FIDM.....Judging the 2012 FIDM National Scholarship Competition


So Many Fabulous Projects...

Who Is The Best? Nick Verreos judges the FIDM National Scholarship Competition for "Fashion Designer of Tomorrow", "Visual Designer of Tomorrow" and "Interior Designer of Tomorrow", FIDM LA Campus

Last week, prior to leaving for the Macy's "Brasil" fashion show events I was hosting in San Francisco and San Jose, I had the privilege of judging the FIDM National Scholarship Competition. The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM is the fashion college I attended and am a proud Alum. I am also the Official Spokesperson for FIDM and have been for several years now.

FIDM National Scholarship Competition Guidelines, Entry Form and "Guess Who's Judging"

One of my duties (and a wonderful and most honored duty!) is to judge the FIDM National Scholarship Competition, which is open to all High School Seniors and Graduates, and the prize is a FULL ONE YEAR SCHOLARSHIP to the College. FIDM's National Scholarship Competition looks for students who are creative thinkers and have an eye for unconventional thinking. To enter, entrants are asked to submit a project according to the guidelines set within each category, including Fashion Executive of Tomorrow, Graphic Designer of Tomorrow, Interior Designer of Tomorrow, Visual Designer of Tomorrow, Fashion Designer of Tomorrow, among others...

I spent several hours last week looking over the "best of the best" projects which were submitted for this competition. I looked at the Fashion Designer of Tomorrow boards, in which the entrants were to create three looks that would look like a cohesive mini-collection/group, showing lots of fashionable creativity and that je ne sais quoi of what it would take to be a successful "Designer of Tomorrow":

Fashion Designer Projects, FIDM National Scholarship Competition

As well as Visual Designer of Tomorrow, in which they had to create a "mood board" for a store/national chain (J Crew, Forever 21, etc.) as well as a board showing what the window display and magazine ad would look like for that national chain--as well as how the merchandise would appear in the store:

Visual Designer Projects, FIDM National Scholarship Competition

And finally, I also looked at the fabulous Interior Designer of Tomorrow boards and projects, in which entrants were to design living spaces for a cool/hip twenty/thirty-something:

Interior Designer Projects, FIDM National Scholarship Competition

Every entrant took so much time to put all of these together and they all did a FABULOUS job. Let's just say, it was VERY, VERY difficult to pick the Winners. But I did it! I wish EVERYONE the BEST of LUCK! And to all the people who submitted projects: Thank You for letting me see all your boundless creativity!

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Anonymous said...

my dream is to be a FIDM student dor the first time i saw the webpage but then again i think there is no chance a student from my country can get one right? :(