WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 Grammy Awards: Sasha Gradiva

Armed & Not-So Red Carpet Ready--Sasha Gradiva: As far as I can tell (from a quick web search), Miss Sasha Gradiva is not a contestant in "Ru Paul's Drag Race" but actually a woman who hails from Russia, is based in NYC and sings. Her music is "pop dance/electronica" according to Wikipedia. Now, let's get to what in St. Petersburg's name is she wearing??? The rose-pink organza strapless gown is actually quite nice other than the wonky fit at the bust area. Now, I wonder if the designer of that frothy pink gown knew she would accessorize with a metal armature that featured lots and lots of guns! Imagine receive that news : "Ummm, So, (fill in the blank up-and-coming fashion designer), we have Good News and Bad News...Good News: Sasha IS wearing your gown at the Grammys! Bad News: she'll be accessorizing it with a bunch of guns! Have a Nice Day!".

3 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 Grammy Awards: Sasha Gradiva "

Anonymous said...

LOL it just should have been photoshoped OUT. FAIL clearly no moment here.

Angela1971 said...

maybe she is used to the russian awards where this is the hardware that is given out!! lol

Sandye said...

That could have been such a pretty look.