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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress": Part Two

Can You Guess Which The Good and Which are The Cray-Cray?--Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress" event--Miss World 2015 Sanya China
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In my last post HERE, I discussed the announcement of the Top Ten (according to the Miss World Organization) Designer Dresses in the Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress" event. I was skeptical and slightly questionable of the choices so...I decided--after looking at all the designs--to give MY Top Choices that should have been there. Because it is the "Miss World" pageant and this is the "World Fashion Designer Dress" event, there's always a bit of Cray-Cray and Oh Dear! creations. So, in addition to my choices for good, I've also added some of the Cray-Cray. Let's get started:

The Good:
Honduras Gabriela Salazar: I thought this was one of the best gowns from the "World Fashion Designer Dress" event/competition. I loved the fit and the length was just right (no sight of platform heels! Yeayyy!). I also liked the sequined red criss-cross details layered over the black colored gown base. The design was impacting and gave a slight nod to the red color in China being such an important color in that nation--which is hosting this year's Miss World.

China PR Yuan Lu: Speaking of China, the host nation's representative, Yuan Lu, wore this wonderful navy blue with green sequin detail strapless mermaid style gown. I loved the draped petal-like flourish in the front and the dress was dramatic in a great red carpet way.

Venezuela Anyela Galante: Anyela wore this violet blue knit gown featuring long sleeves, a raised mock-neck and thousands of glittering sequins. The design was simple and arguably, not so directional or Haute Couture-like exciting but I loved the heavy-to-light effect of the sequins, reminding me of a midnight sky with falling stars. I also liked her slicked back hairstyling.

Philippines Hillarie Parungao: Hillarie's gown choice (just like Venezuela's) may not have been so "exciting' in terms of design but I thought it was beautiful. The pink fit-to-flare style featured silver sequined applique leaf-like scrolls as well as straight-line crystals on the diagonal throughout the body of the dress. Feminine, delicate, and very, very pretty.

South Sudan Ajaa Monchol: Ajaa looked like an actress on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet in this black chiffon with sequin applique gown. The style was elegant, had enough interest with the detail and made the over six foot tall beauty look almost regal.

Malta Katrina Pavia: I loved Katrina's one shoulder gown. How this didn't make the actual Miss World Organization's/Judge's Top ten is beyond me. It reminded me of a glorious Indian sari as well as an updated version of something we would have seen Elizabeth Taylor wear to a gala or awards show in the 60's or early 70's. The sequined embroidery looked well done.

Guam Aria Perez Thiesen: One word--WOW! One normally wouldn't expect a representative from Guam (sorry Guam!) to 'bring it" in terms of a quality gown, but they did this year! The sequined emerald dress was definitely an entrance-maker. The jeweled bead work in the front torso was very impacting as well. If I had any complaint, it would be in the over-the-top styling: the Pageant Bouffant, the Too-Mucheeey accessories/jewelry...all that was so unnecessary, especially when the gown is so "Jeweled" already. Loosen the hair, ditch the earrings...and you are good to go!

Australia Tess Alexander: Tess' gown was definitely a stand-out amongst the 100+ contestants. It was one of the only true "ball gowns" and I thought it was both fun and glorious. The fit was great, it didn't look like a top of a wedding cake and I liked how her hair was relaxed, modern and young. She looked like a young aristocrat at the Paris Crillon Debutante Ball.

Honorable Mentions for Good:
Nicaragua Stefania Aleman: I liked this "different" style worn by Miss World Nicaragua. The blue coloration was impacting and elegant but what really got my attention was the fabulous guipure lace hi-lo "cape/coat".
Zambia Michelo Malambo: I was impressed by this gown worn by Miss World Zambia. The regal purple color looked amazing against her skin color and the design--albeit a tad "Pageant Betty" was still well done--I liked the folded front peplum with lace overlay as well as jeweled front torso details.

Fab Hat Gal:
Lesotho Relebohile Kobile: Three words--Go On Girl! I loved this entire look. She literally is giving "Lesotho Flag Couture"! Love it.

Panama Diana Jaen: I gotta give Miss World Panama points for Design Chutzpah! She decided to go all out Asiana Queen with what she wore for the "World Fashion Designer Dress" event/competition, paying homage to China, the nation where Miss World 2015 is being held. Normally, I might have put this under the "Cray-Cray" but A) wait until you really see THE CRAY-CRAY (below) and B) this was well-done and styled from head to toe; she looked like the Queen of a Macau Casino. And I loved that!

The Cray-Cray------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Croatia Maja Spahija: Where do I begin with the design cray-cray. Maybe the pointed front bustier/torso "rabbit ears" might be a good start. I can only imagine this design in front of the "Project Runway" judges and we know Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum would have a FIELD DAY! And if the kooky pointed front wasn't enough, look closely, there's a candy colored tulled underskirt. Cray-cray for sure. On a good note, I do appreciate all the pattern and technical work that probably went into creating all those torso paneled sections.

Lace 90's Cray-Cray:
Aruba Nicole Van Tellingen: Will someone please tell Nicole--and whoever designed this--that it's not 1994 but 2015. The gold lace mini dress with the acid orange/red tulle overskirt reminds me of a cheap knock-off of a late 80's/early 90's Christian Lacroix creation. Maybe she was trying to be "Designer Retro"...who knows.
Netherlands Margot Hanekamp: On a good note--Margot looks like she would be fun at a cocktail party! On a not-so-good note--this dress is a big ol' tacky mess. The gold lace, the "Dynasty"-like shoulder, the too short front, her hair style, THAT one TOO-BIG earring...Who told her this was a stylish look? Poor thang.

Polyester Madness:
British Virgin Islands Sasha Wintz: Looking at this gown hurts my eyes. There's so much polyester here in the cheap satin and cheap lace that I am afraid if someone with a lighter gets too close to her, she might catch on fire! On the design front, the horizontal ruching and lace-and-diamante top and the diamante trim on the dress...PLUS...the mermaid shape...this is just beyond tacky-licious.
Germany Albijona Muharremaj: When I look at this dress, all I can think of is an episode from "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". There are so many things wrong with this: the cheap $2.99 a yard red stretch sequin fabric, the nude illusion with red sequin detail at the torso and then the poly chiffon back panels. She looks like the hostess in a very off-the-strip Vegas strip club.

Bridal Sale:
Namibia Steffi Van Wyk: This looks like a wedding dress one would find at a 70% end-of-the-year sale at David's Bridal. What was Steffi thinking? And that necklace??? Ayyyy Dios Mio!
Slovakia Lujza Strakova: Another bridal-like design that somehow was forced upon a very pretty contestant. On a good note, I can almost see something like this in a Chanel Haute Couture runway show but then again, it would be made of very expensive, very luxe, very beautiful fabrications and would look and fit impeccably. But this doesn't. It's A LOT, and A LOT of mess. And somehow, she thought that wearing this wasn't enough of a "look" so she had to wear THOSE feathered earrings. Please don't.

Sheer Hoochie:
Cyprus Rafaela Charalampous: Oh Rafaela. What were you (and your designer) thinking? OK, let's get this out of the way: it's a black netting dress black hot shorts underneath. And this considered stylish? Where? I don't even think the tackiest of the Kardashian sisters would have worn this, even before they were multi gazillionaires. If this is an example of Cyprus Fashion, I may have to question their taste level.

Do Not Focus on THAT Part of the Body:
Mexico Yamelin Ramirez: While I do like the top section with its interesting laser-cut lace, it's that twisted rosette detail that is quite HUGE and placed right in front of her you-know-what, that makes me put this design under the "Cray-Cray" section. I can't believe nobody looked at the placement of that skirt drape and thought it might look a bit awkward! This is a mess of a design.

Queen of Cray-Cray:
Sweden Natalia Fogelund: Just when you thought you'd seen a lot of Cray-Cray, in walked Miss World Sweden. Just take a look at this torn tulle black and white mess. It's like she went through a hurricane or tornado...or maybe a paper shredder. Wow. And for that, she gets my Top Cray-Cray prize for World Fashion Designer Dress award.

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bostonvancouver said...

Hi Nick,

Here's a photo of the details of Philippines' gown. Gown was designed by Mak Tumang and photo was sourced from the internet.



bostonvancouver said...

forgot the pic.

Unknown said...

Good choices Nick. Btw Miss Guam is wearing Almodal ;-)