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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Fashion Week: Chanel, Louis Vuitton S/S 2013


THE PURSE of the season, Rounded Shoulders, Boxy Shapes, Phyllis Diller and Checkmate Dresses...

Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld:

Does This Meet the Carry-On Size Requirements: I DREAM to have this purse and bring it to LAX for my next airplane flight--Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Karl Lagerfeld showed another big collection for the House of Chanel during Paris Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week. He showed approximately 80 looks with a HUGE backdrop of wind farm and solar panels.  It always astounds me what selling lots and lots of leather quilted purses, perfumes--and a bouclĂ© suit or two--can buy you...

 Wind Tunnel Catwalk: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

As usual, the show was schizophrenic with tons of ideas being thrown out to the eager fashionista public, who loved it all. In the audience were Jennifer Lopez with her little cute daughter Emme and Casper, JLo's boyfriend. They all sat sandwiched between photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Lagerfeld Boy Toy Model-Muse Baptiste Giabiconi and Kanye West.

Que preciosa: Jennifer Lopez with daughter Emme Lopez at Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 runway show

Luxe Cute: According to DailyMail, Emme Lopez wore $2,400 worth of Chanel for the first outing to a Paris Fashion Week fashion show

Look at the Pretty Roof: Jennifer Lopez' daughter,Emme, gets distracted while pretty clothes and pretty models saunter by--Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

The Fashion:
Lagerfeld showed lots of black, white, pink, blue, denim, pearl details (homage to Chanel's faux pearl necklaces), bolero and boxy/square shapes for jackets and dresses, strapless tunic dresses, oversized raglan sleeves, curved shoulders and much more, including a final group that had "Phyllis Diller" written ALL OVER them. Seriously.
Here are some photo highlights:

Pearl Girls: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

No Strap Zone: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Riviera Travel: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Pink Ladies: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Rounded Shoulders: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Phyllis Diller Muse: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Click Below to watch FULL Runway Video of Chanel Spring/Summer 2013:

Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs:

Check Fab: Models on escalators, finale of Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

Marc Jacobs showed his Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Louis Vuitton in Paris. I was wowed by the staging to begin with. I wondered how he would top himself after last season's train spectacle. He did, but in a more minimalist manner. But yet, one was still WOWED. Once again, it's AMAZING what selling a bunch of purses and luggage can get you. Artist Daniel Buren collaborated with Jacobs and the House of Louis Vuitton to create this astonishing set that featured FOUR escalators and a plexiglass floor of giant white and yellow checks. Add the lighting and the music, plus the models--and the "stars", the fashion and accessories--and one has to make a guess that putting this on must have cost them over $1 million--chump change for Vuitton. And they do this TWICE a year!

 Marc Jacobs vs. Louis Vuitton: Same Collection???

For Spring/Summer 2013, Jacobs showed a collection that was eerily similar to what he showed for his signature Marc Jacobs line back during NY Fashion Week; instead of stripes, there were checks--an homage to Louis Vuitton's famous Damier checks. Shapes were mod/late 60s/early 70's, boxy, shapeless, straight and narrow--perfect for these size zero no-hipped girls modeling. The styling, hair and make-up was also very Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013 with its Edie Sedgwick-like elements. I wonder if the Vuitton execs even care that both Jacobs' collection and Vuitton were so alike, it's almost hard to tell which is which. For what he showed for Louis Vuitton, I loved all the bright colors, and how perfectly mitered all those squares were. I couldn't even notice any side seams. It's like the prints just enveloped the bodies. 
Here are some pic highlights:

Canary Lean: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

Check Sisters: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

60s Meet the 90s: Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

Stepford Wives Pret-a-Porter: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

Click Below to watch FULL Runway Video of  Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013:

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Tilda said...

First and foremost why in the blazes was Jennifer Lopez sooooooo greasy in that front row at Chanel?

For me it was the luxuriousness of the silk that made the Louis Vuitton Damier prints work so brilliantly. The hint of gleam in the citron column evening gown was textile design D R E A M Y!

Anonymous said...

Don't even think about sneaking a shot of Baptiste Giabiconi! He's clearly got a sixth sense when it comes to lenses.

myrtle said...

Great! Love the photos.