ICE STYLE.....ISU 2012 World Championships of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE!

Bonjour Nice!
Oh Canada: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in their Short Dance Costumes, 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships Nice France
Hello Figure Skating aficionados--as well as KRAZEE Figure Skating Costumes fans: It's time for some more Figure Skating Costumes Fashion Fun... The ISU 2012 World Figure Skating Championships are happening (March 26-April 1) as I BLOG, in (of all places) sunny and beach-y--and very A-List and expensive--Nice France: And, before any of y'all think I flew out there to see these Championships and partake in South-of-France Resort vacation....not so mucheyyyy, I am still in LA living vicariously through the costumes clad skaters at these Championships! But you know who is there: Princess Caroline of Hanover, her daughter Alexandra (in peach-colored skirt and striped blue-black top) and three-time World Championship silver medalist Surya Bonaly--yes, MISS Surya "back-flip" Bonaly (as well as Olympic Champion French-Russian Ice Dancer Marina Anissina with bright orange-red hair). Miss Surya donned a powder-blue suit with a two-sizes too big cropped jacket (why are those sleeves so, umm, big???). Her suit looks very Chanel Vintage 1984--and not in a good Vintage Chanel way. On a good note: very Pan Am Flight Attendant Chic! Naturally Princess Caroline in her navy pea coat, striped dress shirt, and BIG Ol' purse, looked FAB! So let's get started on one of my favorite fashion topics: the Ice Dance Costumes--Short Dance Highlights: Virtue and Moir Canada: Canada's "Golden Dance Couple", Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, did their "thang" during the Short Dance to "Hip Hip Chin Chin", "Temptation" and "Mujer Latina" (it's a Latin Dance Theme this 2011-2012 Season, in case you were out of the loop, kids!). Even though I am NOT a fan of the Ice Dance (and Pairs) Men just wearing an all-black look, Scott does look HOT! Tessa's raspberry-colored and sequined halter and strappy styled dress (which she debuted at Four Continents) is a bit on the "Happy Hands at Home" for me and well, not Latina Sophisticated enough. Just my "Figure Skating Costume" two cents... Davis and White USA: I've said this before and I'll say it again: LOVE THEM!!! I've discussed these costumes before so I won't take BLOG time here so you'll just have to read my reviews HERE. Weaver and Poje Canada: I just can't get enough of these two! I don't know what animal prints have to do with their "Historia de un Amor" and "Batacuda" Samba and Rhumba music, but heck...I don't care! Love her fringed zebra black-and-gold printed dress and his asymmetrically bedazzled jumpsuit. These two belong together, and look like a perfectly-costumed Ice Dance team. And that's it! Pechalat and Bourzat France: Their Short Dance musical theme was "Carnival in Rio". I liked her sequined blue, silver and neon apple green dress, even though, yes, it's a bit on the "Huneeeyyyy, you've had a few too many Cointreau's!" Fabian Bourzat's look is too disheveled. I abhor the un-tucked shirt look (even OUT on the ICE!) and here, he looks like it's 4am and he cannot find his way home from his late-night "Cirque du Soleil" stint. Hurtado and Diaz Spain: They are currently EIGHTEENTH on the official ISU Results after their Short Dance. For their Short Dance, they skated to Brazilian Sergio Mendes' "Mas que Nada" and "Magalenha" and yes, I have high Costume Hopes for these Spaniards. For one, they are already LATINO!!! And they brought terms of color. I love the peach and neon apple green colors of Sara Hurtado's crystal-encrusted halter dress. But it is a bit on the "Toddlers & Tiaras" side (the center front bust bandeau piece is SO unnecessary and costume low-rent). I did like that her partner AdriĆ  Diaz, did not do an all-black look but matched her. Ilinykh and Katsalapov Russia: For their Latin-inspired Short Dance, they skated to "Hip Hip Chin Chin", "Mas que Nada" and "Mujer Latina"--almost the same as Canada's Virtue and Moir. But their costumes couldn't be more opposite. Elena is Supermodel beautiful and she showed off her flawless body in this black asymmetrical open side-back dress. She looked AMAZING! And love that sleek chignon BTW! Nikita: well, you know what I think of those all-black men's costumes. I'll give him some "Nick Points" for the plunging deep-V neck shirt. Shibutani and Shibutani USA: Brother and sister Ice Dance team Maia and Alex Shibutani changed their Short Dance Costumes for this season's ISU 2012 World Figure Skating Championships (well, Maia did!). To their "Batucada", "Skip to the Bip" and "Jazz Machine" Short Dance for this Nice World Championship, Maia donned a violet-colored costume featuring a sweetheart neckline with gold coin-and-sequined detail. It was a change from this: What she wore at the 2012 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships last month in Colorado (above photo). Same color, different style. I like the Nice France version better. Good Costume Change Maia! Stay tuned for more "Nick Figure Skating Costume Two Cents"!!!

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