SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2012 World Fashion Designer Award Competition: The Best!


Beauty Pageant Evening Gowns Good:

Gown Runway: The Miss World "World Fashion Designer Award" Competition, Shanghai China

The Biggest International Beauty Pageant in the world is happening in Ordos Inner Mongolia China, as we speak--the 62nd annual Miss World 2012 (The finals are August 18th). Ordos isn't exactly Sao Paulo, Miami, Las Vegas or a typical fabulous destination to hold big international beauty pageants, but the host city payed a ton of money and from what I can see, they are doing a fantastic job organizing and showcasing their gem of a city in northern China.

 Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela

116 contestants from 116 nations, islands and territories are competing for the title of Miss World, won by Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela last year. The ladies have been in China to for several weeks, attending functions, photo-op's, rehearsals, and various events and official competitions, such as "Beach Beauty", "Sports", "Top Model", and so on.

Of the many events and competitions, one of my faves is the Miss World "World Fashion Designer Award" where all the contestants model evening gowns from fashion designers from their homelands.This contest occurred in Shanghai last week so without further are my "Nick Faves" in the World Fashion Designer Award evening gowns--and don't worry kiddies, following this post I will be doing my very popular "What the HECK Was She Thinking??" posting.

Miss Sri Lanka Sumudu Prasadini: This was one of my favorite gowns from seeing the photos. This ivory gown had elements of Grecian Goddess and Sari Princess with its draped one shoulder effect. It was dramatic and elegant. Outstanding job Miss Sri Lanka and her designer. Score: 9.8

Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire: Red was a popular color for the contestants this year (it's always a popular beauty pageant gown color!). This red with silver sequin applique plunging neckline fitted gown on Miss Ireland was one of my Top Faves from this Miss World 2012 World Fashion Designer Award Competition. This is a perfect example of a gown that can work for an international beauty pageant but in a major awards red carpet as well. It fits perfectly, her hair is great and she wisely kept the accessories to a minimum. Miss Ireland must have some Good Style Gays near her! Score: 9.9

Some other Red Dresses I liked:

China People's Republic and England:  Miss China PR Wen Xia Yu (left) wore a simple red fitted gown with sheer bateau neckline and sequin applique. She looked very pretty in it. Score 8.8.

Miss England Charlotte Holmes (right) wore a copper-red colored one shoulder gown with sequin Empire-waist detail. It flowed gloriously down the catwalk/stage and looked modern and red carpet-worthy. Score: 9.0.

Miss Philippines Queenierich (love her name!) Rehman: One of the best in RED! Her gown is very Marchesa-meets-Givenchy Couture (see "Miss Nepal" toward end of this post) the Pageant Version--it looks expensive, well-made, red carpet-and-runway ready--and fits her beautifully. Score: 9.6

Miss Colombia Barbara Turbay: This red strapless number could have easily gone into "Hoochie Coochie" territory--you've got the sheer, the high slit...but somehow it worked on her.

 Gucci Fall 2011 (left) Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2011 (right)

Gucci and Givenchy Haute Couture recently (Fall 2011) showed a lot of gowns that were not lined--just like the red gown on Miss Colombia Barbara Turbay. Hers reminded me of one of those styles from the runways. I just wished the shoes weren't so "clunky" and why the mini box on them?? Too tacky-licious. Strappy heels huney. Next time. Score: 9.0

Printed Beauty: Usually it's Hit or Miss when wearing a printed dress---on the Red Carpet as well as in international beauty pageants. I think it works here on the very pretty Miss Ethiopia Melkam Endale. I LOVE the colors and silhouette of this dress. The neckline and gathered torso/bust detail is fabulous as well. Score: 9.2

Best in Ivory:
Georgia and Israel: Another popular color (or non color) in the pageant world is ivory/white. Lots of ladies wore white and these were several of the best, in my eyes. Miss Georgia Salome Khomeriki (top left) wore a one shoulder draped chiffon and satin gown. It featured a very high slit BUT it was rather hidden among all the chiffon over-layering. The gown was very Pronovias and it worked on her. Score: 9.2

Miss Israel Shani Hazan looks STUNNING in this fit-to-flare gown that hugs her EVERY curve perfectly. The gown itself isn't so exciting but it does the job of making her look elegant, it fits her well and she doesn't look HOOCHIE (Thank You!) . The six foot tall beauty almost looks REGAL. Score: 9.7

Miss Russia Elisaveta Golovanova stayed safe with this creme halter-style gown with yes--a big side slit (hello, it's a beauty pageant of course!). The gown wasn't earth shattering in style or "Wow" appeal but like I said, she played it safe. Score: 8.6

Miss Bolivia Mariana Garcia wore a blush-colored strapless gown (more pink than ivory but I chose to put her here nonetheless). I liked this gown. It could have gone "Feather KRAZEE" in a hot minute (wait 'till you see my "Oh NOOOO!!!" posting) but it didn't. I like the beaded swirl patterns on the dress as well and the gown fits her nicely. Score: 9.0

I think Miss Guatemala Monique Aparicio looks very "RetroFab" in this orange duchesse satin gown. The color pops onstage, and the dress looks expensive. I also love that she had added a retro hairstyle too-very Oscar de la Renta meets Jackie O--the Guatemalan version. Score: 9.4

Miss Mexico Mariana Berumen: One word: WOW.  From head to the tips of her stacked heel pumps: fab! The elegance of the black color, the waist-defining detail of the thin jeweled belt, the high-neck contrasted with the slit (yes, if there was one criticism, it's that slit is WAAAAY to high darling!). One of my faves (if only she closed up about four inches of that slit!). Score: 9.8

And finally, a "Wild Card" Good One:

Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha (try and say her name FAST four times!): First off, she's very pretty. The picture above may not be a good one but there is something about this gown that made me stop and go "Oh, I think she looks HOT!" I know that maybe some of you out there might think it's a bit much but trust me darlings, you haven't see my "Oh Dear!" list yet. I like the gown because it's modern, it's sexy but not HOOCHIE and evokes a Couture-like feeling.

Marchesa Fall 2012 (left) and Beyonce in Givenchy Custom, Met Ball 2012

It reminds me a lot of Marchesa (above, left) and the Givenchy gown Beyonce wore to the Met Ball (right) earlier this year. Miss Nepal's gown is a good Knock-Off of both combined! Score for Miss Nepal's gown: 9.5

Up Next: My "Oh NOOOO!!!!" List from the Miss World "World Fashion Designer Award" Competition...

Here's a Sneak Peak of the MESSES:

 Feathered Vegas Gay Pride Float on Miss Ukraine

Oh Huney: Miss Mongolia is SERVING Nefertiti Mongolian Goddess!

***STAY TUNED to the rest of the Hot Messes!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nick.
The Red gown of Miss Philippines is by Mr. Micheal Cinco (Filipino Fashion Designer based in Dubai)and he was once featured in Americas Next TOp Model.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

FYI, Philippines bagged the designer awards.