Sunday, January 15, 2012
Lea Michele in Marchesa Spring 2012: My comment in the last post about Starlets going directly to Marchesa might not have worked so well for Lea Michele. After watching the Miss America Pageant last night, I fear that this dress veers ever too close to a Pageant Dress. While this is probably the perfect dress for someone like Halle Berry, Lea Michele comes off looking a bit too Miss Oklahoma for my liking. On a positive note: I do like that the took away the peplum pieces at the waist!


lea michele fan said...

I love the dress, but I think Lea may be a bit too short for this one. I'm happy they took off the peplum pieces too. It looks silly on the dress

TheGoodFaery said...

Of course we think of Halle Berry because of her magnificent dress with the embroidery over the sheer fabric with the draped wine colored lower half. This was a stunning dress, yes, without the peplum, that might have been shown to better effect on someone tall like Zoe Saldana.

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