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ICE STYLE.....Cup of China 2015 Grand Prix: Ice Dance, Pairs, Men and Ladies

Cup of China Costumes--Ladies, Men, Ice Dance...Costume Highlights of the Cup of China 2015 Grand Prix of Figure Skating

Catching up on my Figure Skating Costumes Recaps, now, it time to discuss some of the costumes seen at last week's Cup of China 2015 Grand Prix of Figure Skating. In case you want to read my Costumes Thoughts on Skate Canada International, you can click HERE.

Cup of China is the third of six international events in the 2015-2015 Grand Prix, a senior-level invitational competition series. This weekend was the 4th Grand Prix event taking place in Bordeaux France--Trophee Eric Bompard, but unfortunately, it was cancelled halfway through the competition after the horrifying Paris attacks.
So, here are some Costumes Highlights from last week's Cup of China 2015 including Ice Dance, Men, Pairs and Ladies costumes:

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte Italy: Cappellini and Lanotte skated their Free Dance to La Dolce Vita (soundtrack) by Nino Rota in the costumes above. I loved Anna's black dress with silver crystal detailing. The heavy-to-light ombre-like effect of the crystals was short of magical and I also liked the "strapless cocktail dress" design effect. And in regards to Luca, I'm not usually a fan of the unfinished tuxedo look--unless it is done to make the skater look UBER SEXY HOT--but I still liked Luca's undone tuxedo shirt and pants ensemble. And the look of the blouson sleeve gives the basic shirt a bit of drama.

Madison Chock and Evan Bates USA: American's Chock and Bates skated their Short Dance to Foxtrot: More by Andrea Bocelli and Waltz: Unchained Melody by Il Divo in these looks above. I thought that Madison--as always--looked beautiful and so feminine in this ultramarine blue dress. I liked the intricate gathering and draping at the torso and how the multicolored sequins were used in strategic locations. I also liked the contrast color of the underskirt. Evan's tuxedo with tails was sharp and I appreciated how his pocket hankie was the same color as Madison's dress. And I REALLY appreciated him slicking his hair back and at least giving the impression of being a little more "formal" and fancy.


Yu Xiaoju and Jin Yang China: Yu and Jin skated their Free Skate to Humility and Love (from "Creation" soundtrack). I LOVED these costumes. They are one of my Top Faves from this season. I love the varying shades of blue--on her and him. Her neckline beading is exquisite but here, I think the Costume Star is Jin Hang. His draped jersey cowl neck top is sublimely fluid, and I love the shoulder sequins details. Very well done for both!


Javier Fernandez Spain: Super Cutie Javier Fernandez skated his Short Program to Malaguena performed by Paco de Lucia and Placido Domingo...and I liked it! I though he looked sexy (Hola!!), sharp and very much like a Fab Toreador! The almost blood-red color of his satin blouse was strong and impacting and his velvet and sequin satin shawl collared vest was MUY BUENO!

For Javier's Free Skate to Guys and Dolls performed by Frank Sinatra--I thought this was another good costume for Javier. It was perfect for his music, went well with the theme and it looked great on him. We know he LOVES wearing this retro pleated high-waisted pants (remember his Charlie Chaplin look from several seasons ago?) so I'm sure he was happy to embrace this look again for his current free skate.

Jin Boyang China: Cup of China 2015 silver medalist Jin Boyang skated his Free Skate to Dragon Racing by John Powell in this costume above. In case you're wondering where the music is from, it's from "How To Train Your Dragon 2" computer animated film. I don't know why but I wasn't a fan of his costume. I think I just wished it looked more like the main character in the movie, as opposed to a sci-fi Samurai (which is what he looked like!).

Michael Christian Martinez Philippines: Michael Christian skated his Free Skate Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev. I LOVED the intricate details of the costume, especially the top. It's smart--design-wise to keep a lot of interest at the top and with all that gold and sequin applique in the velvet tunic-top, he sure did...

Now, in case you're wondering, he also skated to the same music for his SHORT program at last year's 2014 Sochi Olympics. And he wore the costume in photo above for this skate. It's a variation on his current one and it was donated to him by Tania Bass, a well-known figure skating costume designer, who saw his Facebook plea for proper Olympic attire. I wonder if this season's "Romeo and Juliet" costume was also a Tania Bass donation?


Ji Zijun China: Ji Zijun skated her Short program to Clair de Lune and La Polka de Paris by Patrick Doyle. I've always been a fan of her costumes. They are always refined, expensive-looking and very Couture. This was no exception. I loved the heavy-to-light sequin details, the asymmetrical neckline and blue color variations. This was GORGEOUS!

Rika Hongo Japan: Rika skated her Short program to Incantation from Cirque du SoleilShe certainly got the Cirque du Soleil aspect of this costume nailed. It was colorful and interesting and she looked like she could have stepped off the stage of a Las Vegas Show and gone directly on to the ice.

Mao Asada Japan: Cup of China 2015 gold medalist Mao Asada wore this mini kimono/geisha costume for her Free Skate to Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini. I liked this for the most part. The ombre-like shading of the delicate lilac color, the obi-like cummerbund at the waist...there were details I appreciated. It just seemed to lacking Costume DRAMA, which I expect especially with such a dramatic musical backdrop. And the proportion of the sleeves are a bit overwhelming. I would at the very least, shorten the sleeves by a few inches. But overall, she looked beautiful.

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Phoenixringer22 said...

Hi Nick-
I've been a big fan of your figure skating blogs for many years - they're always a highlight as a figure skating fan to get your two cents on the costumes :)

Just one little suggestion/clarification you may want to post in regards to Rika Hongo and Cup of China. The photo that you've posted - that costume is correct for her short program. This season's short program is to "Incantation" from Cirque du Soliei. Her Long Program is to "Riverdance" from Bill Whelan. (

And in case you are curious - here's a photo link to the Riverdance long program costume from September 2015:

Cup of China Riverdance Long Program November 2015:

Unfortunately I can't seem to find a good screencap link for Cup of China Costume for you other than a link to her performance. But I think that the change in costume from September to now may be an homage to the original dress from Riverdance in 1994 (

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Nick Verreos said...

Thanks for the update and GREAT information! Glad you enjoy my Figure Skating posts!

Phoenixringer22 said...

You are very welcome :) Glad that I could help. I love reading the blog primarily because of the skating posts but also love Pageants/Award season posts as well. -All the best!