Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Form Fab: Nick Verreos "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" "Fundamentals of Fashion Forms" on YouTube 

Hi guys!! If you have been following my new "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube Channel, I have a new video for you!! It's called "Fundamentals of Fashion Forms" and involves me discussing...what else? Fashion Forms! Yes, this video is all about the forms that all Fashion School students use as well as Fashion Designers, Drapers, Patternmakers and really, anyone who wants to create fashion!

 Fashion Form Happy--Nick Verreos "Fashion School With Nick Verreos"--"Fundamentals of Fashion Forms" YouTube Video

How Do You Give Your Form a Bootie? ---Nick Verreos "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube Video "Fundamentals of Fashion Forms"

Click below to watch "Fundamentals of Fashion Forms"Video--"Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube:


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