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OLYMPIC STYLE.....Rio 2016 Olympics Synchronized Swimming: Team Costumes

Synchronized Style Divas: Rio 2016 Olympics Synchronized Swimming Teams

The finals of the Rio 2016 Olympics Synchronized Swimming competition occurred this past week. Earlier, I discussed my FAVORITE swimsuits/costumes for the Duets competitions HERE and now, naturally, it is time for the Teams...

Aquatic Princesses: I love Synchronized Swimming because of A) the AMAZINGLY precise synchronization of their swimming; B) I'm a fan of these two words "Aquatic Ballet" and C) I love anything involving a pool and more importantly sparkly Couture-worthy swimsuits/costumes. So, here are my favorite Rio 2016 Olympics Synchronized Swimming Team Swimsuits, in no particular order:

Brazil: The Brazil team did their synchronized swim to a "motorcycle biker" theme and I applaud their costume/swimsuit designer. Creating a one-piece swimsuit with a notched collar sleeveless biker jacket--metal buckle and studs--plus a matching belt--and a bottom section that tries to mimic the zip-fly and side pockets of a pair of jeans. And then, each swimmer had a sequined "headscarf/biker handkerchief "'s all very kitschy, but oh so fun!

Biker Ballet GENIUS--Team Brazil Synchronized Swimming, Rio 2016 Olympics

Russia: Team Russia swam to a "Rhythms of the City" theme. I would rename this to a "Synchronized Swimming Haute Couture in the Pool" theme. Their black and silver crystal swimsuits were exquisite and very Haute. I loved the Art Deco-like asymmetrical crystal details and juxtaposition of sheer/illusion vs. solid paneling. These costumes are very chic, elegant and modern. Very Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab Haute Couture-looking.

Ukraine: I wish I knew what Team Ukraine swam to but just from this photo, they look as if they were about to be Vogue'ing. I loved their swimsuits/costumes for the bold, highlighter-yellow color and swirl-like detail. Very beautiful.

Australia: Here are Team Australia's swimsuit/costumes. They were one  of my favorites for their geometric details and great use of the Brazilian flag colors (even though this was "Team Australia"). The front of the costume looked like the bib of a very fancy tuxedo...sans..the bow tie. Very cool.

Egypt: Team Egypt's costumes were very "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Not sure if that was their music though (it's difficult to find the music/soundtrack to these synchronized swimmer's routines! Trust me I tried!). I really liked these looks for their bold gold and red colors and fabulously graphic design details.

Japan: Japan's Team swam to an original composition of "more pleasure and sunshine", and their costumes were all that! I loved the neon bright colors and bold large-to-mini- circles.

China: Team China swam to a Brazilian theme and their costumes/swimsuits highlighted the bold aesthetic of the host nation of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

All in all, some beautiful and intricately designed costumes at the event....hopefully at the Olympic Games in Tokyo we'll be able to watch these talented ladies in Primetime!!

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