ROYAL COUTURE.....Princess Letizia in Felipe Varela, Miguel Cervantes Awards


Fashion Princess...and THAT Purse:

Princess Lace: Princess Letizia of Spain in a coat-dress from Spanish fashion designer Felipe Varela, at the 2012 Miguel Cervantes Awards Presentation, Alcala de Henares Spain

The Spanish Royals are not enjoying some positive press as of late. First, the grandson of the King of Spain, Felipe Juan Froilán, was hospitalized after he accidentally shot himself while hunting at a family estate in Spain. (PS: It is illegal under Spanish law for a 13-year-old to handle the type of gun the boy was carrying. And now we know why.). Then, the King of Spain, the much-beloved (until last week!) Juan Carlos, fell while on a "vacation" in Botswana. Vacations are fine, but it was revealed that he was there on a very expensive "Big Game Hunting" vacation ($30,000+)--shooting elephants. Killing elephants is NOT GOOD, and neither is going on a very expensive safari vacation while his own country is suffering major economic hardships. He had to be flown back to Spain and this is when it came to light. Last week, he issued an unprecedented apology and mea culpa for the complete and utter misstep.

Crowned Husband and Wife: Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and his wife, Princess Letizia of Spain, 2012 Miguel Cervantes Awards Ceremony, Alcala de Henares Spain

Oh, but that was last week, and now it's time for some Non-Shooting Elephant News from the Spanish Royals: Princess Letizia looked FAAAABULOUS at the 2012 Miguel Cervantes Awards Ceremonies which occurred today at Alcala de Henares University in Alcala de Henares, Spain. The Premios Miguel Cervantes is the Top Prize for Literature for the Spanish-speaking world. It is commemorated on the day of the great writer's death, April 23rd. Princess Letizia wore a black and white coat-dress designed by her go-to Designer, Felipe Varela. The dress featured lace-embroidered detail, long fitted sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, covered buttons down the center front and a black cummerbund accentuating her size 00 frame.
The Princess finished her look with nude shoes and the nude-colored purse seen above. Although, in light of the circumstances, should she have been carrying a handbag with a handle that looks like a large Elephant tusk?! Ah well, at least she does look FABULOUSLY chic!
UPDATE!!!! My FAB Friend Tilda Donner of DYSFASHIONAL has confirmed to me that yes indeed it was in rather bad taste: her purse is the Yves Saint Laurent's "Mala Mala Mombasa" purse!!! (photo below)

Oh Letizia!!! Maybe she was sending some sort of message to the world: she stands by her father-in-law's bad decision to hunt elephants in Africa on a $30,000+ hunting trip payed by Spanish taxpayers?? Who knows.

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Anonymous said...

I hate elephant hunting!!! but this trip was not paid by Spanish taxes. It was a gift for an Arab prince. Spain will make the hight speed trains for some middle East countries, and this was part of the negotiations for this contracts. Anyway I didn´t like seeninng the king hunting any animals