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FIDM.....FIDM OC August 2014 Open House Appearance RECAP

 Hello FIDM OC: Nick Verreos, FIDM OC Campus August 2014 Open House

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to sunny and gorgeous Orange County and making a "Special Appearance" at FIDM OC--located in Irvine California-- for their End-of-Summer August 2014 Open House. I always love visiting the OC and particular the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM OC Campus since everyone there is always SO sweet, welcoming and it gives me a PERFECT excuse to wear one of my favorite colors: PINK; since the predominant color on the loft-like campus is pink.

Lecture Boy: Nick Verreos during his Appearance at FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

FIDM Open House is a chance for high school students (and post-graduates as well) who are thinking about a career in Fashion, Graphic Design, Visual Display, Merchandise Product Development, Film & TV Costume Design, and so on--to check out the FIDM OC campus, get to know the facilities, meet Alumni, Instructors...and, as was the case this weekend...get some Hot Dogs and refreshments too:

 Sodas--donated from Jarritos--and fresh Hot Dogs: FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

My Special Appearance:
Nick Verreos August 2014 Open House "Special Appearance"
Audience Shots: The fun and fab audience at my "Special Appearance", FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

Before I began talking about "How I Got To Where I Got"/"Nick Advice"/"What I Learned From FIDM"  Lecture, I announced 3 Winners who were in attendance and received special prizes including FIDM t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags--just for filling out the FIDM OC Open House Questionnaire:

 Winning Gals--FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

 Lecturin'--Nick Verreos during his "Special Appeareance" at FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

Post Appearance Meet-and-Greet:
 Waiting Line: Patient attendees waiting for pics--FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

Here is a Sampling of the Meet-and-Greet Pics I took afterward:
 Post Appearance Meet-and-Greet Pics--Nick Verreos and FIDM OC August 2014 Open House Attendees

 Meet-and-Greet Signing: Nick Verreos --FIDM OC August 2014 Open House

 Nick Verreos and the J.D. Luxe Fashion gals--FIDM OC August 2014 Open House--Outside of the FIDM OC Campus was the fabulous J.D. Luxe Fashion truck--L.A.s Premiere Mobile Boutique--selling great fashion and accessories--one of its founders is an FIDM OC Alumni--Jordana Fortaleza--I love me some J.D. Luxe Fashion!

Thanks FIDM OC for another fabulous Open House and a HUGE Thank You for everyone who attended my "Special Appearance" !!! XOXO

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