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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Peru Universe 2014, Winner Jimena Espinosa, Evening Gowns

 South American Beauty: Jimena Espinosa, Miss Peru Universe 2014

Last month, a new Peruvian Beauty Queen was crowned: Jimena Rumini Espinosa Vecco, 24, became the new "Miss Peru Universe" at the Parque de la Amistad in Lima Peru. The gorgeous light brown/dark blond haired beauty is 1.83 (6 feet tall)! and is a model. Jimena represented "Region Lima" (Lima region, the capital city). She also is no stranger to pageants: Jimena competed at the "World Miss University 2008" beauty pageant in South Korea. 
 Jimena Queen: Jimena Espinoza "Miss Peru Universe 2014"

As the new Miss Peru Universe Jimena gets the chance to represent her country at this year's Miss Universe pageant. No one knows where or when that will be. Last year's pageant was in Russia. I have a feeling that won't happen this year kids. 

 Peruvian Model: Jimena Espinosa, Miss Peru Universe 2014

Pageant Mini-Dresses: Contestants for Miss Peru Universe 2014 during a Final presentation to press with the outgoing Miss Peru Universe 2013--the eventual winner Jimena Espinosa who was Miss Region Lima is fourth from left in the photo.

 Swimsuit Beauties:
 Jimena Espinosa "Miss Region Lima" and future "Miss Peru Universe" during the Swimsuit Presentation--Miss Peru Universe 2014 Pageant

Elizabeth Marquez, "Miss Ica"-- Miss Peru Universe 2014 Swimsuit Presentation

The Evening Gowns:
 Over-accessorized and HUGE Earrings: Contestants for the "Miss Peru Universe 2014" beauty pageant during the Evening Gown Competition

 Finalist Gowns: Contestants for the "Miss Peru Universe 2014" Beauty Pageant

 Creme Sequined: Jimena Espinoza "Miss Region Lima" and her creme colored strapless gown--Miss Peru Universe 2014 beauty pageant

The eventual winner--Jimena Espinoza--who represented "Region Lima" wore a strapless creme colored lace-and-sequined applique gown...

Mother of The Bride Hair: The gown fit her fine and looked good. I just thought those over-the-top too long exaggerated earrings were "Too Mucheey". And that up-do was very "Mother-of-the-Bride"; she didn't look fresh or modern at all. But Jimena won for her imposing stature and can't miss presence and beauty. 
Third Runner-Up Elizabeth Marquez "Miss Ica": Elizabeth wore a white strapless sequined lace applique "Mermaid" shape gown with multi-tiers of ruffles. The gown fit her very well and was very "Pageant Betty". I am not a fan of a girl with rather big "sisters" wearing a strapless gown and as you can see from this doesn't look too good. But, I commend Elizabeth for the ivory color to stand out against her skin and overall styling.

Second Runner-Up "Miss Huanuco" Sofia del Pinho: Sofia wore a strapless red satin gown in a "Mermaid lite" shape. The dress was very "store bought" looking and the necklace, earrings and highlighted frost-and-tip hairstyle...reminded me of a girl going to a prom. In 1998.

Top 12 Semi-Finalist "Miss Pasco" Ducelia Echevarria: Ducelia wore this turquoise blue gown featuring a sheer netting/illusion torso panel, solid colored bust cups, sequins sparkled throughout and there was a detailed skirt hem.This was definitely TOO MUCH of a 1990's Pageant Throw-Back. It was also very "Figure Skating Costume". Ducelia is very pretty and she could have been more modern,/directional and red carpet fab with her gown choice; just sayin'.

First Runner-Up Ximena Montenegro "Miss Lambayeque": Ximena wore a silver sequined and feathered gown. This gown was very "Show-stopping" in terms of style and silhouette.  It was two seconds away from being a costume out of Cirque du Soleil. I still give her--and the fashion designer--points. The only thing that bothers me are those too-stacked pumps; those heels are both distracting and so not necessary.

Congrats and Felicitaciones to Jimena--the newly crowned "Miss Peru Universe".  Good Luck at "Miss Universe 2014".

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