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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015: CHANEL

 Finale Walk "demonstrations"--Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2015 just ended and I'll put up some posts here to showcase some of my favorites from Paris--as well as Milan Fashion Week (Hello Moschino Barbies!)--To begin, here's CHANEL Spring/Summer 2015...

Boulevard Chanel--Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Themes: Feminism, "Fashion" Demonstrations, "Feminist" fashion styles, pants, menswear-inspired...I thought it was also a subtle Homage to Yves Saint Laurent and his impact on womenswear in putting women in pants, transparency, etc.

Trends: Culottes, Pant suitings; cropped jackets; prints; capelet coats; 80's "Peasant" Blouses revisited for 2015; Le Saharien; sweater dressing; shorts; metallics.

Colors: Many. Fuchsia; bubblegum pink; bright yellow; white; gray; khaki; silver.


 Karl Lagerfeld--Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Click Below for Full Runway Video of CHANEL Spring/Summer 2015:

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