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FIDM.....FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013": RECAP!

 Nick Verreos FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"

If you've been keeping up on my blog here, you know that last weekend was the first Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM "3 Days of Fashion 2013" at the FIDM Orange County campus. So now it was time for me to go to one of my favorite cities in the US--San Francisco--to make a special appearance--and show some of my NV Nick Verreos and NIKOLAKI dresses at the FIDM San Francisco campus for their "3 Days of Fashion". Since I spent most of my pre-high school and high school years in the Bay Area, it's always nice to come back to what was once my "home". My trip to SF is usually a quick over-nighter; I arrive the day before, attend my event the next day and fly back that same night.

 My plane that almost never left...LAX to SFO Virgin America

Now, speaking of flying, there were some MAJOR delays going to--and coming from--San Francisco. At first the excuse was SF weather but once I got to San Francisco and saw that the weather was GORGEOUS, I knew it was something else. As it turned out, San Francisco International Airport had shut down one of their runways and this therefore caused a bunch of delayed headaches for many a traveler (including yours truly). Both my flights to SF and coming back to LA were delayed by four hours. Needless to say, I almost spent more time at LAX and SFO combined than actual time IN SAN FRANCISCO...almost!

 Rainbow Colors Fab: San Francisco City Hall

But once I arrived, it was all good. It's "Pride Week" in SF and even the San Francisco City Hall was awash in Rainbow colors (see above photo!). Also, it was a wonderful "Good Morning and Welcome to San Francisco" to get up on the day of my event, turn on the TV and see that the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down DOMA and Prop 8. Needless to say, you could FEEL the excitement in SF on that momentous day! It was also momentous because, yes, it was THE day of my FIDM SF "3 Days of Fashion" event: Yeayyyy!

Here are Photos and Recap of my Day:

 Cable Car Nick: Nick Verreos in San Francisco

 The Ferry Building San Francisco

My appearance at FIDM SF "3 Days of Fashion" wasn't until around 4PM (I was to be there at 3PM) so after checking out of my hotel, I called my good friend whom I have known since childhood--Miguel Orantes--to join me in having lunch. I told him that I didn't care where and even a cheap diner would be fine for me. But not for my dear Miguel.

 The Slanted Door Restaurant San Francisco

He took me to one of the BEST restaurants in San Francisco--The Slanted Door--located in the Ferry Building. Usually, he says "you cannot get a reservation for dinner!" but since it was lunch, we would be good. And we were. The restaurant boasts "Vietnamese Home Cooking" and it was DELICIOUS! We had the Dunganess Crab with cellophane noodles, gingered beef noodles and caramelized wild gulf shrimp. It was BEYOND yummy, ALL of it. And I'm so happy that Miguel made this lunch decision. He then gave me a quick tour of The Ferry Building "Marketplace" and then we were off to FIDM SF...
Once I arrived and it was "Nick Time", I immediately wanted to photograph the HUGE group of attendees who were there at today's FIDM SF "3 Days of Fashion"--the group was so big--over 150 of them--that it took me THREE pics to get them all:

Say Cheese San Francisco! The FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 20143" attendees
HELLOOOOO!!!!! Nick Verreos arrives at FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"

 Presentation Hour--Nick Verreos, FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"

As part of my visit, I brought some of my NV Nick Verreos and NIKOLAKI dresses and they were modeled by model Rachael Sitz, who's one of my FAVE San Francisco runway and editorial divas--here are some pics from that part of my FIDM SF "3 Days of Fashion 2013" presentation:

Summer Chic: Model Rachael Sitz in NV Nick Verreos canary yellow chiffon belted dress with sunburst pleated front "fall" detail--
Go to for more NV Nick Verreos

Grand Entrance: Model Rachael Sitz in NIKOLAKI black silk organza "rosette" strapless high-low gown with jeweled embellished trim and side pockets--FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"

Meet-and-Greet Nick: After my presentation, we had a Meet-and-Greet where I took lots of photos (Hello Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!) as well as signed many a sketch notebook! There were so many students that the FIDM SF ladies set up two separate lines--it was all very well organized and I was happy to meet-and-greet everyone who was there.

Bag Girls: Winners of fab autographed FIDM tote bags-as well as the "Go Social" winner got to take many a pic with me--FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"

Nick Verreos with Madison Briese--FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"
Nick Verreos and a FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013" attendee

Nick Verreos with Celina Laguisma--FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"
Photo Courtesy of Celina Laguisma (and her Instagram)

Nick Verreos with Peggy Elizabeth Duncan--FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"
Photo Courtesy of Peggy Elizabeth Duncan (and her Instagram)

Nick Verreos with Riley Scanlan (and friends)--FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"
Photo Courtesy of Riley Scanlan (and her Instagram)

Miguel Knows His SF Restaurants: My lunch buddy--and childhood friend-for-life, Miguel Orantes---FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion 2013"

FIDM SF Empress: Nick Verreos with Trudy Noren, FIDM College Rep and Special Events 

Soon, it was time to catch my flight back to Los Angeles. And like I said, it was delayed, of course. My flight was supposed to leave at 9pm but the plane didn't take off until about midnight! But, at least I got to spend a lot of time looking at this very COLORFULLY lit SFO:

Bye San Francisco!!! Hope to be back soon!

***Up Next in "NICK APPEARANCES": FIDM Los Angeles 3 Days of Fashion 2013!!!

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