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WHO WORE WHAT?.....The 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards Red Carpet: The Bueno and Ayyy Mija!

 Los Best Dressed: Model/Actress/Beauty Queen Cynthia Olavarria and Telenovela actor Mauricio Henao--2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards Bank United Center Coral Gables, Florida

Tonight were the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards or Premios Billboard. They were televised on Telemundo and held at the Bank United Center in Coral Gables Florida, very near Miami. The show gives out awards to the top chart and radio airplay of Latino-based music. Now, to the more important matter at hand: the FASHION! Usually, at these Latino awards shows, there's a lot of mini skirted platform-heeled messes. And thank you Dios...there wasn't much of that here. There were some Bueno but yes, there were some slit-up-to-here "Pageant Betty" no-no's as well and some HOMBRES that needed much styling help...Let's get to it.
First, the Bueno:

Cynthia Olavarria: Cynthia is just GA-GA-GORGEOUS! No surprise that she almost became Miss Universe back in 2005 (she was First Runner-Up). She's since become a top model and actress and TV host. She looked AMAZING in this strapless printed hi-lo gown. The gown was superb. And her pulled-back hair, makeup and simple accessories (only the drop earrings),  tells me she knows EXACTLY what she is doing--or at least her "Glam Team" does. Muy Bueno!

Priscila Perales: Another pageant girl, Priscila Perales, tops my list of Best Dressed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards Red Carpet. Perales was "Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2005" (Miss Mexico for Miss Universe) and subsequently in 2007 became "Miss International". To the Billboard Latin Music Awards show red carpet, she wore a black and silver tulle-and-sequin strapless gown. It was elegant and I liked that she left her hair non-bouffant. This modernized the look.

Rosalyn Sanchez: Lifetime Network's "Devious Maids" actress Rosalyn Sanchez wore an ivory gown with cowl side sleeves and cut-out arm detail. The entire look is very complimentary to her figure and really makes you focus on her hourglass shape. I liked that she also kept it simple with her hair, makeup and accessories.

Lena Burke: This beauty was dressed by.....Oscar Garcia-Lopez!!! Yes, our very favorite and winning designer of Project Runway: Under The Gunn. When I saw Oscar in NY recently he told me he is incredibly busy, and this is one of the projects he was clearly hard at work on. Lena looks gorgeous in this strapless black with silver beaded wrap dress with high slit. And, of course, the fit is impeccable!

Natalia Jimenez: Spanish singer of "La 5a Estacion" looked fabulosa in this black high neck column gown with sharp shoulder/arm detail. I also loved the silver "Wonder Woman" cuffs and metallic clutch. To finish the look off, she was smart to stick to the high bun hairstyle she's known for.

Paloma Marquez: Mexican telenovela actress and TV presenter Paloma Marquez chose a fan-pleated chiffon coral/pink blouson gown for tonight's red carpet. I thought she looked quite nice. The gown was simple and elegant and her styling (hair, etc.) worked with the entire look.

Monique Abbadie: Former child actress/star/singer and "The Voice: Season 4" contestant Monique Abbadie wore a red lace gown with "plunging" center front neckline (it was covered with illusion) and drop shoulder detail. I liked this gown and liked that she wore red to (almost) match her hair. Again, it was wise to keep it simple in terms of accessories and jewelry.

Vanessa Villela: Mexican singer and actress Vanessa Villela wore a very nice black strapless gown with structured sequined front detail. The gown was great and I liked her dark smoky eye. The only thing I wasn't a fan of is the copper/antique-like earrings; those did not make any sense. Also, her hairstyle could have been a little more modern.

Sofia Lachapelle: Telemundo journalist Sofia Lachepelle wore a baby blue satin strapless gown with peplum detail. This was an elegant way to show up on the Billboard Latin Music Awards red carpet. The dress fit her well and her center-front parted hairstyle was modern and chic.

Gala Montes: Thirteen-year old Mexican actress Gala Montes looked SUPER cute in this strapless silver sequined and lilac dress. Everything about it was right--from her hair, to earrings to peep-toe heels...super! I would like my niece to look like this at a red carpet event. Yes, totally!

Mauricio Henao: Oh Huney! Colombian-American telenovela actor Maurico looked like what I would want my date to look like if I ever was asked to attend the Billboard Latin Music Awards: Impeccable. Sleek. The printed tuxedo fit really well, his slicked hair gave a "hint" of "Hollywood Old-School Glamour"...Ten Points!

Sergio Mur: Spanish actor Sergio Mur looked liked the manager of a Zara store. And that's just right with me! The suit fit him well, he looked sexy-business. Very handsome.

Prince Royce: Singer-songwriter prince Royce opted for a very skinny black and silver-gray lapel suit and silver skinny tie. I think this was just right for him and especially for his teeny-weeny body type (Latino Twinky!). Muy cute.

Couple Good: Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Alexis and Fido (left) and Venezuelan pop duo Chino y Nacho (right)--For the "Red Carpet Duo" category, these two did OK. I like the colors in Alexis' blue suit and Nacho's red one. I also appreciate Chino's brocade flower-printed jacket; so much so, I want it!

The "Ayyy Mija's!!!":
Kimberly Dos Ramos: Venezuelan actress, entertainer, model, singer Kimberly Dos Ramos, wore a black one shoulder gown that from one side looked good. And then, she turned and it was like "Oh No She Didn't!": there was a nude/illusion black applique mini inset on a side slit panel; it was CHONCHEE and messy. "No" is "No" in English and Spanish.

Lace NO: Colombian-born fitness model Andrea Calle (left) and Venezuelan telenovela actress Sonya Smith (right)--On the left, Andrea's coral lace strapless gown is OK, but so bought-from-a-store looking and just a note to all the ladies with big faux bobbies: Strapless Is Not Your Friend. Sonya, on the other hand, looks fine but this sequined lace applique gown just ages her and is a bit on the "Figure Skating Costume" end.

Laura Pausini: Italian pop singer-songwriter Laura Pausini wore this black crepe gown with structured front panel featuring blue and black caviar beaded sequins.  It's a bit of a mess. I just don't understand how someone of Laura's stature (and bank account) cannot just order and buy a Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture gown and wear it. She should.

Melissa "Crash" Barrera: Radio and TV personality Melissa "Crash" Barrera did not do herself any favors on the red carpet with this look. The gown was wrinkled. The cheap interfacing on the bodice was puckering (Ouch!!) and the "Cleopatra" necklace was not necessary. Oh and then there's the hair: No comment. She's way too pretty to look this messy.

Penelope Menchanca: TV host, singer and actress Penelope Menchanca wore this bubblegum pink strapless gown. This would have been OK in my "Red Carpet" book, if it were not for the fact that the twisted petal detail is RIGHT ON HER BREAST! Who. Does. That??? How did she not realize that it was there and that it would look A) Tacky; and B) Awkward.

Leslie Grace: Singer-songwriter Leslie Grace looked very pretty. I get what she was going for: the midriff-exposing trend of crop tops and ball gowns. But...(I think it was the slit, the trampy heels, and overall look, that got to me.) On a good note: her hair and makeup look FAB!

James Tahhan: Venezuelan chef and TV personality, James Tahhan, wore a very shiny plum colored suit that fit oddly. I actually like the color, the problem here for me is the Oh-So-1992 slicked backed hair and too-long pant legs. He may be cute and all, but style-wise, it's a 2 out of Ten.

Juan Plaza: "Miami Vice" Called and they wanted their wardrobe back. Ayyy Dios Mio!

Sean Paul: Oh Sean Paul. Seriously. Why? The hair. The glasses, The yellow teeth. Those sneakers. Not cool. Why?

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debrarae said...

Nick you were spot on about the best dressed from the Latin Music Awards Red Carpet.

And I also have to say I'm thrilled that Oscar proved Tim wrong yet again, when he said that Oscar's designs were too couture well as too mature.