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SASHES AND TIARAS.....My Top 15 Semi-Finalists Predictions for Miss Universe 2013

Just one more day until we find out WHO will be crowned MISS UNIVERSE 2013 in Moscow Russia! The web and all the Missosologists (Pageant Aficionados), are all abuzz with the "Prediction Game", i.e. who will be the Top 15/Top 5/The Winner...So, naturally, I had to get in the game and announce MY TOP 16--Top 15 + the Internet Fan Vote. These are the contestants I think will make it to the Semi-Finalist round to then go for the Top Crown. I've also added some--as they say in Spanish--batacazos, which translates into "stroke of luck", meaning the girls that might make it into the Semi-Finals if my other picks do not. There are so many good contenders for Miss Universe 2013 that well, I had to add some "extras". It is probably a FOR SURE chance that the next Miss Universe is in this group below...All Photos courtesy of

So here are MY PREDICTIONS in alphabetical order (of country):

Miss China Jin Ye: Elegant, runway model-ready. LOVED her in the Preliminary Evening Gown. I also think it makes good "business sense" for the Miss Universe Organization (for future endeavors) to put "Miss China" in here--and Jin Ye is a gorgeous contestant to make the beauty-and-business cut.

Miss France Hinarani de Longeaux: Simply stunning. She could take the crown and I would not be surprised--this Tahitian beauty has it all; exotic, gorgeous, perfect figure, great in the Preliminary Evening Gown...a definite Top 3 for sure.

Miss Great Britain Amy Willerton: One of the strongest contestants from the British Isles in a LOOONG time! I wasn't a fan of her CRAY-CRAY Evening Gown but she'll still make the Top 16. She is movie star sexy and sooooo "Donald Trump Beauty"! If she doesn't get to the Top 5, she'll be hired by Trump Models the day after!

Miss Haiti Mondiana Pierre: I LOVED Mondiana during the preliminaries--both in Swimsuit and Evening Gown. Her face is FLAWLESS, chiseled, exotic and model perfect! She reminds me of Khadija Adam, the former "Miss Kenya" and "Miss World Continental Beauty of Africa" who became Yves Saint Laurent's muse back in the late 80s.

Miss Israel Yitish Aynaw: Yitish looks like "Miss Haiti's" almost-twin sister! Both might cancel each other out or only one of these two exotic beauties will make it in--who knows. I'd prefer BOTH! Yitish is the first woman of color (she's of Ethiopian descent) to win "Miss Israel" and one of the most impacting contestants this year.

Miss Italy Luna Voce: Luna is sexy-licious and one of the best "Miss Italy's" in a long time. Her choice of gown is a bit on the tacky/Vegas side but that won't matter. In addition, you can't ignore the fact that also, one of the big sponsors this year is an ITALIAN swimwear company--Yamamay--so, the jaded been-there/done-that pageant followers say that just that fact alone, will guarantee her a spot in the Top 16.

Miss Nicaragua Nastassja Bolivar: Nastassja won the US beauty competition "Nuestra Bella Latina" in 2011 and therefore this isn't her first time at the rodeo, as they say. She's sassy, has a strong stage presence and perfect for a career in TV and I feel she's one of the strongest Latinas of the contest this year. She also speaks English fluently (she was born in Miami).

Miss Poland Paulina Krupinska: I drank the "Paulina Kool-Aid" from the minute she opened the Tony Ward Couture fashion show a couple of weeks back as one of the first events the "Miss Universe 2013" contestants participated in. She walks the runway better than any of the other 85 contestants. She's also model tall, great figure, very beautiful. I just HATE her Evening Gown choice. But she'll still make it in and I predict, might make the Top 5 as well.

Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez: Monic is one of my favorites to win the crown. she is STUNNING and looks every part a "Miss Universe". Her gown choice during the Preliminaries was my Top Choice of Best Gown of the night, so right there she had me at "Hola!". This girl is a STAR.

Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova: Elmira is the Russia representative so right there, she has a MAJOR "sash factor" especially since the pageant is being held...where? IN RUSSIA! It is reported that Russia invested $16 million to host the pageant and well, they better get something out of it, and pageant followers say, by putting "Miss Russia" in the Top 16, the Miss Universe Organization is giving them a big "Thank You". That's not to say that she isn't pretty--she is--and wore a nice evening gown during the preliminaries.

Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez: I would not be surprised if Patricia wins "Miss Universe". She has it all; gorgeous, exotic, impacting, great model/TV face. It is interesting to me that she doesn't look "Spanish" but more Latin American/Caribbean. Maybe it's the olive skin coloring, her saucy sexiness...I don't know what it is but it screams San Juan and Caracas more than Madrid or Barcelona, if you know what I mean. I can see her dating--and then marrying--a very famous bullfighter and being on the cover of "Hola!" like TOMORROW! Ole!

Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht: I just LOVE Dominique for her fresh, modern look. She's so NOT a "Pageant Betty"--just take a look at her faux-hawk-like super-short hairstyle! She's so refreshing that for her unique look and the fact that she is super beautiful--and for wearing one of my favorite National Costumes--I have her here in my Top 15/16.

Miss Ukraine Olga Storozhenko: Olga is probably THE MOST STUNNING European contestant at "Miss Universe 2013"--she delivered perfectly in the Preliminary Swimsuit and Evening Gown and is a VERY STRONG contender to "win it all", as they say. Let's hope she has some personality and also shines during the interview, that's where some of the Eastern European girls fail. We'll see!

Miss USA Erin Brady: Erin is beautiful, perfect face for TV--I can see her as a host on E! or Entertainment Tonight-type shows. And yes, there's the "sash factor"; rarely does a "Miss USA" NOT make it into the Semi-Finals at "Miss Universe" since they are, for all intents and purposes, the same company. She should be in the Top 16.

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler: One word--WOW. "Miss Venezuela" always does well at "Miss Universe" (they've won SIX times!) but this year's representative, especially, is a STRONG ONE! Leave it to "Beauty Czar" Osmel Sousa to know how to pick 'em! This girl is stunning, intelligent and has model presence. She could win it all. Let's hope, the Miss Universe Wardrobe Department put a slit in the back of her Gionni Straccia gown so she can walk easier in it!

The Internet Fan Vote Goes To--Miss Philippines Ariella Arida: Ariella is beautiful, impacting and should be in the Top 16, whether as one of the Top 15 or by the Internet Fan Vote. whichever way, she should be in there! Two months ago "Miss Philippines" won the "Miss World" pageant so it would be INSANE and AMAZING if Ariella won "Miss Universe". That country would go CRAY-CRAY!

The Maybe's:
 (left to right) Brazil and Costa Rica

 (left to right) Dominican Republic and Ecuador

 (left to right) Bahamas and Austria

 (left to right) India and Jamaica

Good Luck to all the 86 Contestants at "Miss Universe 2013" and I'd love to read YOUR comments/thoughts on WHO YOU THINK will be in the Top 16/Top 5/The Winner? Let me know!

TO RECAP...Here's a fun SLIDE SHOW of my Top 16 for Miss Universe 2013:

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You didin't Like Panama?

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gurl you predicted all 15

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