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 Nick Verreos "OMG Top 5 Moments of Project Runway Episode 4" on YouTube

It's time for my weekly RECAP of Season 15 "Project Runway"! First up, it's my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of the episode. The challenge this week was to create Swimwear for the "Heidi Klum Swim" line. As always, they made a big hullabaloo about how the Winner would have their look manufactured and sold as part of Miss Heidi's line. But, they (as always) didn't mention anything about that said winning designer getting any percentage of the sold swimsuits #JustSaying. Besides that, there were definitely some things I wanted to get off my chest about this episode so...

Who Do I "Heart"?...Find out by watching video below...

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Here are my Top 5 "OMG Moments":
#1.....OMG! SWIMWEAR ISN'T EASY!  This week's challenge was to create a swimsuit, cover-up and print for "Heidi Klum Swim"...

(SIDE NOTE: How many lines does Miss Heidi Have?? She's got Lingerie, Workout, Children's, Swim...What's Next? "Heidi Klum Doggie Wear"?? Oh, wait, does she already have that?!). 

Anyhow...the designers all quickly learned that creating Swimwear IS NOT EASY! People think it is but HAIIIIILLLSS NO! It's all in the details: Piping, bias binding, elastic, hooks, wires, 2-way stretch, 4-way stretch, shrinking....Uuuughhh! There's a reason why a woman's swimsuit can cost $100 or more for just that little piece of fabric! It. Ain't. Easy.

#2.....OMG! JENNI! STEP AWAY FROM YOUR DESIGN! When Heidi and Tim came by the workroom for the Check-in's, Heidi made her concerns loud and clear regarding Jenni's questionable design.

She said it was a bit "older woman" and she didn't understand the cover-up. But Jenni stuck to her guns!

She may have changed the bottom--just a little bit--but for the most part, she sent down the runway the same design Heidi HATED!

Jenni suffered from what I like to call: NOT Having a Critical Eye. Every now and then, you have to STEP AWAY FROM YOUR DESIGN...Go have lunch, dinner, BREAAATHE! And then come back and see it from a more critical perspective. Jenni didn't, and the judges were not pleased.

#3.....OMG! LABIA WHUUUUT??? This episode became a lesson in the female anatomy....From HUNGRY BUTT to SCHNOOOO SLIP to CAMELTOE to LABIA SPILLAGE....It was all about the LADY PARTS. Frankly, as a Gay Man, I was like "LA LA LA LA LA!!!!" T.M.I. : Too Much Information.

#4.....OMG! THE BOTTOM THREE! There's no denying that the Bottom Three were the WORST of the bunch--Tasha's Teeny Weeny Rasta Sushi Bikini (that should be a song!), Jenni's Lavender Pant Slash Skirt cover-up Reveal and Sarah's unremarkable Junior's Creation....Lots of the designers struggled with the whole Swimwear Design Challenge but Tasha, Jenni and Sarah really SANK! The judges got it right this week anointing these three as the worst.

#5.....OMG! RIK REDEEMED! From Hoochie Stripper to Swimsuit Runway Chic....Rik is Redeemed! Now, last week, I said in my RECAP that I would have sent him home for that Ticky-Tacky creation he did for the Day-to-Blacklight Challenge, but....Thank Goodness I wasn't a judge! This week, Rik's was the Best! I loved the design and the black and white geo print was FAB! I really hope he made himself a SPEEDO out of that print! And I have one request Rik: PLEASE, post it on your Instagram! :)

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This week, the “Project Runway” designers found out that creating swimwear is not easy. Most designers who have worked in the industry know this already, but many people outside of the fashion world think it is just the opposite: it’s only a small piece of fabric and it stretches, no need for much construction… easy-breezy right? Not so much. There’s a reason why swimsuits can go for $100 or more. It’s all in the minutiae and labor involved in those precise details including binding, piping, wiring, shrinking, and stretching fabrication. In addition, it takes at least 5-10 fittings per garment to finalize a proper swimsuit fit. Only a small group of the designers succeeded this week in taking the plunge into swimwear while others really sank to the bottom! Let’s recap…

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