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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Earth 2015 Finals: EVENING GOWN Recap

Gowns & Tiaras: Miss Earth 2015 Finals, Vienna Austria

December is quickly becoming "International Beauty Pageant Month"--Last Friday was the Finals of Miss Supranational 2015 with over 80 contestants competing for the crown and Miss Paraguay eventually winning. December 19th is the date of the Miss World 2015 Finals occurring in Sanya People's Republic of China, and on the next night, December 20th, the Miss Universe Pageant will take place in Las Vegas. And on top of it all, in this blog, I will be talking about the Miss Earth 2015 Finals which happened this past Saturday in Vienna Austria...

Contestants at the Miss Earth 2015 Finals, Vienna Austria
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The Miss Earth Beauty Pageant--organized by Carousel Productions and based in Manila Philippines--is considered part of the top "Grand Slam" International Beauty Pageants (the Most Important ones in the eyes of fans, pageant followers, TV and web viewership, publicity, how many contestants compete, etc.) and stands out as not just about beauty, but it also, according to Wikipedia "promotes environmental awareness". The reigning titleholder uses her year promoting specific projects that deal with the environment and earth-related well as looks FAB-u-LOUS and beautiful!

This year's winner was...

Two for Two: Miss Earth Philippines 2015 Angelia Ong is crowned Miss Earth 2015 by the previous titleholder, also from the Philippines, Jamie Herrell. This was the first time in the 15-year history of the pageant that the same country won back-to-back.

Angelia is 25 years old, stands 1. 72 m (5' 7 1/2") tall and hails from Iloilo City, Philippines. She is Filipina-Chinese.

Now, time to discuss THE EVENING GOWNS!!!
Vienna Miss Earth Gown Ball: The stage and contestants during the Miss Earth 2015 Finals Evening Gown Competition, Vienna Austria

I want to discuss the Top 16 Semifinalists and their Gowns--starting with the eventual winner, Miss Earth Philippines...
Philippines Angelia Ong: Angelia wore an off-the-shoulder gold-hued gown featuring a heavily beaded and flower appliqued top/torso with a fit-and-flare gown silhouette. She looked elegant and sleek (like her hair!). At one point, however, I was a bit scared that there might be a "Wardrobe Malfunction" when it seemed like there was a peek-a-boo of her...ummm...nipple. It might just be a shadow but seriously, look at the photos above and let me know your thoughts.

Australia Dayanna Grageda: Dayanna got the "Miss Earth--Air" title on Saturday's finals. She also wore a gold sequined gown. It was backed with nude illusion. I have to be honest here but I felt she looked a bit old. Her makeup and hair were a bit too "Pageant Severe" and aged her. But obviously, the judges didn't care. Also, I was a bit perplexed by her gown, especially the top section at the bust (what is with the busts??!!). I just think those sequined scrolls right over the breasts were a big NO-NO. Imagine this on an actress at a big awards show red carpet; she would get SLAMMED by the "Red Carpet Fashion Police". And with good reason.

USA Brittany Payne: Brittany won the "Miss Earth--Water" title. I loved her lilac sequined lace and tulle gown. It was elegant, chic and well-made. Her clean makeup and no-fuss "messy" updo also was fresh and modern.

Brazil Thiessa Sickert: Thiessa (love her name!) won the "Miss Earth--Fire" title. She wore this strapless sequined applique gown with a side front slit. The lace and sequined embroidery looks expensive but I just think we have "been there/done that"; it's predictable and not Gown Exciting. I could have seen this same style in a pageant in 2002. That's not good. On a nice note: she looked flawless from the neck up--I loved her hair and makeup.

Austria Sophie Totzauer: I liked this 1920's-inspired "batwing" blouson ivory sequined gown on Sophie. It was Retro yet modern and not at all "Pageant"-like (like Miss Brazil's). I just had two issues: What's going on with her black bra showing in her cleavage? And WOWSA: those earrings are HUUUUGE!!!!

Chile Natividad Leiva: Natividad wore a strapless ivory mermaid-shaped gown with silver sequins and lace applique. the gown fit her very nicely but it was a tad too "Prom-a-licious". At least, she didn't do the Prom Pageant Betty Up-do. Gracias a Dios!

Venezuela Andrea Rosales: Andrea wore a silver sequined and tulle gown also featuring a mermaid shape. The top portion was STUNNING. But it was the bottom part--the heavy "smooshed" tulle that looked a bit odd. On a good note, her hair and makeup were on-point...kind-of; it was a little "too mucheey" but it still worked for me.

Czech Republic Karolina Manisova: Oh Karolina, not sure where I begin with this. She wore a bright pink ball gown that had big multicolored flower appliques on it.  One word: tacky.

France Alyssa Wurtz: Alyssa looked gorgeous and red carpet-ready in this sleek strapless sequin and tulle red column gown. The fit was nice, the style was chic, and her hair and (lack of) accessories were just right. Vive la France. 

Guam Skye Celine Baker: Skye wore this Art Deco-inspired gold and black sequined gown with a batteau neckline and open back. This was impacting and quite nice for her. I also liked her side-swept hair and great makeup. Good job Guam!

Hungary Dorina Lepp: Dorina wore this mermaid shaped green and gold jacquard gown. It had a high neckline, long sleeves and an open back. While I appreciated the fabrication, I almost felt she looked too covered up.

Mauritius Katia Moochooram: Katia tried to "bring it" with this one shoulder draped gown with chiffon layers and sequined panels. The original design got my attention but I just don't think she was strong enough of a pageant contender to really bring this dramatic style of gown to life.

Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel: Speaking of DRAMA...Miss Earth Mongolia did bring it. Even though I wasn't a fan of this gown (a little too Pageant Prom-a-Licious, too much going on--pearl sequins, silver jeweled crystals, poly satin, tulle, nude illusion, mermaid shape...Good Lord!), Bayartsetseg really did BRING IT! From the minute she stepped onto the stage, she was all DIVA.

Scotland Amy Meisak: Amy wore this red tulle and applique lace mermaid shaped gown at the Miss Earth 2015 Finals. It's very "Lady in Red". But that's not what I want to discuss. I want to talk about WHAT are those white satin straps hanging from her armpit/armhole?? Is that her bra? Is that the Hang Tape? Whatever it is, it was distracting and a big wardrobe No-No. Fire the backstage dressers! Now.

Ukraine Viktoria Orel: Viktoria also wore a red gown. Hers, however was not a mermaid shape but more of a fitted torso and full skirt shape. I liked the unusual butterfly-like applique on her top and the gathered draping on the front of the skirt/gown was nice. I would have just done without those earrings. Otherwise, nice job!

Congratulations to "Miss Earth 2015" Angelia Ong (second from right) and her court of beauties!

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