WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 Grammy Awards: Rihanna in Custom Giorgio Armani

Rihanna in Custom Giorgio Armani: Again, another "Custom Giorgio Armani"--but in completely different direction than what I last commented on in my Adele post. With Adele, he went "Retro Vintage 60's Demure", but with Rihanna, it's Halston-Meets-Studio 54 Sex! I guess, depending on the Star, Armani and his team will create anything for you! When asked about the gown--which was a black plunging neckline halter style with a deep back and center-front slit--Rihanna said that she helped Armani design this and that it was a "collaboration". Let me get this right, Rihanna HELPED Armani design? Didn't know Mr. Armani needed help in that department...but regardless who did what, it was very sexy, simple and Farah Fawcett HOT--even her hairstyle vibed 70's chic. What did you guys think? Let me know 'cause I will be reading your comments!

3 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 Grammy Awards: Rihanna in Custom Giorgio Armani"

Anonymous said...

great, spectacular, georgeous,and hooooooottt dress...ARMANI IS ARMANI.

Anissa said...

I love it. In being so simple (and sexy) she stood out more than most. I do wish a little more effort (aka no roots) had been used on her hair.

Unknown said...

i want that dress for myself!