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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012: Slit Queens, Cha-Cha Couture


Slit Queens and Cha-Cha Love:

I Hope The Judges Don't See My...Miss Universe India Shilpa Singh and the gown she wore for the "Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Official Portrait" 
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I've discussed my Favorites of the Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits HERE, as well as the "Pageant Bettys" and "Too-Short Gown" girls now, it's time to get SERIOUS. SLIT-and-Cha Cha serious. This year--as has been the case recently, there are A LOT of SLIT HAPPY Gowns in the Miss Universe Pageant Evening Gown Official Website Portraits, as well as what I call the "Cha-Cha/Dancing With The Stars" Queens. Now, again, these are just the website's "Official Evening Gown Portraits" and therefore they may not be the actual gowns the ladies will wear in the very important Preliminaries--or the Final telecast for that matter. Lots of the girls like to save the BEST for then. Irregardless...
Let's begin with the SLIT QUEENS:

Miss Albania Adrola Dushi: Do I see TWO slits? I think I do. The other one is just being hidden by an overlay of chiffon. It's a good gown and she certainly is giving a "Do you want a piece of this?" look. How do you say that in Albanian?

Miss Guam Alyssa Cruz Aguero: Alyssa wears a purple-blue one shoulder gown with silver sequin detail and a slit--a very high slit, in which she wants to show you as much leg as possible. I would have rather liked it if she wasn't pulling her gown and dropped it so there might have been a hint of a slit. I have a feeling she's pulling and lifting it because the gown maybe too long on her.

Miss Czech Republic Tereza Chlebovska: I just want to say the name "Tereza Chlebovska" a HUNDRED TIMES!! Love that name. She sounds like a Prima Ballerina! But I digress, let's discuss the gown and that slit: it's a pretty gown and I just didn't think she needed so high a slit. She already looks like she's "Sex on Wheels" so why push it?

Miss Sri Lanka Sabrina Herft: Sabrina could be under my "Pageant Betty" AND "Slit Queen" categories with this dress and entire look. It's very "Pageant 101"...from 1996; it's got the one shoulder, it's got the applique, it's got the chiffon overlay, the slit. It's all there. Like "Check, Check, and Triple Check!" I happen to think...or hope...that Pageant Gowns can evolve.

Miss Georgia Tamar Shedania: The Lady in Red gives you Drama and a Slit! It's not a bad gown, I actually have issues with the dangling "ribbons" more than the slit. This gown looked very familiar for some reason and then it hit me:

 It's a very close cousin--in red--of the beautiful gown that Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela (above), wore to win her "Miss Universe 2008" crown. But notice there are no dangling straps/ribbons.
Miss Estonia Natalie Korneitsik: The pretty Natalie ends up in a "Slit Queen" gown here for the "Miss Universe Evening Gown Official Portraits". I'm bothered by two things. First, the hip draping is distracting and draws my eye to that section. Second, I think she may need a lining under those double layers of chiffon. In the photo, I can see her legs and I'm scared to guess what the judges on stage might also see.

Miss India Shilpa Singh: Shilpa's fuchsia pink gown is very "My Super Sweet Sixteen"...the "I Want To Be Sexy" version. I think there's too much happening here: the embroidered applique in the upper torso bustier, which then is somewhat continued (inexplicably) onto the rest of the gown; then, there's a keyhole near her tummy, a full tulle skirt, and then, the slit. This gown can be helped with editing (take out this and take out that..). Also, why can I see nude-colored bust pads on the bustier? It's distracting to say the least. And a big NO-NO in fashion.

Miss Jamaica Chantal Zaky: This gown isn't so bad. I do love the royal blue color and the back drape/fall, although I think it is attached to her bracelet/cuff!?! The slit isn't so HOOCHIE in that it doesn't seem so high--just right (unless her hand is covering how high that slit really goes!). Chantal is here because yes, kids there was still a SLIT in her gown.

Miss Ukraine Anastasia Chernova: How sweet does this lovely young lady look! I want to take her home to meet the parents! She does continue the sweet demeanor with this strapless modified ball gown. It's a sweet color, it's got sweet details. But wouldn't you know, these pageant girls cannot live without their slits! They are SLIT ADDICTED! (Note to self: Trademark that!)

Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez Vasquez: First off, I do love a bright color! Highlighter Yellow is FAB! This gown is interesting for it's no-hold's-barred color but also for the neckline detail and the way the shirring/gathering cascades into the bottom skirted section. But, at the same time, it might be considered in some circles a Hot Mess. Not sure about the nude illusion center front bustline panel (you can barely see it in this photo but it looks like it's there). And yes, there is that slit. Say "Hola" to that slit.

Miss Vietnam Luu Thi Diem Huong: Another "Highlighter Yellow" gown. It is strapless and yes, has a big ol' slit. What's most interesante is what is happening around the bustline. What. Is. That? Is there a black edge trim to this gown? If so, it doesn't make sense. Or--worse still--is that the poor girl's black strapless bra sticking out from the dress? If so, the photographer should've Photoshopped that, or the beautiful Miss Vietnam shouldn't have worn it. Either way, it doesn't make sense.

Now, the Cha-Cha Love and Dancing With The Stars Ladies of "Miss Universe 2012":

Miss Spain Andrea Huisgen: Andrea is another one of my favorite contestants and hopefully she will go far; she's got the height, the "spunky" Miss Universe personality, the "I Will Be Famous" and be in "Hola Magazine"-dating-a-Spanish-Footballer look. With this gown, she gets right into my "Cha-Cha" category easily. It's a strapless mermaid-style gown in a gold lame-like fabrication with shredded organza. I actually LOVE this gown but I know some fellow pageant-watchers I've spoken to, well, were not as complimentary. But we agreed, it's FULL-ON Cha Cha!

Miss Malaysia Kimberley Leggett: The lovely Kimberley--another favorite to be in the Semi-Finals (and I can see why), wore this salmon pink colored sequin/feather and illusion gown. It's VERY "Dancing With The Stars"-meets-Figure Skating Costume. And you know I love me some Figure Skating! It's also very "Cha-Cha". Therefore, she lands here.

Miss Greece Vasiliki Tsirogianni: For her gown choice in the Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits, Vasiliki wore this nude illusion tulle fitted gown with ivory flower applique. It also has Figure Skating Costume elements as well as a "Dancing With The Stars" costume vibe.The lace over illusion is a big trend in Pageants right now and it can often work well (as seen on Olivia Culpo), but on Vasiliki...not so much. This is why my koukla ("doll" in Greek) ended up in this category.

Miss Peru Nicole Faveron: Nicole wore a column nude tulle/illusion gown with gold jeweled and flecked details. It's a good  gown--in my eyes but yes, some others may think she's a little too "Dancing With The Stars"/Cha-Cha. I can see why. The way this can be taken to a more Red Carpet Couture level is make it more fit-and-flare, add a slight dramatic train and make it not be so see-through. Then, it might look slightly "McQueen"-like.

Miss Costa Rica Nazareth Cascante: Oh Chica, the temperature just got a bit more Caliente. This aqua/turquoise blue and silver beaded gown  has "Carnival Cruise to San Juan Puerto Rico" written all over it! She is a major Cha-Cha Queen in this. Nothing else to say.

Miss Dominican Republic Dulcita Lynn Lieggi: I'm a little "on the fence" with this gown. I like the seafoam green color and the detail of it looks expensive. I also appreciate the lack of a HOOCHIE slit (or at least from how she's posing). I just think it's a little too "Cha-Cha" and with that too-stiff hairstyle, earrings, overall look, she seems "dated"--like very 1998 Pageant. She is GORGEOUS though. I just think she would have looked more up-to-date in a different dress, different hairstyle, etc.
Miss Mauritius Ameeksha Devi Dilshand: Silver gown with silver illusion sides. How could she NOT end up in this "Cha-Cha/Dancing With The Stars" Category. And add "Figure Skating Queen" to that as well.

Finally, The "Monica Belucci Sex Goddess Cha-Cha Miss Universe 2012 Award" Goes To...

Miss Kosovo Diana Avdiu: One word: WOW. This gown has all the elements of A) Cha-Cha Queen and B) "Dancing With The Stars"-like Couture, plus she she GIVING YOU Cleavage darlings. Serving it. And that look. She's almost saying "It's OK if if you don't place me in the Semi-Finals but...if you do, I could make you very, very happy..." Amen Sister!

***Next: The "Oh Dear's!" of the Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits...Just You Wait!

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Anonymous said...

None of them compare to Bellucci in her prime, which lasted nearly two decades.

jocell said...

can you send me the detail of gown fabric and designs of dayana mendoza and the designer tooo pls...