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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Venezuela World 2013 Karen Soto Lugo: Winner, Gowns

Miss Venezuela Mundo 2013: The new "Miss Venezuela World 2013" Karen Soto

This past Saturday, August 10, at the same time the "Miss Teen USA 2013" finals were happening in the Bahamas, another big beauty pageant was occurring in Caracas Venezuela: The "Miss Venezuela World 2013". The winner was dark haired, green-eyed beauty Karen Andrea Soto Lugo. She's 21 years old , stands 1.79 m (about 5' 10") tall, and hails from Maracaibo in the State of Zulia.

Crowning Moment: "Miss Venezuela World 2013" Karen Soto being crowned by "Miss Venezuela Mundo 2011" (and last year's "Miss World" Venezuelan representative) Gabriella Ferrari

Miss Venezuela Organization Director and "Beauty Czar" Osmel Sosa (top photo)and the "Miss Venezuela Mundo 2013" stage, VenevisiĆ³n Estudio 1 Caracas (bottom photo)

For years now, the "Miss Venezuela" pageant would send its winner to the "Miss Universe" pageant while the First Runner-Up would go on to the "Miss World". The latter would be given a separate sash, crown and be given the "Miss Venezuela Mundo (World)" title. That stopped last year when it was announced that a "Miss World" representative would not be crowned and a separate pageant would occur--at the supposed request of the Miss World Organization and it's President Julia Morley. And so the Miss Venezuela Director and "El Czar de la Belleza" (The Beauty Czar) Osmel Sousa put together an entirely separate pageant to crown it's "Miss Venezuela Mundo 2013".
Top Three: (Left to right) Second Runner-up Andrea Carolina Escobar Colombo, the new "Miss Venezuela World 2013" Karen Andrea Soto Lugo, and First Runner-up Yulibeth Jazmil Angarita Serrano

The final pageant had 12 contestants representing various Venezuelan States and/or Departments. The winner was crowned by the outgoing "Miss Venezuela Mundo 2011" Gabriella Ferrari. Venezuela has won SIX times in its 62 year history, more than any country. India comes in second. The last "Miss Venezuela" to win "Miss World" was only 2 years ago in 2011 with Ivian Sarcos.

Karen Soto "Miss World Top Model 2011" in Lebanon

Now, getting back to this year's winner: Karen is no stranger to the pageant world, she won the "Miss World Top Model 2011" competition in Lebanon (above photos) as well as competed in the "Miss Venezuela 2010" pageant representing "Costa Oriental" where she was a semi-finalist:

Karen Soto "Miss Costa Oriental 2010", Miss Venezuela 2010 Pageant

The Evening Gown portion of Saturday night's "Miss Venezuela World 2013" pageant interestingly enough featured all 12 contestants IN THE SAME GOWN. This is, of course, a departure from what has come to be a MAJOR HIGHLIGHT of the "regular" Miss Venezuela pageant--the fabulous couture-worthy evening gowns created by the top Venezuelan fashion designers and modeled by the contestants. Well, this didn't happen at the "Miss Venezuela World 2013". My guess is that they were under budget or time constraints possibly. Just my guess.

Pics of the (Same) Gowns:
Golden Gown: Karen Soto "Miss Zulia", "Miss Venezuela World 2013" Pageant, Evening Gown portion--Karen, and all the other contestants, wore identical golden yellow gowns with lace overlay, sheer illusion netting sleeves and applique detail top and sleeve cuff details. It was a bit "old school" and nearing on "Mother-of-the-Bride" for me. I was disappointed with this gown as the one that EVERY girl had to wear. But, when all the contestants were on stage in the gowns, they didn't look so bad:

Golden Gown Tableaux: "Miss Venezuela World 2013" contestants during the Evening Gown portion of the beauty contest: All in the SAME Gown

More Pics of the Winner:
Felicitaciones Karen and nd Good Luck next month at the "Miss World 2013" finals in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 28

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