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ICE STYLE.....2013 Lexus Cup of China: Men and Ice Dance!

Top Three Cup of China: Silver medalist Maxim Kovtun of Russia (left), gold medalist Han Yan of China (center) and bronze medalist Takahiko Kozuka of Japan (right)--Lexus Cup of China ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2013 at Beijing Capital Gymnasium Beijing, China

Continuing with my Lexus Cup of China 2013 Costumes Recap, in my last post I discussed the LADIES and PAIRS costume highlights and now, it's time to "wrap it up" with the Men and Ice Dance--First up, THE MEN:

Peter Liebers Germany, Short Program: For his Short program to "Clocks" by Coldpay, performed by 2Cellos featuring Lang Lang, Peter wore this interesting costume featuring a top with what looks like mechanisms of a clock in a colorful silver and blue pattern. The total look was graphic, sleek and a bit modern.

Richard Dornbush USA, Short Program: Richard wore this costume for his Short Program to "Sons of Italy" by Henry Mancini at Cup of China 2013 this past weekend. The ensemble consisted of a wine-red fitted "Period-like" jacket with gold buttons, a ruffled off-white shirt and black pants. he looked very "Shakespearean actor in Venice Italy". I liked the look, I just wished that the cropped  "jacket' was a bit longer; every time he jumped or basically did anything, it rode up and exposed the shirt, especially in the back, therefore breaking the line of the costume.

Free Skate: For his FS to a Beatles Medley, Richard wore a black shirt, black pants and silver belt. I'm usually not a big fan of the "non-Costume Costume" but it worked for this Beatles medley and I appreciated the skinny silver belt--as opposed to a tacky "Ross Dress For Less" one that you see a lot of male skaters opt for, unfortunately. Both costumes were designed by Shelley Dornbush.

Maxim Kovtun Russia, Short Program: Silver medalist Maxim Kovtun wore this costume for his Short Program to Flamenco by Pepe Romero. It followed the Spanish theme in its black with red trim detail. The stretch velvet costume was very fitted and had "hints" of a Toreador jacket in its silhouette which seemed to be a complete all-in-one jumpsuit that didn't break his very lean physique.

Free Skate: Speaking of lean physique, I LOVED his second all-in-one jumpsuit costume that he wore for his FS to "Piano Concerto No. 1" by Tchaikovsky. The ensemble featured very skinny and lean tuxedo stripe pants, a built-in waistcoat (vest) and a tuxedo-like dress shirt. This was an exquisite way to look "formal" and correct for the music--he looked like a concert pianist who had just finished his concerto and now it was time for the "After Party". And more importantly, again, it did not break the line of his ultra lean physique.

Florent Amodio France, Short Program: Florent skated his Season 2013-2014 Short Program to "La Cumparsita," arranged by Sebastien Damiani and Faf Larage in the costume above. It featured black pants, a black cummerbund, black gloves and a sheer black top with silver crystal detail. It also had a very PLUNGING neckline. I thought it was a good look for Florent but I just wished the sleeves were a little more fitted, especially under the arm.

Takahito Kozuka Japan Free Skate: I discussed his SP costume HERE but for his FS to "Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 28" by Camille Saint-Saens he wore this look above. The costume had black pants (of course!) and a gray/silver blouson-style shirt with a waist tie. he had barely begun his Free Skate and his shirt was covered in SWEAT! At first, I thought it was a "printed" effect on the shirt. But nope, it was nasty sweat. The sweat was from his warm-up skate beforehand. For this he is excused of course. However, I think it might be time to use a different fabric or at least a darker color. ASAP.

Ice Dance:
Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev Russia, Short Dance: Bobrova and Soloviev wore some of my favorite Ice Dance costumes so far this season for both their Short and Free Dance. For their SD to "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" by Jule Styne, "I Will Wait For You" by Michel Legrand and "Swing, Swing, Swing My Baby", they stuck to the theme of the music--she was very Marilyn Monroe and he looked like a 50s Hollywood actor. I loved the bright strawberry red color of her dress and its feathered and sequin detail.

Free Dance:  For their FD to Music from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and "Lacrimosa" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, they wore these spectacular bird-like costumes. If you can't tell by now, I LOVED THEM! They looked like Paris Runway Ravens ready to take off into an amazing ornithological pas des deux. They thought about everything--from her chic runway-like hairstyle to the unusual "feathered wings" that were attached through her arms and back (and how it continued onto his costume). These were simply outstanding!

Alexandra Aldridge and Daniel Eaton USA, Free Dance: For their FD to Bollywood dance medley, the US ice dance team of Aldridge and Eaton wore these great costumes here. I really liked how Daniel wore the traditional Sherwani coat and looked fabulous in it--and still moved quite easily with it! Alexandra's red and silver sequined ensemble taking Sari-like elements and transforming them perfectly for this Ice Dance. The details were great--such as the henna in her hands. If there was one little itty-bitty "Nick Wish", it would be more jewelry on Alexandra--as long as it doesn't interfere with the performance of course. The costume designers of these fab looks, by the way, are Tatiana Noll, Lynn Martin, Massimo Scali, Luanne Williams.

Pernelle Carron and Lloyd Jones France, Free Dance: In case it isn't obvious enough from the photo above, Carron and Jones of France skated to Music from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. I've said this already but it is soooo interesante that all these skaters are choosing Russian-composed music for their Olympic Season skates. Coincidence? I think not. In terms of their costumes, they obviously went with the traditional "Swan Lake" ballet theme but "modernized" it a bit, tweeking her costume into a more stiffened "Runway" look reminiscent of something one would see from Marchesa. I appreciated that directionality, but I thought part of her peplum section was actually a bit too stiff (it jutted out in the back awkwardly) and I didn't like the black waistband--it looked like an afterthought. But I did like that his had petals throughout his top, suggesting a more "Sportif" yet modern representation of the famous ballet.

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat France, Free Dance: For their FD to "Caroussel" from Cirque du Soleil by Benoit Jutras, "Droit de Cite" by Raphael Beaun and Max Steiner, "Jeux Interdits" by Fernando Sor and "Le Petit Prince et ma Rose" by Maxime Rodriguez, they wore these costumes above. at first, I thought "Oh Dear!" but then as I got to see their skate, hear the music, know the story-line, I "got it". There is certainly a Cirque du Soleil aspect to these ensembles; they're two seconds away from Cray-Cray but I think it works. They're French and "costume-kooky", if any one can get away with it, they can.

Madison Chock and Evan Bates USA, Short Dance: US dance team of Chock and Bates skated their SD to "Hollywood" by Puppini Sisters, "There's No Business Like Show Business" by Irving Berlin in these great costumes. they were elegant, luxe and pretty fab! Evan looked so dapper and Madison--who is SOOOO GORGEOUS!--was glistening in this silver and gold fringed dress. Both their looks took me back to some wonderful 50s Hollywood Musical. I was "costume transported".

Free Dance: For their FD to Selections from Les Misérables by various artists, I want to discuss how AMAZING Evan looked! I absolutely loved how "put together" he looked--from his bishop-sleeved shirt, red wine velvet vest, blue cravat and pants were so Les Miserables perfect! Madison's pink dress was soft, pretty but yeah, for me, Evan was THE Costume Star here! By the way, both the Short and Free Dance costumes were designed by...Madison Chock. Very well done Madison!!

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