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FIDM.....Judging the 2013 FIDM National Scholarship Competition

 Judging Nick: Nick Verreos Judges the 2013 FIDM National Scholarship Competition--Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM

Several weeks ago, I had the honor--and yes, privilege--to be the "Celebrity Judge" at this year's FIDM National Scholarship Competition. Open to all High School Seniors, Graduates, and College Transfer Students, FIDM's National Scholarship Competition (also known as The Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship Competition) looks for students who are creative thinkers and have an eye for unconventional thinking. To enter, entrants are asked to submit a project according to the guidelines set within each category:
  • Fashion Executive of Tomorrow
  • Interior Designer of Tomorrow
  • Graphic Designer of Tomorrow
  • Fashion Designer of Tomorrow
  • Visual Designer of Tomorrow
  • Digital Media Artist of Tomorrow
  • Trend Spotter of Tomorrow
A winner and three top Finalists from each category are chosen based on creativity, thoughtfulness, presentation, and promise. The top winner will get a full one-year scholarship to attend FIDM.

Celebrity Judge

Project Runway Star, FIDM Grad & FIDM Instructor
Nick Verreos is the celebrity judge for our scholarship competition.

I went to the Downtown L.A. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM campus to judge these categories and see for myself all the wonderful--and very creative--boards the students created...
Here are some "Sneak Peak" pics of what I had to judge:

 Boards from the 2013 FIDM National Scholarship Competition

After my judging--which took several hours--I headed downstairs to the ground floor "rotunda" area to head home--but then I was stopped by all the commotion that was happening. As it turned out, it was also the day of the FIDM Graduation "Grad Carnival" in Hope Park:

FIDM Grad Carnival 2013, Hope Park Downtown Los Angeles

Graduating FIDM students--and their friends and families--were enjoying a bunch of fun activities as well as lots of great food (corn dogs, sliders, pizza!) at this fun FIDM Grad Carnival. Even though I am not a 2013 Grad, I sneaked in and took in some of the festivities.

Best of Luck to all the 2013 FIDM National Scholarship applicants!
*Contact your FIDM adviser for results.

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