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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World Spain 2013 Elena Ibarbia Jiménez: Winner, Gowns

 The New Miss Spain: Elena Ibarbia Jiménez (center) flanked by her first and second Runners-up Inés Baquera (Madrid, left) y Cristina Mesa (Málaga, right)

Several weeks ago--on June 29th, Spain had the first ever edition of Miss World Spain, which happened in Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife. Usually, the winner of the Miss Spain competition goes to Miss World and her First Runner-up goes to Miss Universe and sometimes the actual winner goes to both. But this year, a separate pageant to chose the Spanish beauty representative at the upcoming Miss World 2013 occurred...

 Bellisima: Elena Ibarbia Jiménez Miss Spain World 2013

The winner was Elena Ibarbia Jiménez18, 1.80 m (5' 11") tall, from Donostia, Basque Country; naturally, she represented the "Pais Vasco" (Basque Country) sash at the pageant. As the winner of this first ever pageant, Elena will now represent Spain in Miss World 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28th.

 Off-White Gown Beautiful: Elena Ibarbia Jiménez Miss Spain World 2013

 Elena Ibarbia Jiménez Miss World Spain 2013

As part of her prize, she got the FABULOUS George Wittels-designed crown (Wittels is the Venezuelan accessory and jewelry designer who is famous for designing the Miss Venezuela accessories, crown and a MASTER at what he does). The new Miss Spain World will also have the privilege of having a complete "Miss World 2013" wardrobe provided by Diseños Amarca, and a...

Euro Surgery: 3,000 Euro prize for "facial/medical treatments" as seen above (I'm guessing this is code for PLASTIC SURGERY--Not that this gorgeous 18 year-old needs it, but oh well, she's got a check for it).

The Gowns:
 Las Finalistas en Traje de Noche: Miss Spain World 2013 semi-finalists in their evening gowns

Evening Gown: Miss Pais Vasco (and future "Miss Spain World 2013") Elena Ibarbia Jiménez during the evening gown competition--she wore an off-white fitted gown with sequined and silver applique torso and boat-neck detail showing off her "swimmer's build"-like shoulders. The gown was very pretty and --what a shocker!--there was NO HOOCHIE slit (thank goodness!). It was Beauty Pageant Nice. If I had any critique, it would be her side-swept hairstyle; it was so "Mother-of-the-Bride" and aging. I would have let her hair down and made her look modern, fresh. But, obviously, it did not matter, she won!

Speaking of Fashion...Two days before the Finals, there was a "Desfile de Diseñadores"--a runway show featuring the Top Fashion Designers showing their designs at the Miss Spain World 2013 beauty pageant...Here are some photos from that: 

Couture España: Contestants for the Miss Spain World 2013 beauty pageant show off designs from Spain-based designers/brands in San Telmo Tenerife, Spain

(Left to right): Miss Castellon in a Higinio Mateu gown and Miss Granada in Dama Atelier gown--Miss Spain World 2013 competition

Pink Ladies: (Left to right): Miss Las Palmas in a one-shoulder Diseños Amarca blush-colored gown, and Miss Sevilla in a fuchsia-colored Manuel Odrizola gown with very high center front slit. I like the one on the left; Miss Sevilla looks two seconds form a "Ru Paul's Drag Race" episode.

 Applique Pageant Girls: (Left to right): Miss Valencia wore a black and white applique gown with puffy back overskirt from  Josefina Huerta; Miss Tenerife wore an aqua green applique gown from Diseños Amarca

Go On Mija: Miss Castilla La Mancha wore this sequined catsuit with blush-colored waist/overskirt--with feathered headdress--from Arnelio Cruz. This whole look was A LOT OF LOOK. But I still liked it. It was very "National parade of Fashion Costumes". I give Miss Castilla La Mancha and the designer, Arnelio Cruz, "Nick Points".

The Winner: The eventual Miss Spain World 2013 winner, "Miss Pais Vasco" Elena Ibarbia Jiménez wore these two designs from Atelier Nupcial. Not my favorites: the designs were very "Pageant/Prom" and not very Red Carpet/Runway Couture. Nevertheless, she still eventually won the whole thing.

Felicitaciones to the new Miss Spain World 2013 Elena Ibarbia Jiménez!! Good Luck at the Miss World 2013 in September!

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