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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss USA 2013 Gowns Website Photos: My Favorites

Fab 101--Miss Michigan USA Jaclyn Schultz takes the "Best Gown" prize for me in this nude and green sequined applique gown

The Miss USA 2013 beauty pageant is happening as I type this blog. The Finals are one week away, on Sunday June 16th and being held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. As always, the Finals will be televised  LIVE on NBC.

Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether, Donald Trump and Miss Universe 2012,  Olivia Culpo at the crowning presentation of "Miss USA 2012", after Olivia Culpo (who was "Miss USA 2012") won the Miss Universe title last December

As you may know, I LOVE ME a Beauty pageant--and more importantly, beauty pageant gowns; this seems to be a popular subject, especially here on my NICKVERREOS.COM blog. The 51 contestants have been in Las Vegas for the past two weeks and recently, the Miss USA 2013 website photos were released, including the ever-important Evening Gown photos. So, naturally, it's time to review...First up, I want to discuss my favorites of the bunch...

Miss Michigan USA 2013 Jaclyn Schultz--LOVE this gown on Miss Michigan USA Jaclyn Schultz. She looks fact UBER SEXY. And notice: not ONE SLIT or too-deep plunging neckline. I think she is right on trend with the nude under-gown with applique. Everything about this is right--from the hair to the nude pumps. I also noticed that it reminded me of Miss Croatia Universe 2012's evening gown at last year's Miss Universe 2012 pageant:

 Miss Croatia Universe 2012 Elizabeta Burg--Her gown was one of my FAVES from last year's Miss Universe 2012

Miss Minnesota USA 2013 Danielle Hooper--I think this is quite a stunning gown; a two-piece strapless bustier with attached peplum and fitted-to-flare floor length skirt, all in lipstick red. The star is the attached oversized jeweled neckline

Miss South Dakota 2013 Jessica Albers--This royal blue colored gown shines on Jessica, especially against her "Jessica Rabbit" red hair. The sequined bust is a great detail as well as the perfectly gathered chiffon midriff . This is a very good gown.

Miss Texas USA 2013 Alexandria Nugent--First off: there's no HOOCHIE slit so I'm happy. The gown is a little old school with it's off-the-shoulder style, but it looks expensive and well done, and it works for the beautiful Alexandria.

Miss Louisiana USA 2013 Kristen Girault--This gown was designed by Venezuelan fashion designer Gionni Straccia. Kristen looks beautiful in this gown. LOVE the fit, silhouette and the gold and silver sequined details; a VERY GOOD GOWN. Felicitaciones Gionni!

Miss Mississippi USA 2013 Paromita Mitra--Miss Mississippi USA also wore a gown designed by Venezuela beauty pageant go-to pageant gown designer Gionni Straccia. It's very similar to Miss Louisiana USA's gown in that it is ivory and features gold and silver jeweled details/accents. I like the gown. I only wish Paromita's hair was just a bit less on "Pageant Steroid".

Miss North Carolina USA 2013 Ashley Mills--Ashley wore a white gown that was simple, "Pageant Right" and had all the details of a basic yet still quite stunning gown. The side slit is quite high and I will talk about the SLIT KRAZEE gowns in my next post, but this slit-gown gets my "Nick High Praise".

Miss Florida USA 2013 Michelle Aguirre--Here's another "Slit OK" gown, this time worn by Miss Florida USA. I like the simplicity and starkness of this black gown with long sleeves, v-neckline and center front slit. The black with gold buckle belt adds a 70's chic element to it; it's referential to the Halston era. For all these reasons, I like it.

Miss Washington USA 2013 Cassandra Searles--Cassandra wore this emerald green gown for her "Miss USA" website gown photo. The photo, pose and gown are all very regal. There's a lot of DRAMA and it works. I'm glad she chose to do simple when it came to her hair and makeup; otherwise, she would have been two minutes from a 1996 flashback. Well done Cassandra.

Miss Arizona USA 2013 Rachel Massie--I absolutely LOVE the back to this gown, worn by Rachel Massie "Miss Arizona USA". It's classic, elegant, and has a very perfect "see me from the back" silhouette.

Miss Maryland USA 2013 Kasey Staniszewski--Kasey's choice for her "Miss USA 2013" website evening gown portrait is a good one. I like the deep royal blue color and full gathered ball gown shape--with a slit no less! The high neck drop shoulder torso section made for a good balance, even if it was a HOT MINUTE from looking like a Figure Skating Costume.

Miss Pennsylvania USA 2013 Jessica Billings--First off, Jessica looks A LOT like Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Camille Grammer, don't you think? Or is it just me? Besides that, let's discuss this gown: I like it. It's simple, classic. The fit is perfect and the Mermaid silhouette is on-trend for the red carpet. likey the violet color.

***UP NEXT: The SLIT HOOCHIE GIRLS of Miss USA 2013 Evening Gown Website Photos

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Ypsilon Dresses said...

Cassies's our girl! We agree; she looks AMAZING in that gown.

kenneth r jackman said...

Can anyone tell me what kind of fabric was used to make Miss South Carolina's evening gown? I know it's sequined, but it's not a typical sequined fabric. I have found sequined material using small sequins, and a fabric that has a sequined sheen to it, but has no sequins. I'm just curious and would appreciate an answer.