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ICE STYLE.....2013 NHK Trophy: Men and Ice Dance!


Japan and Russia Costume Highlights: Male figure skater Daisuke Takahashi of Japan (left) and Ice Dance team of Elena KIlinykh and Nikita Katsalapov of Russia (right)

 Daisuke Fans: A scene at Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo Japan while Japan's Daisuke Takahashi is about to skate

Wrapping up my Costumes Recap for this past weekend's ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2013 NHK Trophy, in my last post HERE I talked about the LADIES and PAIRS so now, it's time for the MEN and ICE DANCE. Once again, I've discussed some of these skaters already in some previous posts for Skate America 2013, Skate Canada 2013 or Cup of China 2013--and some I have not. Oh, and there are more Costume Changes! Let's begin...

Daisuke Takahashi Japan, Short Program: Japan Figure Skating SUPERSTAR Daisuke Takahashi skated his SP to Sonatino for Violin by Mamoru Samuragochi in this very elegant yet dark costume. I really liked this look for him. It was all black and featured a tight fitting top with long sleeves and asymmetrical hem with leather-like panels and a crystal center front.

Free Skate: For his FS to Medley of Music by The Beatles, he wore this draped jersey cowl-neck top  with black stretch velvet pants. While I love the top and it's draping, I have to say that if I was a costume designer and I knew that I would be designing a costume to go with a "Beatles Medley", I am not sure I would have created this ethereal look. It screams "Nijinski" more than The Beatles. But when you see the skate and hear that the Beatles medley was done in classical music style, it does kind of work. Kind of.

Javier Fernandez Spain, Short Program: Javier debuted his Season 2013-2014 skate at NHK Trophy 2013-This above was the costume he wore to his SP to "Satan Takes a Holiday". I wanted to know a little bit more about the music (to get a sense of where this costume came from) and I found out that it was written by bandleader Larry Clinton in 1937, and Wikipedia says that it was "originally used as background music for 'magic acts and midnight spook shows' ". Interesting. Just like his costume. The ensemble featured a striped pant and "shirt" look with an elongated vest/jacket (I think) that hugged over, buttocks, in black with back panels of oversized houndstooth. Oh, and for some reason there were also accents of red and yellow (for Spain perhaps?). It was all a bit "kooky" for me. To be honest, I thought it was fun and at least, visually exciting. I just felt the top "vest" section was a bit too long. The proportions seemed a bit off and the houndstooth on his back was distracting.  Now, speaking of a bit "kooky"...Take a look at what he wore for his Exhibition skate:

Let's Get Physical: Spanish male figure skater in his "Gala Exhibition" skate entitled "Aerobic Class" (of course!) at NHK Trophy 2013. I rarely discuss these Exhibition costumes, but after seeing these pics, how could I not??!!! He looks like a character from a Pedro Almodóvar movie and I am LIVING for it!

Now, back to the actual competition costumes:
 Jeremy Abbott Free Skate Costume at NHK Trophy 2013 this past weekend

Jeremy Abbott FS Costume at Skate Canada 2013 two weeks ago

Jeremy Abbott USA, Free Skate: Jeremy skated his FS to "Exogenesis Symphony Part III (Redemption)" by Muse--the same music he skated to during the 2011-2012 Season. Now, I remembered that in my Skate Canada 2013 post, I discussed his costume but I realized "wait, he changed!". The look he wore at NHK Trophy in Japan this past weekend was different from what he wore at Skate Canada 2013 two weeks ago. Both costumes were designed by Elise Fife. I'm not sure which one I like best. I am on the fence. I do like the ease and fluidity of the new top and he finally wore a bit of color! Which one do you guys like best?

Nobunari Oda in his Free Skate costume--NHK Trohpy 2013 this past weekend

 Nobunari Oda Free Skate Costume at Skate Canada 2013 two weeks ago

Another Costume Change: Japanese male figure skater Nobunari Oda changed his costume as well for his Free Skate to "William Tell Overture" by Giacochino Rossini. The new look has a much more detailed yellow blouse/shirt and brown velvet vest. I have to say that this new costume is so "Disney Prince" Costume from a Halloween shop. And he has such a juvenile look already, this only makes him look more like a kid working at an amusement park. I think I liked the first one better. But what do you guys think? NHK or Skate Canada?

Sergei Voronov Russia, Short Program: Voronov skated his SP to "Two Guitars". I thought this was a good look for Sergei; clean, vibrant with the black and white and I really appreciated the designs/print in the jacket--are those peacocks? fish? abstract paisleys? Whatever it is, it is kind of a cool jacket--something I would see at Men's Paris Fashion Week.

Ice Dance
Elena KIlinykh and Nikita Katsalapov of Russia, Free Dance--Well I wonder what these two very good-looking Ice Dancers from Russia skated to for their Free Dance? If you answered "Swan Lake", yep, you are correct! (it's not so difficult). I thought these costumes were marvelous! She was "Classic Swan Lake" and he was "Punk Roller Disco Swan Lake". And they went together beautifully: modern, retro, classic, a little Fashion Runway. Oh and yes, it does kind of help that both of them are GORGEOUS!

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier Canada, Free Dance: For their Free Dance to Music from the Hitchcock soundtrack by Danny Elfman and "The Rainstorm" by Bernard Hermann, they wore these costumes. First of all: I really liked this Free Dance: it was original, creative and taking Ice Dance to a more adventuresome and directional level, I was intrigued and wanted to see what more they can do. In terms of their costumes: I liked! They were dark yet glitzy; interesting and went with the Hitchcock music.

Cathy Reed and Chris Reed Japan, Free Dance: I discussed these costumes which they wore for their Free Dance to "Shogun II Total War Soundtrack" already HERE in my Hilton HHonors Skate America 2013 post.

Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani USA Free Dance: I also talked about these great costumes the Shibutani's wore for their fun Free Dance to a Michael Jackson medley HERE in my Skate America 2013 post. I loved them!

Meryl Davis and Charlie White USA, Short Dance Costumes to My Fair Lady by Frederic Loewe--NHK Trophy 2013

Meryl Davis and Charlie White USA, Free Dance Costumes to "Scheherazade" by Nikoli Rimsky-Korsakov--NHK Trophy 2013

I talked about both these SD and FD costumes HERE in my Skate America 2013 blog post--I LOVED both and thought they were exquisite. I especially like the pink bodice of Meryl's SD dress; it looks like a woven satin boned and corseted bodice of a ball gown. The fit is DIVINE. Speaking of DIVINE: their Free Dance is TIMELESS, incredible,'s ALL THAT! Now, if I have one secret wish, I would SHAKE with Style Glee...if Charlie slicked back his hair for the Short Dance for the Sochi Olympics. Literally, I would SHAKE!!!! That would really do it for me! (I'm crossing my fingers!).

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