NICK APPEARANCES.....Living In Digital Times "2016 FashionWare" Fashion Show CES Las Vegas

 Fashion Tech: Nick Verreos Hosts the Living In Digital Times 2016 FashionWare Fashion Show, 2016 CES Las Vegas

Last week, I had the honor of hosting for the second consecutive year, the Living In Digital Times FashionWare Show at the largest electronics and technology trade show in the world: CES. CES is held in Las Vegas (naturally) and it brings together industry professionals with both small and major, companies showcasing the "latest and greatest" in electronics, technology, fitness, automobiles, name it, they are there!

 Arriving in Las Vegas for CES 2016

 Nick Verreos doing Press for the Living In Digital Times 2016 FashionWare Show, CES Las Vegas

Over 170,000 people attend CES and let me tell you, when I was there it seemed like a million! Picture 5th Avenue in Manhattan during Rush Hour; that's what it looked like inside the Sands Expo and Convention Center when I was there.

My 2016 CES Date: Nick Verreos with "Pepper" the Robot--2016 FashionWare Show CES Las Vegas

At this year's CES in Las Vegas, I hosted the fab FashionWare Show, which showcased the latest in Fashion-Meets-Tech; it's a high tech fashion show like no other. The fashion show combines both elements of Haute Couture with cutting-edge one-of-a-kind designs as well as utilitarian wearables that would be right at home in any sportswear store.

Here are some photo highlights from this year's 2016 FashionWare Show at CES Las Vegas:
Business Tech: Model Anton is wearing WTF jeans that feature a pocket that CLEANS your smart phone when you take it out (!); he's also showing the HP Executive Top Load briefcase/bag
2016 FashionWare Show CES Las Vegas

(Left) Model Dina is wearing the Corsage Lumineux created by Swiss fabric company Forster Rohner Textile Innovations. The corset lights up as you can see. Her fab bracelet is from WiseWear's The Socialite Collection. It's a luxury smart bracelet made just for women.
(Right) Model Trey is wearing a Sensoria t-shirt that has the technology of monitoring your heart rate and also deliver step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking.
2016 FashionWare Show CES Las Vegas

(Left): Model Anna is wearing a fun innovative design--the UI Dress--from Turkish designer Ece Ozalp. The dress connects any wearable and smartphone via bluetooth!
(Right): Model Julia wears the Origami dress which is part of the Gilded Fractals Collection by Make Fashion designers and Phi Illuminated which is the team of Kenzie Housego, Stacey Morgan and engineer Sophia Amin. Julia also is wearing the OrCam intuitive wearable device made especially for the blind and/or visually impaired
2016 FashionWare Show CES Las Vegas

Model Chris is wearing the SCOTTeVEST 30-pocket (Yeah! THIRTY pockets!) jacket which can hold even a full-sized laptop! His belt is from Paris-based Belty Good Vibes and Emoita. The belt can send information via an APP; in other words, it is a smartbelt.
2016 FashionWare Shoow CES Las Vegas

Model Elly is wearing a 3D printed dress from designer Sylvia Heisel; she's also carrying Chip by Wowwee Robot Dog who is wearing the FAB WonderWoof BowTie, an activity monitoring device...FOR DOGS!! PS; I'd love that for little Benny! (Hint hint WonderWoof!)
2016 FashionWare Show CES Las Vegas

Model Charlamagne is wearing a $3,000 design from Canada-based (Colombian born), designer Maria Orduz Pinto. The dress features handmade flowers that deflect the light and react to sound. The model is also featuring a SnapCam LE HD video camera that can take THIRTY photos in ONE SECOND!
2016 FashionWare Show CES Las Vegas

Group Shot with the Designs--Nick Verreos with the designs on show at the 2016 FashionWare Fashion Show at 2016 CES Las Vegas

Designers/Creators + Designs--Nick Verreos with some of the designers/creators (and their models and designs) at the 2016 FashionWare Fashion Show at 2016 CES Las Vegas

Thanks again Las Vegas and FashionWare for a FABULOUS show marrying High Tech and High Fashion! I was honored to have been a part of it once again this year!

The Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas--Bye Las Vegas--Maybe next time I'll use that very retro jacuzzi/bathtub in my Luxor Hotel room! XOXO

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