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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World Megan Young, Miss Universe Gabriela Isler Judge Miss Russia 2014

Russian Beauty: Miss Russia 2014 Yulia Alipova

Miss Russia 2014 Pageant: Introduction of the 50 contestants

23-year old Yulia Alipova, from Balakovo (Saratov Oblast), was crowned “Miss Russia 2014″ during the annual finals held at the Crocus National Exhibition Hall in Moscow on March 1st. This was the same location of last year's "Miss Universe 2013" pageant.

Gorgeous Beauties: (l to R) Miss World 2013 Megan Young "Miss World 2013", Yulia Alipova "Miss Russia 20-14", and Gabriela Isler "Miss Universe 2013"--Miss Russia 2014 Pageant Finals

(L to R): Gabriela Isler "Miss Universe 2013", Elmira Abdrazakova "Miss Russia 2013", Megan Young "Miss World 2013" (background--the new "Miss Russia 2014 Yulia Alipova)--Miss Russia 2014 Pageant Finals

She was crowned by reigning titleholders Megan Young "Miss World 2013", Gabriela Isler "Miss Universe 2013" and Elmira Abdrazakova "Miss Russia 2013". The new "Miss Russia 2014" stands 1.79 m in height (5' 10"), is 23 years old, and won a cash prize of USD 100,000, as well as a brand new Hyundai Solaris. She will represent Russia in both the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, provided they don’t conflict with each other. The 1st and 2nd runner-ups were Anastasia Reshetova (Moscow) and Anastasia Kostenko (Rostov region). If Alipova is unable to attend any of the two international competitions, one of the runner-ups will travel in her place.

(L to R) Megan Young "Miss World 2013", Yulia Alipova "Miss Russia 2014" and Gabriela Isler "Miss Universe 2013"--Miss Russia 2014 Pageant Finals

Caped Universe: "Miss Universe 2013" Maria Gabriela Isler, from Venezuela wore an off-white cape with sequined neck detail and black gown underneath. She looked elegant and very "Doctor Zhivago"-esque.

Figure Skating Gown: Megan Young "Miss World 2013" wore a white gown featuring intricate panels, lattice work and sequined detail s well as nude illusion. It was very "Figure Skating Couture"....and I liked it!

Top Beauties: Megan Young "'Miss World 2013" and Gabriela Isler "Miss Universe 2013" judging the "'Miss Russia 2014" Finals

Top Ten Gowns: There were lots of "Princess Gowns" at the finals of "Miss Russia 2014". Lots of pastels and semi-QuinceaƱera dresses. The dresses looked a bit unpolished and two seconds from tacky-licious for my taste. There was a lot of polyester-looking taffeta, chiffon and cheap sequined work. I expected more, especially from "Miss Russia", knowing the amount of money that goes into such an event. Most of the dresses were not long enough and in terms of creative design, were lackluster. This should be a showcase of the next greatest Russian Designer's style. And it was not.

Winner's Gown: The eventual winner and newly-crowned "Miss Russia 2014" (center, above photo) wore a powder pink strapless mermaid-shaped gown in duchesse satin. It was pretty but not extraordinary. And that necklace was not necessary. Too mucheey, as I like to say. Yulia, however is a very pretty contender if her "handlers" can just tone down the too-heavy eye makeup and severe center-part hairstyle. And  yes, get her some serious COUTURE...and then she'll be a good contender for the "Miss World" and "'Miss Universe" crowns.

Congratulations Yulia!

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Ranzilla Magdalagbukog said...

LOL meagan outshined them all. :)

Lisa Olga said...


As a regular reader of this blog I just have to ask... Why the hell are you giving ANY press to Russia? Between their persecution of Gays and their Sudetenland-esque takeover of the Krym; they just don't deserve your support and press.