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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss USA 2012 Evening Gown Portraits: My Favorites


Pageant Betty Good:

Miss California USA Natalie Pack: Former contestant on "America's Next Top Model" reality show, Natalie Pack is "one to watch" since HELLO, she actually IS a Model (as opposed to how some girls put that down as their job, but we all know better). Anyhow, she chose this peach-colored satin strapless draped gown which I think suited her very well. Loved the side-swept Rita Hayworth hair and those big ol' crystal-encrusted earrings. Those pumps are a bit questionable, but I forgive her.

The 61st Annual Miss USA pageant is happening as I type...the Preliminaries were tonight and Sunday, June 3rd is the Final Telecast LIVE from Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 51 contestants--50 US States plus District of Columbia, of course--have been in the "Sin City" for several weeks now for rehearsals, appearances, swimsuit fashion shows, and well, doing what beauty pageant girls do: looking flawless and trying not to sweat but rather "glisten" under the scorching Vegas sun.

Last week, the Miss Universe Organization released the "Evening Gown" Portraits on the Miss USA Website. Many pageant insiders know that for the most part, these are NOT the gowns the girls will wear for the Preliminaries and/or Final Telecast competition, but it's still fun to see what they chose and yes, to give my "Nick Two Cents". In my last post, I reviewed the "Plunging Cha-Cha", High Slit and unfortunate "Armpit Pose" ladies, so now, here are my "I Likey" girls:

Canary Pretty:
Miss Michigan USA Kristen Samantha Danyal: looks very "Sofia Vergara Miami Exotic" in this strapless yellow gown with cowl draped side, gathered midriff, full skirt and sequined detail. She's very "Miss Colombia" in this. Yes, there's A LOT going on, but somehow--for me--it works. It's all helped by the fact that she wisely let her hair go simple and non-Pageant Pouf-ed. Her "Oh Yes, I'd love a Mojito..." and "Oh Is That Your Beautiful Wife?" pose is FABULOSO!

Miss Ohio USA Audrey Bolte: Miss Audrey looks like a WINNER--stunning, perfect Barbie Blond, statuesque (5'10"). Hope she knows where Iran and Syria are and who Sarkozy lost the French Presidential elections to (Final Question suggestions!!), 'cause if she also comes out looking somewhat intelligent, she might get the crown. This is the gown she chose (or was given to her, who knows!), for the Miss USA 2012 Website Evening Gown Portraits. Canary yellow, heavy satin fitted gown, with a gathered over-skirt. Is it very late 80's/early 90's? Yes, but on Audrey it looks regal and Red Carpet-ready. I can see her at yesterday! I'm really liking her and this gown--it might be the lack of a HOOCHIE plunging neckline and TOO-high slit, and too-stacked heel showing.

Miss Oklahoma USA Lauren Taylor Lundeen: The emerald green chiffon shirred gown with one-shoulder sequin applique trim looks great on Lauren, Miss Oklahoma USA. This is a typical "Go-To" Pageant Gown style that EVERY pageant-and-Prom clothing manufacturer has in their Look Book. And for good reason--because it works. The "swishing" pose and modern flat with bangs hairstyle makes it look fresh and (somewhat) modern.

Miss Missouri USA Katie Kearney:  I think this is a very sexy gown but without the too-high slit and too-low plunging neckline. The sequined nude fabrication--along with the multicolored chiffon godet pieces--add a bit of drama and "Hollywood Starlet" allure. Is it a bit "Dancing With The Stars"? Yep. But, I LIKE it! It also fits her OH-MY-GOD-SHE'S-SO-SKINNY body perfectly.

Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb: OK, let's just begin with "HUNEY YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!" That hair, the eyes, the look. She should be "Miss Venezuela"! I know she's from the "South" but she looks like she should be from "SOUTH AMERICA"! I like the gown except I just feel it did not need the slit. But I "get it" since she was so "covered up" with the high neck and drop shoulder cap sleeves...The torso is VERY "Figure Skating 101" but if you know just a little about also might realize, I kinda like that.

Miss Rhode Island USA Olivia Culpo: The color on this Empire-waist style gown is exquisite. It's Grecian, it's Pageant, it's Haute Prom, and it's got the subtle crystal trim detail to add just enough bedazzle! And need I add, I am LOVING the "I'm just walking by and Oh, is that a Photographer??!!" pose.

It will be interesting to see what gowns these girls actually chose to wear to tonight's Miss USA 2012 very important Preliminary Competition--where the Top Semi Finalists are chosen for Sunday night's Final Telecast. I'll have my "Best" and "Oh No She Didn't" of the Miss USA 2012 Preliminaries soon..Stay Tuned Pageant Kids!

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