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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Earth 2014: The Winner, The Gowns, National Costumes

Earth's Beauty: Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell of the Philippines

The 14th edition of "Miss Earth" was held on Saturday in the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. 85 contestants from all over the world competed and the winner was "Miss Earth Philippines" 20 year-old Jamie Herrell... 

Sash and Tiara: Newly crowned "Miss Earth 2014" Jamie Herrell getting her new sash and crown from last year's "Miss Earth 2013" Alyz Henrich from Venezuela--Miss Earth 2014 Coronation Night, Quezon City, Philippines
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Jamie Herrell, the new "Miss Earth 2014"

"Miss Earth Philippines 2014" Jamie Herrell during the Swimsuit Competition--Miss Earth 2014 Coronation Night, Quezon City, Philippines
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Here are some "101's" of the Miss Earth pageant (in case you're out of the "Miss Earth" loop): *The "Miss Earth" motto is "Beauties for a Cause" and its homebase is the Philippines. 
*It is Organized by Carousel Productions. 
*The Miss Earth pageant promotes environmental awareness and is considered one of the Grand Slam Four international pageants--which also includes Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International.
*The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote specific projects and often address issues concerning the environment and other global issues

And The Winner Is: Photos of the moment when Jamie was announced as "Miss Earth 2014"--Miss Earth 2014 Coronation Night, Quezon City, Philippines
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The 20 year-old, 5' 7" (1.70 M) tall Filipina beauty was born in California, but raised in Placer in the province of Masbate, Philippines. Jamie is an Acting student at the International Academy of Film and Television at the University of San Jose-Recoletos in Cebu City Philippines. According to the Miss Philippines Earth website, she is also an advocate of animal rights cruelty. She was a big favorite to win the crown--especially in her home country.

Water, Air and Fire: Besides the top "Miss Earth" crown, her court of finalists also got their own titles--(L-R) "Miss Earth Water" Maira Alexandra Rodriguez of Venezuela; "Miss Earth 2014" Jamie Herrell of the Philippines; "Miss Earth Air" Andrea Neu of USA, and "Miss Earth Fire" Anastasia Trusova of Russia--Miss Earth 2014 Coronation Night, Quezon City, Philippines

The Pageant: This year's Finals was produced quite well--and done very professionally and on the same par of a "Miss Universe" or "Miss World". This is the first time I had watched "Miss Earth" and as an avid beauty pageant fan, I was quite impressed. I watched the pageant via a LiveStream (you can see the entire pageant HERE).

Asia's Best Costumes: the top three Best Costumes from Asia for "Miss Earth 2014 National Costumes" (L to R) Bronze (3rd Place) Miss India, Gold (1st Place) Miss Indonesia and 2nd Place Miss Philippines

Now, let's get to the fun stuff: the Costumes and the EVENING GOWNS! First up the always fun National Costumes highlights. The "Miss Earth 2014" national costume presentation occurred earlier in the week on Tuesday at the Green Sun Hotel and not during Saturday night's Coronation night but I wanted to include photos of some of my favorites--
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Miss Earth Philippines Jamie Herrell

Miss Earth Curacao Akisha Albert

Miss Earth Dominican Republic Mayte Brito

Miss Earth Egypt Nancy Magdy

Miss Earth Ghana Nana Ama Odame-Okyere

Miss Earth Mongolia Tugsuu Idersaikhan

Miss Earth Panama Maria Gallimore

And the "Extra Baggage Fees for Packing a National Costume" award goes to...Miss Earth India Alankrita Sahai

And now, let's talk EVENING GOWNS--The Top 16 Semi-Finalists--beginning with...
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The eventual winner, Miss Earth Philippines Jamie Herrell: Jamie wore a red sequined gown accented with nude illusion side torso panels, back and sleeves. This was a very impacting gown for Jamie, especially the deep cherry red color which looked strong against her skin and hair color.
My gown score: 9.4

Miss Earth Venezuela Maira Alexandra Rodriguez: First, a little Pageant Dish--Maira Alexandra was just crowned "Miss Earth Venezuela" in last month's "Miss Venezuela 2014" pageant. She was actually not the one who was supposed to represent Venezuela in this year's "Miss Earth" but it was supposed to be her predecessor...

Stephanie de Zozi (seen above at the "Miss Venezuela 2013" pageant--she was crowned "Miss Earth Venezuela 2013" but hadn't competed in the "Miss Earth" as of yet. But Miss Venezuela's Pageant Cazar, Osmel Sousa, decided not to send her because she was deemed "too fat" so...Maira got to go--with only 3 weeks notice!

Now, let's discuss Maira's white gown at the "Miss Earth 2014" pageant: It was one of my favorites of the 16 Semi-Finalists. Her one shoulder ivory silk crepe and tulle gown was from designer Julio Mora. I liked the gown and especially the crystals strategically strewn throughout the gown's neckline, sleeve, and side. This was the same gown she competed in at last month's "Miss Venezuela". If there was any critique it was the matching sequined platform pumps. I would rather have loved to see silver strappy heels with no platform. 
My gown score: 9.5

Miss Earth USA Andrea Neu: I thought Andrea looked like a Goddess in this white gathered chiffon gown with fitted silver sequined midriff and side front slit. This gown really showcased her figure well and made for an impacting look.
My gown score: 9.4

Miss Earth Spain Zaira Bas: Sexy, hot...the Spanish Lady in Red. I liked this gown choice of red chiffon with gathered front held up by a red sequin applique detail. The front was covered yet the back was completely open.
My gown score: 9.3

Miss Earth Slovak Republic Daria Fabrici: Daria wore a beautiful sequined black gown that had expensive-looking bugle bead bodice detail and sequined chiffon skirt. If there was any critique, it's that when she did some side poses, there was some side-boob spillage which took her Classy factor down a couple of notches.
My gown score: 9.2

Miss Earth Russia Anastasia Trusova: I loved the deep lilac color of this gown, the side cowl draping and the applique bodice. The style was unique and almost Russian Tzarina-like. What I didn't like where those Stripper Platform Pumps: A big No-No.
My gown score: 9.0

Miss Earth Egypt Nancy Magdy: Nancy wore this red sequined gown for the Finals of Saturday night's "Miss Earth 2014". It was a nice looking gown and the bead work looked expensive. On stage, it was a teeny-bit too tight on her, especially around the hips. But overall, a nice choice for "Miss Earth Egypt", who surprised everyone as one of the Top 16, or at least, it surprised me!
My gown score: 8.9

Miss Earth Colombia Alejandra Villafane: This gown was an interesting choice for Alejandra. The dress featured a sheer lace-and-sequined tulle layer with a nude bodysuit underneath. At first I thought that I may not like this but I ended up becoming a fan. It was sexy but not vulgar.
My gown score: 8.9

Miss Earth Brazil Leticia Silva: Leticia's gown was a bit too "Pageant Store" typical for me; it lacked uniqueness and that special "something" to make it seem as this was a one-of-a-kind made-for-her gown. The inner flared mini was also a bit odd peeking out from the longer overskirt. 
My gown score: 8.7

Miss Earth Korea Sumin Shin: Very sexy gown choice for "Miss Earth Korea". This strapless white lace applique gown with nude tulle showed her great figure but at one point when she lifted the gown to get down the stairs, I was scared she was going to show TOO MUCHEEY (notice where the applique stops and tulle begins near her you-know-what).
My gown score: 8.7 

Miss Earth Mongolia Tugsuu Idersaikhan: I liked this gown for its beautiful blue color and beading. The color was gorgeous on Tugsuu. But the shape did NOTHING for her. For some reason, the bodice lacked waist definition and well, made her look THICK (which she is not).
My gown score: 8.7

Miss Earth Mexico Yareli Carillo: Yes kids, another red gown (a very popular choice at "Miss Earth 2014"). While this one shoulder fitted gown with back overskirt certainly had a strong DRAMA factor on stage, it was A LOT and the red satin fabrication looked cheap and polyester-y. And then, if the gown wasn't enough, she added a crystal choker plus a matching bracelet. Ayyy No Mija!
My gown score: 8.4

Miss Earth Thailand Sasi Sintawee: Wow. "Oh No She Didn't" Wow. Sasi really went for it in this creation. And when I say she went for it, IT was A LOT. There's the red color, the sequined gown plus the chiffon back piece plus the nude illusion bodice panel, the side front slit the earrings and then, if that wasn't enough, there were "Devil"-like horns on her biceps. I admit, it's a bit Gown Cray-Cray but...I still liked it just for the total unabashed chutzpah it took to wear this and for the probable fact that EVERY Drag Queen in Thailand was applauding her for it. But yeah, it's still a HOT MESS.
My gown score: 8.4

Miss Earth Zambia Cartier Zagorski: GURL!!!! Someone must have been watching the most recent MOSCHINO Spring 2015 "Barbie" Collection one too many times on YouTube. Bubblegum pink, one shoulder, mermaid-shape with plastic and silver lame tiered skirts. Oh and then there's a back poly chiffon "cape" PLUS Indian-style forehead beading. I think it's quite FAB for a Barbie 50th Anniversary gala but for the evening gown competition of an international beauty pageant...a bit TOO MUCHEEY.
My gown score: 8.2 

Miss Earth Tahiti Hereata Ellard: Hareata wore this white gown with silver mirror-like accents. On a good note: she's so pretty. Now, about the gown: It was a bit Roman Toga-esque in its style which also had a back attached cape and (if you can see), an under skirt with that aforementioned mirrored trim and asymmetrical hem (??). This could have been a fabulous gown--in the hands of a really good fashion designer. But here, it looks a bit "Happy Hands at Home". Oh, and yeah, it was too short and the fabric looked like cheap satin from a Downtown L.A. fabric store.
My gown score: 7.9

Miss Earth Scotland Romy McCahill: Speaking of cheap fabric (Sorry Miss Earth Scotland), what is happening here with Romy's gown?? The dress was all things A MESS; the too-high sweetheart neckline, the illusion Figure Skating Costume torso detail, and then...the ripply seams, the badly fitted sides and worst of all, the WRINKLED poly satin! Did her backstage dressers take a break from steaming? Pobrecita, as we say in Spanish. She's such a pretty girl but wow, this was a major Gown No-No.
My gown score: 6.0
Congratulations Jamie Herrell Miss Earth 2014!!

*UPDATED: This blog post was updated on December 1, 2014 to reflect the helpful comments below regarding the misidentification of "Miss Earth Korea" and networks which aired the final telecast and where it was aired.

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kentxhenry said...

just a correction sir. Mehwar tv didnt broadcast miss earth and not only 6 nations broadcasted Miss earth. Star world alone reaches a lot of countries from Asia Pacific and Middle east. TFC is worldwide and the Mexican channel broadcasts all over the Americas.

John Paul M. Aclao said...

Another correction is the one named Miss Earth Japan. She is actually Miss Earth Korea.