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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Kenwood Towne Centre Cincinnati "Five Spring Essentials" Event

Cincinnati Smiles: Nick Verreos with models Tana Stalcup, Brock Maitland and Katy Popplewell from Heyman Talent Artists Agency--FOX19 News Cincinnati Ohio

This past weekend I flew to Cincinnati Ohio to host another one of my fun Macy's "Five Spring Essentials" fashion show events at the Kenwood Towne Centre. I've had the pleasure of hosting two other events so far---in Indianapolis and Memphis which were a blast so I was excited to make sure this one was going to be just as good!

Nick Verreos and Melissa Scalia of

The day of my event began with a Morning News TV Show appearance at FOX19 Cincinnati. I was picked up by the ever-so-lovely Melissa Scalia, who was my Cincinnati Girlfriend/Press Handler/Unofficial Event Photographer/Morning News TV Show On-Set Stylist...and she was even my Starbucks-fix provider. Melissa has a great website called TheStyleEye and does some TV Hosting herself, as well as all things Fashion in Cincinnati and beyond.

FOX 19 News Saturday:

I was scheduled to do a fun fashion segment--with three models--showing some of the "Five Spring Essentials" that I would be later showcasing at the fashion show event at the Macy's Kenwood Towne Center. Joining me on the segment was FOX19 news anchor, Jessica Brown :

  FOX 19 Anchor Jessica Brown and Nick Verreos--FOX19 Cincinnati

I had such a blast with Jessica. First of all, she was GORGEOUS--she looked like a "Miss USA" in a FAB mocha shawl-collared wrap dress that fit her perfectly! We had a great segment, showing all the fashions and describing why every woman should have these new Spring Fashion Trends in their closet--from Lace to Printed Pants to the Peplum. I also made sure to insert some of my fun "Nick-isms". I think we had WAAAY to much fun for a four minute segment because EVERYONE in the studio--the cameramen, the other anchor, the sound guy--they were all laughing hysterically after we finished the segment. Scroll to the end of this post for VIDEO!!

Macy's Five Spring Essentials Fashion Show Event--Kenwood Towne Centre Cincinnati:
After my Morning News Show appearance, I was off to the Kenwood Towne Centre to get ready for my "Macy's Five Spring Essentials" hosting duties...

Green Room Goodies--Cheese and fruit plate ready for me to munch on while I reviewed all my fashion note cards--Macy's Kenwood Towne Centre

Principal Nick Announces All Fashion Students to Head to Class--I asked the Macy's Store Execs if it was OK for me to make some announcements about the event prior to it and of course they said "Yes please!". I am used to just being handed a phone, pressing *7 (or something to that effect), but, boy was I surprised when they pointed to a big ol' microphone, the kind you would see in high school's when the Principal would make announcements. I felt like Principal McGee in the movie "Grease"!

Finally, it was time for my event:

Hosting and Introductions--Nick Vereros at Macy's Kenwood Towne Center "Five Spring Essentials

Fashion Show--Nick Verreos describing the styles on models at the Macy's Kenwood Towne Centre "Five Spring Essentials" fashion show

 Nick Finale--Doing my "Nick Runway Walk" for the audience, and to the delight of the models in the back

Post-show Meet and Greet: After the event, I had a chance for a fun post-show "Meet-and-Greet" with all the attendees--here are some pics from that...

I was especially excited when I saw the sister of an old college friend of mine who lives in Cincinnati--Linda Castaneda (above photo). She works in the Cat Ambassador Program with Cheetahs at the world-famous Cincinnati Zoo, and she also writes these wonderful blogs on all her travels and exciting Cheetah adventures. She was so sweet, staying on the entire day after the event, keeping me company until I had to go catch my flight back home to LA.

Once again, it was a very fun--and a very successful "Five Spring Essentials" fashion event at Macy's. I noticed A LOT of the women who were at my event--shopping and BUYING some of the clothes I had just been showing at the fashion show, which I guess is a VERY GOOD THING! Thanks Cincinnati for EVERYTHING! I can't wait to return sometime soon!

Click Below for my "Five Spring Essentials" TV Segmentb with FOX19 News Jessica Brown: News, Weather 

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Yay Nick! It was great to see you, please come back soon!