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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos, NBC-LA 2012 Golden Globes Fashion Expert

NBC-LA Fashion Talk...
Nick Verreos, on NBC-LA/KNBC Channel 4, 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet "Hits" & "Misses" TV Segment
Over the weekend , I had the pleasure of being invited back, as the Fashion Spokesperson for the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM, to NBC-LA Channel 4 (Los Angeles NBC), to speak on the 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion and the "Hits" and the "Misses" of the night. I had done a pre-Golden Globes fashion segment with NBC LA's Ted Chen the day before--from the Beverly Hills Hilton--but this time, it was LIVE and in studio!
Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams, NBC4 LA 2012 Golden Globes Coverage, 11 o'clock News
Since the Golden Globes were on NBC, this was a BIG NIGHT for the Network and particularly its Los Angeles affiliate, of course. I actually went to the Burbank studios and watched the entire red carpet LIVE feed--all TWO+ hours of it--with the fabulous Colleen Williams, co-anchor of the 5 and 11 p.m. news. We had a BLAST! Next time, someone may need to get a cameraman in there to shoot our entire "Did you see what she was wearing???" tête-à-tête. It would have made for a fun "Web Exclusive" video.
Nick Verreos and Colleen Williams NBC-LA 2012 Golden Globes Coverage, Sunday night
After I was done, I had a "break" and grabbed some dinner at Burbank's "SmokeHouse" Restaurant nearby. I had never been there and OMG!! It was soooo "Old School Hollywood", I LOVED it: the red booths, the steaks, the REAL waiters-who-aren't-actors-who-need-headshots-to-be-waiters (Hello!), THE GARLIC-CHEESE BREAD: Delicious. But soon, it was time to get back and go LIVE on the air with Colleen during NBC4 LA's extended 11 o' clock news following the award show.
The Day After: Nick Verreos Gives his Final 2012 Golden Globes Fashion "Two Cents" on the NBCLA 5 o'clock News
And then, the following day--on Monday--I was invited back again to give my Final "Nick V. Two Cents" on the Best, the Not-So-Good and "Are Headbands A Trend?" from the previous night's 2012 Golden Globes. This time I was on with both Colleen and Chuck (Chuck secretly LOVES fashion commentating...don't tell anyone I said that!). And yes, we discussed Charlize Theron's Cartier headband: I LOVED it and the ENTIRE look, Colleen and Chuck were "on the fence" (about the headband). But we all pretty much agreed that this: Sarah Michelle Gellar: was not our favorite of the night. I loved the shape and style of the ball gown...and I did predict that prints might be IN for the 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet, but not THIS kind of a print! All in all: Thanks Colleen and Chuck for inviting me back for two nights of Fabulous Golden Globes Fashion Commentating!

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