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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Venezuela 2012: LIVE Tweeting THIS THURSDAY!


La Mas Bella?

 Who. Will. Be. Miss Venezuela 2012?

Well Pageant Kids--it's that time again--The Miss Venezuela Pageant is THIS THURSDAY August 30th. It will take place at the Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental in Caracas. The pageant can be seen LIVE via the web on various sites (details at end of post) but you can also watch the edited 2 hour version in the US via Univision Spanish-language Network on Saturday 4-6 p.m. PST. I spent my early childhood years in Caracas (very close to the site of this year's pageant) and I fondly remember watching the pageant as a little boy. My sister was also in the Miss Venezuela pageant back in 1988, and I've even designed a gown for a former Miss Universe from Venezuela--Estefania Fernandez, so you could say I have a bit of a "Miss Venezuela" history...

For this 60th edition of the pageant, there are 24 entrants representing all the various departments, states, districts. The pageant is famous for being a "Beauty Producing Brand". Under the direction of Osmel Sousa--the Beauty Pageant "Czar", Venezuela has accumulated more international titles than any other country, including six Miss Universe winners, six Miss World winners, six Miss International winners and one Miss Earth. The joke goes "Venezuela has two main exports: Oil and Beauty Pageant Winners".

 Beauty Czar: Osmel Sousa, president of the Miss Venezuela Organization

The Miss Venezuela contestants spend an entire year preparing for the finals, with voice training/elocution, runway, gym, makeup and hair classes, and yes, there is an "Official" Plastic Surgeon and Dentist on staff to "fix" anything the girls' genes might have not gotten perfect.

The Couture:

Gown Loca: Carolina Eva Izsak Kemenify Miss Venezuela 1991, Carmen Maria Montiel Avila Miss Venezuela 1984

Guy Meliet Couture: Nancy Elena Garcia Amor "Miss Tachira 1988" ; Barbara Palcios Teyde Miss Venezuela 1986 and Miss Universe 1986

 Current Gowns: Marelisa Gibson Villegas Miss Venezuela 2009; Top Three in their respective gowns at the Miss Venezuela 2011

Millions of pageant fans watch the show to see these incredible beauties but also for the GOWNS. Osmel Sousa hand-picks which Venezuelan designers will create one-of-a-kind creations worthy of being seen on the Paris Haute Couture runways (some more than others!). It always surprises me when I speak to fashion designers--whether they are in NYC or Greece--they always whisper in my ear (as if it's a dirty little secret) that they watch the Miss Venezuela pageant; they tell me that they have NO IDEA what they are saying but only watch it for the evening gown "fashion show".

Giving Up Her Crown: Irene Esser, last year's Miss Venezuela (above photos) has yet to even represent her country in this year's Miss Universe pageant since the pageant hasn't even occurred. Usually, it occurs over the Summer and recently, the rumor was that it wasn't even going to happen at all. The latest is that it will occur in December--according to a Tweet the reining Miss Universe Leila Lopes of Angola sent. Who knows if it will even happen...

Escandalo: Last week, my Twitter friend, JLu of the J*Lu Blog reported that former Miss World 2011, Ivián Sarcos-who is from Venezuela--was slammed by some fans in her country after they learned that the ex-Miss allegedly tried to negotiate with the Miss World organization, in order to get the franchise of the pageant for her country, which has been in Osmel Sousa’s hands and the Miss Venezuela Organization for over 30 years. The news leaked on a local TV show on Saturday night followed by a storm of offensive comments on Twitter towards Sarcos, who was called “backstabber,” “hypocrite” and “ungrateful.” Ouch. Needless to say, she's not invited to Thursday night's show and the rumor is that Osmel Souza will not crown a representative to go to Miss World 2013. That will be done "later". 

Now, speaking of Osmel--It is rumored that he usually picks who the winner is, so it really doesn't matter who I think will be the Pageant Winner are my top favorites anyhow:
Miss Miranda Oriana Luccesse Baez: age 19, height 1.77 (about 5' 10") she won Miss Rostro Mas Bello (Best Face) in the Gala Interactiva de la Belleza pre-contest, so she's a strong contender for the top crown and to therefore be next year's Venezuelan representative in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. She's beautiful, perfect figure, looks "international"...and very right for the "Miss Universe" brand.

Miss Falcon Alyz Sabimar Henrich Ocando: 21 years old, height 1.76 (5' 9")--Alyz won Miss Belleza Integral (Integral Beauty) in the Gala Interactiva de la Belleza and is also being named on the web-o-sphere by missosologists and pageant experts as one of the top three.

Aragua Nicelin Elian Herrera Vasquez: 21 years old, height (wait for it) 1.84 ( 6 feet +). I think this woman is STUNNING--she has that gorgeous "mixed" Venezuelan look to her (Euro/Caribbean/Indigenous), a fantastic out-of-control figure and she's AMAZONIAN (over six feet tall!!). Nicelin is one of my favorites. I hope she can do runway, has a nice gown and can speak semi-OK during the interview portion (it's not that important for the Miss Venezuela)

Miss Zulia Noedy Carolina Olivares Gomez: She's 20 years old, stands 1.76 (5' 9") and already won Miss Personalidad (Miss Personality)--she is also gorgeous...those eyes, those lips, that teeny-teieny waist!

Miss Sucre Ingrid Karina Smith: At 25 years old, Ingrid is one of the older contestants (she's still a BABY in my eyes!) and stands 1.77 (5' 10")--I just LOVE her! Her face, her hair...HOT! One look at that photo and all I could say was "At-a-Girl!"

Miss Cojedes Milunay Freites Hull: 20 years old and height- 1.81 (5' 11")-she's another exotic Venezuelan beauty I love--she's got an amazing body, she's very tall and I'm sure (or hope!) she's going to WORK that evening gown runway. Let's hope Osmel gives her a nice gown.

Miss Merida Claudia Baratta Sarcinelli: 23 years old, height 1.73 (about 5' 8")--Besides who I think the winner will be (Miss Miranda), she's the other blond to watch out for. Claudia is very pretty, has a great swimsuit figure and has that "Euro Rich Venezuelan Girl" look that works well abroad and in international pageants.

LIVE Twitter Commentary from Nick and J*Lu:
Who are YOUR Favorites? We'll see on Thursday night who will win the title. I will be LIVE TWEETING on my nickverreos1 Twitter during the pageant  along with my Twitter buddy (and other Venezuelan Pageant "Sistah"!)--JLu of the J*LuBlog . Be sure to follow us--if you aren't already--and check out our "Dos Centavos" (Two Cents) on the gowns, the girls and the too-long show (it's usually 4+ HOURS!!!).

Time Zones and Links for the Live Web Viewings for Miss Venezuela 2012:

Eastern Time(NY) - 7:30pm
Central Time - 6:30pm
Mountain Time - 5:30pm
Pacific Time(CA) - 4:30pm
Manila, Philippines - 7:30am
Egypt - 1:30am


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