza Latina".
Red Universe: Lupita Jones, Miss Universe 1991 and Nuestra Belleza Latina Judge
Miss Jones, is a Drag Queen's Dream in her over-the-top lipstick red satin taffeta one-shoulder ruffled-and-shirred gown with cascading detail. Lupita does not waste a red carpet moment as can be seen above. Once a Miss Universe...ALWAYS a Miss Universe.
Turquoise Judge: Nuestra Belleza Latina Judge and Miss Venezuela Director Osmel Sousa
Speaking of Miss Universe--this "Nuestra Belleza" posting would not be complete without the notable mention of "La Diva", Osmel Sousa, "Miss Venezuela" Pageant Director, Beauty Pageant Svengali, and "Nuestra Belleza Latina" judge. He's like the Simon Cowell of the show...and everyone loves it! In case you didn't know, he took a little ol' pageant--the Miss Venezuela Organization--and turned it into THE POWERHOUSE of International Pageants. Under his direction, Miss Venezuela has won six Miss Universes, five Miss Worlds, six Miss Internationals and many many others. Osmel decided to turn it up a notch on Sunday night when it came to his own ensemble: A Turquoise blue satin dress shirt, printed jacket, ascot, and styled hair...well, Osmel you are un Dios!

FIDM.....Prom Season 2011: Nick Verreos In-Store Appearance, FIDM Scholarship Store

Prom Dress Central!
Good Morning Prom Girls: Nick Verreos poses in front of the FIDM Scholarship Store, Downtown LA 9th & Grand
Tuesdays are usually my Teaching Days and last Tuesday was no exception at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. However, I also had an extra job to do that morning prior to my classes: I was scheduled to make a "Special Appearance" at the school's FIDM Scholarship Store. The FIDM Scholarship Store is THE shopping destination for Bargain Shopping Fashionistas--As the sign above says: "75% of our store is BELOW $10". MAJAH deals kids! Designers and Manufacturers donate clothing, jewelry, fabric. In fact, I recently donated many many yards of fabric from my NIKOLAKI design company--and all purchases go straight to FIDM Scholarships for the students.
FIDM Scholarship Store: Gowns, gowns and more gowns
And for Prom Season, it's the perfect place for all the lovely "Prom Princesses"--and their Mommies--to shop at. They have an entire section of "Prom" dresses as well as Wedding gowns, cocktail name it, it's there (see above photo).
NBC-LA Boys: "Today In LA: Weekend" anchor Ted Chen and Nick Verreos
I did a LIVE TV "Prom Fashion" segment" the Sunday before on KNBC-LA "Today In LA: Weekend" news show with anchor Ted Chen showing under $40 designer prom styles from the FIDM Scholarship Store--all styled and hand-picked by moi--and announced that I would make a special appearance at the store.
Prom Poppa: Nick Verreos with models Martha (left) and Kaela(right), FIDM Scholarship Store
For my special Prom Appearance, I brought along two lovely models, Kaela and Martha from L.A. Models Agency--who also appeared on the TV segment--to show various Prom Dress Styles. They modeled FAB and SASSY styles from short party dresses...
Kaela and Martha, Prom Princesses, wearing styles from the FIDM Scholarship Store
As well as long "Hollywood Red Carpet" gowns and "Glamour" separates--for the Prom Girl who well, wants options other than the typical "Prom Dress".
Where's Nick: Nick Verreos pops his head with a group of visitors from Tennessee, FIDM Scholarship Store
During my visit, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a group of students--and their teacher--who came all the way from Tennessee to take a tour of the FIDM Campus--and just happened to come to the FIDM Scholarship Store at the right time...when I was there!!!! they were all soooo CUTE and a bonus: They were all "Project Runway" fans and fans of yours truly (I love that of course!).
Happy Shoppers: Mommie and daughter, FIDM Scholarship Store
Also, while I was there, a lovely Mommie and her statuesque and beautiful daughter came by (her mom had watched my NBC-TV Segment on Sunday and stopped by as a result!) Long story short: The daughter loved one of the gowns we showed on TV, tried it on and it fit PERFECTLY, and well, she BOUGHT IT! It was a baby blue and white strapless satin Designer "Princess Gown" that retailed for about $250 and was at the FIDM Scholarship Store for under $30! Prom Princess Fashionista Happy Customer! As I always say "Done and Done". The Prom Fashion Version. **BONUS: Also...Don't forget to Check out my "Nick Verreos Prom Advice" on FIDM's Daily Blog. I've written about many different subjects like: *What to wear for the prom? *What's In Style? *Guys: What Should You Wear? *Prom Couture on a Budget And much more... The latest: Tips On How To Take a Good Prom Photo! Click HERE!!!!