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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe Kosovo 2013 Mirjeta Shala: Winner, Gowns

 STUNNING: The new "Miss Universe Kosovo 2013" Mirjeta Shala

On August 16th, about a week ago, a new "Miss Universe Kosovo" was crowned: she was 1. 83 m (6 feet) tall Mirjeta Shala. The "Miss Universe Kosovo" pageant officially began in 2008, when it was hosted was by Albanian-American fashion photographer Fadil Barisha--photographer of Miss Universe’s official photos. He is from Kosovo (at the time he was growing up, it was part of Serbia, Yugoslavia). 2008 was the first appearance in a "Miss Universe" pageant for "Miss Kosovo" following the country's declaration of independence on February of that year.

 Ivory Queens: Mirjeta Shala "Miss Universe Kosovo 2013" (third from left)

 Kosovo Beauties: Mirjeta Shala "Miss Universe Kosovo 2013" (far right)
 Where Is Kosovo? Check out the map above

 Mirjeta Shala "Miss Universe Kosovo 2013" (right, above)

 Mirjeta Shala "Miss Universe Kosovo 2013"

 Mirjeta Shala "Miss Universe Kosovo 2013"

Since Kosovo's first appearance at the "Miss Universe" pageant, it has done quite well and sent some incredibly beautiful representatives. Last year...

Miss Universe Kosovo 2012 Diana Avdiu: 5' 8 1/2" tall Diana ended up being one of the Top 16 Semi-Finalists and also winning "Miss Photogenic" at last year's "Miss Universe 2012". I also LOVED her evening gown; it was one of my favorites of the pageant.

Miss Kosovo Universe 2011 Afërdita Dreshaj: six foot tall Afërdita competed at the "Miss Universe 2011" pageant and finished as one of the Top 16 Semi Finalists. She was very pretty but I thought that canary yellow gown of hers was very "Disney Princess 1996".

Miss Kosovo Universe 2009 Marigona Dragusha: 5' 8" tall model Marigola was the winner of "Miss Universe Kosovo 2009". She made it to Second Runner-up at the "Miss Universe 2009" pageant. Her high bouffant hair-style and one-shoulder gown during the also made her a favorite with the pageant-loving gays (Hello! ?? How Could she Not!?). She eventually did a lot of modeling for the Official "Miss Universe" dress sponsor, Sherri Hill.

Miss Kosovo Universe 2008 Zana Krasniqi: Zana was the first ever "Miss Universe Kosovo" back in 2008. The 5' 7" model placed in the Top 10 at "Miss Universe" and made a big impression, especially because she looked A LOT like Angelina Jolie.

 Good Luck to Mirjela at this year's "Miss Universe 2013" pageant in Moscow Russia!

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