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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012: Pageant Betty's and Too Short Gowns


The Pageant Bettys and the Too-Shorts:

Emerald Queen: Miss Universe South Africa Melinda Bam--Why is she in my "Pageant Betty" group? Read on kiddies... 
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Continuing with my Recap of the "Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits", in my last post HERE, I talked about my "Good" list--or favorites--and now, it's time to discuss the "Pageant Bettys" of the bunch plus what I call the "Too Shorts". For some explanation, "Pageant Bettys" are the ladies who well, look like a Pageant Betty--meaning the typical Pageant Girl, "done" from head to toe. They are usually wearing mermaid or full-style gowns, in pastel. Sometimes, there is some applique--usually a little "cheap" looking. And a lot of times, they may remind people of grown-up versions of the little girls from TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras" . The "Too Shorts" are gowns that are, well, TOO SHORT, on the girls. This is a big NO NO in my book. It looks so "off-the-rack" and for a big moment such as the Miss Universe, it's time to get something Custom Made, or at least, get a seamstress to try and fix the situation.  
Now, as I stated in my last post, I realize that:
A) a lot of these girls might have just been handed these dresses and they may--or may not--have had a choice, and...
B) these may not be their actual Evening Gowns that they will wear to the all-important Preliminaries (I hope not, for some!). With all that we go:
Miss Canada Adwoa Yamoah: Here are two fun facts about Adwoa: she's originally from Ghana but moved to Canada at a very young age. And second of all, she was not the actual winner of "Miss Universe Canada" but she was the First Runner Up. The actual winner hurt her foot only days before having to leave for the "Miss Universe 2012" pageant so, as they always say "if for some reason the winner cannot complete her duties..." And so it's Adwoa's time. Now, the gown. It's SO Pageant Betty! She's the QUEEN of Pageant Bettys in this peach-colored Mermaid gown with silver lace applique. There's really nothing wrong with this, except in my eyes, it's way too sweet and typical for such a gorgeous girl. She needs sexy, red carpet FASHIOOON! Please give this gown back to Miss America Alabama. ASAP!

Miss Honduras Jennifer Denise Andrade: Jennifer looks like she is starring in an episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen"! She seriously looks like the daughter of a multimillionaire Honduran business man and she's having her Quinceañera. It's not a bad gown by any means. I think the "Barbie Pink" color may be too "cutesy" for her (if it was black or blush it might have helped). And the Prom-like hairstyle makes things worse. Also, it's waaay too long on the petite 5'2" Jennifer. For a girl that little, she does not need such an overwhelming dress.

Miss Angola Marcelina Vehekeni: Huneeeyyyyy!!!! Now here's another perfect example of a "Pageant betty" gown--and entire look--for that matter. Let's begin with the oversized bun hairstyle. Then, the oversized earrings, the strapless gown in a powder blue TAFFETA...with unexplainable creme applique, a cascade down the side front slit and that an illusion panel trying to cover up the too-plunging décolletage area? I want to see this beautiful woman in a more modern style gown.
Miss Sweden Hanni Beronius: Another perfect example of a "Pageant Betty" look--but more updated to now. I would deem this "Pageant Betty" Lite. This strapless mermaid shaped gown is actually very nice. The shirred top section looks well made and I like the asymmetrically-cascading bottom-half ruffles. I think it's the pastel-y pink color with the choker of pearls (why??!!) and the dreaded side-swept ponytail hairstyle, that took her into Pageant Betty zone. This gown, in red, with no pearls and a more updated 2012 red carpet hairstyle: Done and done!

Miss Guatemala Laura Godoy: Here's another example of an actually great gown but not-so great styling--in terms of the hair.This silk duchesse (or is it ziberline?) gown looks well made and expensive. The fit is great (except for the too high pleated neckline). It could also double as a beautiful wedding gown--a "Two-for-One-Dress"! What takes to a "Pageant Betty" moment is the hair style (too "Sweet Sixteen") and the vanilla color of the gown. This gown in black with a modern hairstyle:  Más Bueno!

Miss Philippines Janine Marie Tugonon: This gown is very pretty--delicately pretty in fact. It reminds me of a modified Sari. I think the bright canary yellow color plus the scroll-y applique with lace overlay is what puts her in the Pageant Betty category. This is a gown that would work for the "Miss World" pageant where they like their girls sweeter. But for "Miss Universe", I'd rather see Janine Marie is something more red carpet fab with a little bit of sex appeal!

Miss Great Britain Holly Hale: What most puts Holly in this "Pageant Betty" category is her side swept hairstyle--plus the cascading iridescent POLY organza ruffles on the bottom half of this dress. First, make her hair straight, polished and modern. Next, I'd like to remove those poly organza ruffles and just take the top golden sequin portion to the floor. No need for the mermaid shape, no need for poly iridescent organza cascading ruffles. A simple column shaped gown in the silver/golden sequin equals a gown winner!

Miss Singapore Lynn Tan: The positive is that I like the color--it's like muted coral. The sequin detail is nice as well. But it's the organza (or is it tulle?) overlay in the back plus the darkened gunmetal sequin waist detail, and finally her "Pageant Betty" hairstyle that landed the very pretty Lynn here in this category.

Miss China Diana Xu Jidan: Diana is one of my favorites of all the 89 contestants this year. She has the height (almost 6 feet tall!), the perfect figure, the model-like look Miss Universe Organization likes; all of this combined can take her to the end. I was disappointed, however, when I saw her in this gown. It's not a bad gown, it's just a little "Pageant Betty" predictable. It's a little"Mother-of-the-Bride" to be honest. After all, this is what she is supposed to be wearing as her National Costume:

Guo Pei Haute "1002th Arabian Night" Spring/Summer 2010 Haute Couture collection---In other words, I'm expecting COUTURE darling! I hope she wears something else for the Preliminaries. Here's a suggestion of a gown from the same designer:

 Actress Li Bingbing in Guo Pei at the 2010 Venice Film Festival

Miss El Salvador Ana Yancy Clavel: Why are there poly organza faux flowers on this dress? I just want to know. And how, in the Pageant God's name is this supposed to be "Miss Universe" crown material? The very pretty Ana ends up here in the "Pageant Betty" category, first for the color of this gown--this bright canary yellow is very impacting but can veer into "Pageant Betty" in a split second. But it's more the flower detail and side chiffon layers which really put the nail in the coffin.

Miss Poland Marcelina Zawadzka: Marcelina is so beautiful--she looks like a tall (she's almost six feet!) version of one the Olsen twins! I'm sure she--and her pageant directors--wanted to highlight her super long legs in one form or another--but not with the usual HOOCHIE slit gown (that's on a later posting!). So she wore this sea-foam blue-green gown with an iridescent over-skirt. It's the IRIDESCENT OVER-SKIRT that gets me. She looks sweet and great from the waist up. Then it goes into Pageant Betty.

Miss South Africa Melinda Bam: Even though Melinda is short (by recent "Miss Universe" winners standards where the average height in the last nine years has been around 5'10"). Melinda is 5'7" according to this), she's still being considered as THE FAVORITE to win the crown on December 19th. She is stunning, impacting and has that "I'm both Sweet...and SEXY" Miss Universe quality. Now, let's discuss the gown. And it is A GOWN! I was a bit torn by this one. I almost put it in my "best" but then, the iridescent emerald organza over the satin and diagonal sequin detail plus the "Cathedral"-like train...all those things took it to a "Pageant Betty" Diva level. The pose, is A+. I give her that. She's stealing someone's boyfriend...and girlfriend, with that look!

Miss Norway Sara Nicole Andersen: First of all, Sara Nicole is gorgeous. Love her olive skin color as well as her hair. She's so Latina. And yet, she's from NORWAY! The gown is Pageant Betty on Testosterone; it's a strapless sequin bodice gown with a high-low shredded organza attached skirt that ends in a train. In peach. And are those sequins strewn throughout the gown skirt? Seriously. How could this gown NOT end up under "Pageant Betty" !? It's the store-bought version of...

The gown designed by Venezuelan pageant go-to fashion designer Gionni Straccia, worn by Ivian Sarcos when she won the "Miss World 2011" title (above).

The Too-Short Gown Girls:

Miss Lebanon Rina Chibany: Rina, Rina, Rina...why darling? Not only is this black jersey dress too short on you, then you go ahead and wear some 7" platform heels with emphasize the fact that the dress is too short. Gowns should NEVER show the shoes, they should always hit 1/2" above the floor if not TO THE FLOOR. It's a cute dress--to go to a club in Miami, but not to use as your "Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portrait".

Miss Denmark Josephine Hewitt: Josephine is one of the most beautiful girls in the pageant. She's got very classic, very "Hollywood" face structure and looks. Once again--like Miss Universe Lebanon--this is a gown that works for a pool party at the Delano in Miami--but not the Miss Universe 2012 Pageant. It is about FIVE inches too short on one side and about a FOOT too short on the other. And then she wears these stacked platform silver heels on top of it; accentuating the very obvious fact that the dress is too short. If she would have worn strappy heels with NO platform, she would have been fine!

Miss St. Lucia Tara Carla Edward: Tara Carla is simply beautiful--and tall (5'11"). This is why this store-bought gown ended up being too short on her. And this is why, she should have gotten a custom-made gown that was made for her height! Here's a lesson in store-bought floor-length gowns: manufacturers make gowns long enough for a 5' 7" woman. It's a "rule" in the fashion industry. So...if you are shorter than that, the gown will be too long, if you are around that, perfect. If you are above get a "High Water/Flood" gown. And this is what happened. Ladies: PAY for a CUSTOM GOWN. The Cheap comes out EXPENSIVE, as Judge Marlyn Milian says: "Lo Barato sale CARO!".

***Next Up: The "Slit Queens" and "Cha-Cha Love" Evening Gown Recap of the Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits

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Anonymous said...

Nick, question for you: My husband and I are going to Miss Universe in Las Vegas. What is the appropriate way for both of us to dress for this event? Please I need help. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love ... Albania (looks like an undiscovered mysterious beauty), Denmark (Ursula Andress), Sri Lanka (but she wears off too easily), Mexico (just because she's a shoo-in), Israel (not sure why), Chile (Amanda Seyfried-ish), Tanzania (she's unique) :D

Anonymous said...

Ummm. Sara Nicole Andersen is not Latina she is half Iranian and half Norwegian!

Nick Verreos said...

Obviously I know Sara Nicole Andersen is not Latina! I guess what I was trying to say is she had a Latina vibe to her with her whole look. Thanks for reading!