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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl, Givenchy and Philip Treacy headdresses

Super Bowl DIVA
Haute Cleopatra: Madonna as she makes her Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show entrance, in Givenchy costume and Philip Treacy-designed headdress
Seriously...I NEVER watch Football. I know that statement doesn't come as such a surprise. I watch FIGURE SKATING. Oh, and maybe some Rugby and Soccer. Hello, have you seen those boys and their shorts??? OK, I digress. Anyhow, the last time I watched the Super Bowl was when Janet Jackson had that now-infamous Wardrobe Malfunction moment. That was EIGHT years ago. And so it took that long for me to come back and watch. Why? Well, Madonna of course! I think it was brilliant to at least for one year, take a break from the typical Country Music and Rock-and-Roll Halftime Show of usual, completely geared to the Caucasian Straight male...and well, get the GAYS to watch!!! At least, this one, and all my closest of friends.
Warrior Goddess: Madonna in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci
The entire halftime show was FABULOUS! From the moment Miss Madonna was brought in chariot-style by all these hunky Egyptian warriors to the "I am a Blond Jesus HUNEY!!! And Don't You Forget It" I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially because of the FASHION Madonna and her "team" gave.
Superbowl Jesus Gown-Coat: Madonna Super Bowl 46 Halftime Show

Guess who styled it all? No, it was not the incorporable Arianne Phillips, Academy Award-nominee for W.E. costume designer extraordinaire--and her stylist to her most recent "Give Me All Your Luvin" video. It was all done by stylist and costume designer Bea Åkerlund - wife of director Jonas Åkerlund. Bea Åkerlund already worked with Madonna in the past and her client list also features Lady Gaga, naturally. Her ensembles were by Givenchy and the brand's Italian Creative Director/Designer Riccardo Tisci. At first, I thought it was Versace--the black and gold studded details were VERY Versace circa 1994. "Vintage Versace" some would say. But nope, it was Givenchy. Her extravagant headgear was designed by Haute Milliner Philip Treacy--yes, of Princess Beatrice fame. She also wore million-dollar dangle diamond earrings that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, and were purchased by the jeweler Marina B. from the late actress' recently auction. You can see the earrings poking from her blond locks in the above photo. And finally, there was a "Project Runway" connection...
Madonna's Egyptian/Greek Nymphs Costumes by Rami Kashou

Project Runway Season 4 Finalist and current Project Runway All Stars contestant/designer--and friend, Rami Kashou, designed the Greek-Egyptian Warrior Nymphs' costumes seen in the screen-cap above, from the beginning of the fabulous halftime show. Congratulations to Rami for this coup! And, thanks Madonna for making me watch Football and the Super Bowl once again--after an eight year absence!

2 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl, Givenchy and Philip Treacy headdresses "

Betsy Hijazi said...

Love it or hate it, it was DEFINITELY over the top. I didn't get the whole Egyptian concept, but maybe that's what her new tour will be all about. She looked stunning and I kept waiting for her to rip of her dress and show us the REAL Madonna...and she didn't. WOW... I cant even begin to fathom the amount of money that was spent on costumes alone, much less set decorations and the whole set itself!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

She looked AMAZING!!!!!