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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Señorita Colombia/Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014 Paulina Vega

Señorita Colombia 2013 Paulina Vega Dieppa--"Miss Atlantico" will now represent "Miss Colombia" at next year's "Miss Universe 2014" beauty pageant

 Señorita Colombia 2013 Paulina Vega Dieppa

Crowning: Paulina Vega Dieppa "Miss Atalntico" (right) being crowned by "Miss Universe Colombia 2012" Carmen Lucia Aldana Roldán (left)

This month was a big pageant month being that the "Miss Universe 2013" pageant occurred earlier on November 9th. In all the excitement of the pageant and spending a lot of time writing fun blog postings about it; including the winner and the gowns...another beauty pageant that occurred just days afterward, escaped me: the "Señorita Colombia"/"Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014". A couple of weeks ago, the 79th(!) edition of this national beauty contest happened, in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias on November 11th. The winner was Paulina Vega Dieppa. Paulina represented the coastal state of Atlantico.

 Paulina Vega Dieppa--the new "Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014"

 Miss Atlantico Paulina Vega Dieppa--and new "Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014"--Opening dress (left), Swimsuit (right)

 Miss Atlantico (and new "Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014) Paulina Vega Dieppa

A native of Barranquilla--a Caribbean port city less than an hour’s drive from Cartagena--Vega won with 9.9 scoring performances on both the gown and swimsuit competitions.The new "Miss Universe Colombia" is 20 years old, and stands 1, 77 m (about 5' 10"). She will represent her country at next year's "Miss Universe 2014".

Top Two: "Miss Atlantico" reacts as her name is being announced as the new "Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014"--First Runner-up was Zuleika Kiara Suárez Torrenegra, who represented San Andres and Providencia. The 1, 80 m (5' 11") beauty will represent Colombia in "Miss International 2014".

The Gowns:
 Top Five: (left to right) "Miss San Andres and Providencia" Zuleika Kiara Suárez Torrenegra, "Miss Valle" Tania Valencia Cuero,"Miss Antioquia" Carolina Crovo Sierra "Miss Risaralda" María Alejandra López Pérez, "Miss Atlantico" Paulina Vega Dieppa

WINNER: "Miss Atlantico" Paulina Vega Dieppa--the eventual winner got the highest gown competition score of 9.9 wearing this Alfredo Barraza-designed gown. The gown was a nude-backed column dress featuring jeweled sequins in a diagonal pattern, a plunging neckline and shoulder "hanging" arm accent. It was THE PERFECT GOWN! It fit Paulina beautifully, showed off her figure and the styling--including side-swept hair and only earrings as accessories were on-point. I would have also give her a 9.9.

FIRST RUNNER-UP: "Miss San Andres and Providencia" Zuleika Kiara Suárez Torrenegra-- Zuleika wore a golden fitted sheer gown featuring gold and silver sequin applique. The look was finished off with a very "Cleopatra"-like neckpiece. It was a dramatic look but I admit there were too many things going on in this total gown look and it wasn't one of my favorites; mainly that neckpiece had NOTHING to do with the gown--at least in my eyes. The judges scored her in 3rd place in terms of Evening Gown, shows you what I know! I also was not a fan of  her hairstyle: I feel it could have been a little more "Diva"-like--maybe a high bun like...

 "Miss Universe 2011" Leila Lopes

Other Gowns:
Miss Arauca Paola Ruiz Quiroga--Paola wore a baby blue iridescent gown with sequined torso section. She looked quite pretty but the gown was nothing spectacular; we've seen this before, many, many times. It was nothing "Beauty Pageant Gown" earth-shaking was nice and safe. Her gown was designed by Diego Fernando Marin.

Miss Bogota Jennifer Uscategui--Oh Jennifer!! What were you thinking?? This gown--designed by Rafael Paez--is is a HOT MESS! This emerald green organza and sequined gown with gathered hip detail was straight out of a beauty pageant from 1995. And the dated hairstyle did not help. Oh, and then there were those shoes! Definitely an "Ayyy Mija!".

Miss Bolivar Geraldine Alvarez Hernandez--Wow!! Big Bird called and it wants it's big ol' taffeta gown...from 1987! This dress is just SOOOO MUCHEEEY that well, I was not surprised when I saw that she got one of the lowest gown scores of the night, an 8.4 (which by the way, I think was very generous).

Miss Quindio Daniella Jhoana Calderón Novoa--Miss Quindio was one of the semi-finalists of the pageant and she scored a 9.2 from the judges with this gown. The gown was a skin-and-golden colored tulle/netting backed dress with gold sequin applique. The dress was designed by Alfredo Barraza and compared to some of the others, this was a good gown. Personally, I would have wished that her legs weren't exposed and were covered with the elaborate golden applique. This would have made the gown a little more "tasteful". And on a styling note, she did not need those big ol' earrings.

Miss Tolima Sandra Paola Arias Muñoz--Miss Tolima received the lowest gown score of the night with this pink strapless dress. And I can see why: I have seen this dress hanging on a plastic mannequin in Downtown LA "Fashion District". Been There/Done That. And that hair and those earrings...are we in 1992? Ayyyy Mija!!!

Miss Choco Yesuli Londoño Mosquera--One word: GURL!!!! I have to give "Miss Choco" points for being so daring as to wear this ivory fringed and sequined Alfredo Barraza-designed gown that looked as if it was attacked by a trim store. On the other hand...she looked as if she was attacked by a trim store!

Felicitaciones to the new Señorita Colombia/Miss Universe Colombia 2013-2014! And thank goodness she wore a fabulous gown! 

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I can see that barazza is not consistent at all in his designs. She got very good( like the winner), and got very bad ones..