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ICE STYLE.....ISU 2012 World Championships Nice France: Ladies Free Skate

Costume Changes, Colorful Bedazzling...and THAT Kostner Cameltoe!!!
OOHH GURL, I Wish I Didn't Get First Runner Up: Russia's Alena Leonova on the left (Silver Medalist) looks on with a bit of "shade" as Italy's Carolina Kostner rejoices in her Gold Medal-winning title as the Ladies 2012 World Champion of Figure Skating in Nice France
Figure Skating Costume Fans: let's continue with my "Nick V. Costume Two Cents" on the ISU 2012 World Championships of Figure Skating which are happening (well--just ended) in the gorgeous resort French city of Nice. I finally got back from my little trip to Miami where I hosted a fun "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" event in one of their stores and upon returning I rushed to the computer to watch the Ladies Final Competition so here goes my "Costume Recap-a-Looza": Akiko Suzuki Japan: Bronze medalist Akiko Suzuki skated very well--obviously enough to get Third Place--and wore this GORGEOUS bright blue costume for her Free Skate performance to Johann Strauss II's iconic "Die Fledermaus". I have to say that this is one of the BEST Figure Skating Ladies Costumes of the season: so classy, elegant, well done and expensive-looking. The silver be-jeweled neckline is impeccable and the way that it extends to the back like a major statement-making necklace is just FABULOUS!!! Kudos to the designer/creator of this costume. This costume was a CHANGE from what she wore in a few of her previous competitions during the season: Pretty In Pink: Here is Akiko Suzuki--same Free Skate Program with the same music--at the 2011-2012 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals in Quebec City Canada back in early December of last year. It was an ombre' /degrade' pink "strapless" number with silver sequins throughout. Swirly Blue: And even earlier in the Season during the NHK Trophy in November of last year, Akiko wore the above baby blue and crystal accented costume above. I liked the asymmetrical sleeve design and the ribbon detail, but I have to say, the one she wore to the Nice World Championships (top of post) is the BEST of the three. For sure!!! Kanako Murakami Japan: Murakami is another skater who changed her costume during the season and leading up to this World Championships. For her Free Skate to Mendelssohn's "Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64" in Nice France, she wore this deep blue (popular color!) costume featuring a wrap top detail with jet beading in silver and royal blue. She also had changed her Free Skate Costume... Sequined Bow: Here is the costume she wore at the 2012 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Colorado Springs Colorado back in February of this year. I really loved this light blue-to-creme sequined costume. It was feminine, pretty, and I always respect quality beading and this is an example of that! Murakami's people don't do cheap beading kids! Between this one and the deep/royal blue costume, I'd have to pick the one above. What do you guys think? Mao Asada Japan: Continuing with the Japanese Figure Skating Costume Change DIVAS...Mao Asada wore this lilac draped and sequined costume for the Nice 2012 World Championships and her Free Dance to Frank Liszt's "Liebesträume". At first glance, it had the essence of an Elie Saab Haute Couture Collection--the color, torso twisted-knot draping, but... In closer inspection--it looks a bit "Happy Hands At Home" in terms of the twisted draping and sequins. The cluttered paillette fabric looked stretch-sequin cheap and the bust draping was amateur at best with how they catch-stitched (sorry, too many sewing terms!) the knotting. She also wore this costume to the 2012 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships but... This, above, is what Asada wore to the Japanese Nationals and for most of the season in her Free Skate. I have to say: I love this one above more than her draped-sequined-and-knotted version. The color is the same but the "flower" beading is prettier and so is the silhouette. Alena Leonova Russia: Russia's "Pirates of the Caribbean" Queen wore this black costume for her 2011-2012 Season Free Skate to "Adagio for Strings" and "Requiem for a Tower". Unlike the Japanese ladies, she has not changed her costume throughout the season but for the World Championships, she changed her hair style. In Nice France, she let her hair down a bit--which looked great and I LOVED her UBER smoky eye make-up... Banged Alena: But previously, Alena had bangs and an up-do and toned down her eye make-up. Which one do YOU guys like best? Bangs or No Bangs? Smoky Eye or Not-so Smoky?? Ksenia Makarova Russia: Skating to her "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" and "I Want To Be Loved By You" Free Skate, Russia's Ksenia Makarova wore this white costume above. I was well, underwhelmed, to say the least...I just don't understand why she changed to this when she looked soooo Marylin Monroe-meets-Madonna "Material Girl" in what she had worn in previous competitions: Material Girl: This bubblegum pink number reflected much more the iconic imagery created by "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Costume Designer William Travilla. She wore this to the European Championships and I just have to wonder: why oh why she changed? I love me the pink...not the white! Just my Two Cents... Carolina Kostner Italy: Now, let's get to the FABULOUS Carolina Kostner and her Gold Medal Winning performance at the 2012 World Championships of Figure Skating. Her skate: FABULOUS! Her costume: Oh Dear! I've discussed this ombre sequined gray-silver number HERE and well, I had issues then, and yes, I have issues NOW! I give Kostner MAJAH points for winning the World Championships--Campione del Mondo!!! ---after such a long career, she stuck it out and now, she has the fruits of all her labor... But that jumpsuit. It's TRAGIQUE. The idea is good (I love me a Sequined Disco Ball Jumpsuit!) is sooo poorly executed. The fit is too loose and wonky. If you look at the video below, look closely at her top section, there are some unintended darts and folding in the neckline which I guess are alterations on a stretched-out neckline. Fix That! Make a new sample. I'm sure Miss Kostner has the money to do so! And yes, there is THAT Cameltoe. Seriously!!! Put a CENTER FRONT crotch seam and FIX that as well while they're at it! On a good note: I do love that asymmetrical back and the straps; it's very interesting and that section fits well, unlike the rest of the costume. I just don't understand how you can make a costume for someone with one of the most PREFECT bodies in the world...and make her look unflattering. But oh well, Miss Carolina won the GOLD and Good for her!!! Congratulazioni! Carolina Kostner's Free Skate at Nice 2012 World Championships--Hear the RAI Italia commentator's excited elation at her FAB performance:

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